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Webmaster | 30. June 2008 @ 16:02

Ever since I became an independent distributor of vitamins, friends and acquaintances have been looking up to me as an expert in the field of nutrition. It's one thing to understand a matter well enough to be convinced of it's truth yourself. This I have done by becoming an avid reader. But it's a horse of a different color to equip oneself to explain those truths to others persuasively and authoritatively, in simple layman's language. This is especially true when it comes to a subject as complex as vitamins because there exists a shroud of confusion and misinformation surrounding this controversial topic.

There are four reoccurring questions that people ask over and over again:

1. If I eat properly, why can't I get all the vitamins and minerals my body needs from my diet alone?

2. Are synthetic vitamins as good as all-natural vitamins?

3. Which vitamins and minerals should I take and in what quantities?

4. With all the multi-vitamin supplements on the market today, how do I know which brand is the best?

These questions are both complex and important. So let me address them one at a time.

Question #1:

If I eat properly, why can't I get all the vitamins and minerals my body needs from my diet alone?

My Answer:

My answer is yes, "if" you were to eat properly, you would get all the vitamins and minerals from your diet alone and therefore you would not need to supplement your diet. But that's a very big "if" because we don't live in The Garden of Eden. That's like saying, "I would not need car insurance 'if' I never got into an automobile accident." (Actually you would still need car insurance because it's illegal to drive without it.) Vitamins are like insurance; quality vitamins taken in proper dosages prevent illness and insure wellness.

The biggest culprit is the way our foods are processed. Numerous studies conclude that the nutritional content of many food products found in our supermarkets is a small fraction of what it should be. Organic foods are much more nutritious, but also more expensive, which makes them cost-prohibitive for many people. It's becoming increasingly difficult in today's fast-paced society to get everything we need to nutritionally support our bodies from our diet alone. Therefore, taking a quality nutritional supplement is critically essential for most of us.

Question #2:

Are synthetic vitamins as good as all-natural vitamins?

My Answer:

Some claim that synthetic vitamins are just as good as all-natural vitamins made from whole-food sources. Of course, the manufacturers of synthetic vitamins want you to believe this, while distributors of natural vitamins (like myself) do not. Both sides have an agenda. If synthetic vitamins really are just as good as natural vitamins, there is no logical reason to take natural vitamins because synthetic vitamins are much cheaper.

Since I am a distributor of natural vitamins, you might assume that I am biased. Nevertheless, I sincerely believe the weight of evidence is on my side. Numerous studies conclude that synthetic vitamins are simply not as effective. In fact, they may even be dangerous.

Whether or not science has been able to fully duplicate vitamins in the lab is still open for debate. Some say yes, some say no. But there's more to the debate than that. An important consideration that many have overlooked is simply this:

In order for vitamins to work properly, they must work together with several other components, i.e. enzymes, co-enzymes, and cofactors. Otherwise, they simply will not produce nature's intended effects in our bodies. Vitamins, therefore, are not solitary components that act on their own.

When we get our vitamins from a whole food source, such as an organic fruit or vegetable, or a whole food vitamin supplement, all the necessary components are already there. The problem with synthetic vitamins is that they only contain isolated portions of the vitamins that are found naturally in organic foods. Tragically, the vast majority of vitamins on the market are synthetic.

Consider synthetic Vitamin C as a prime example.

Think of Vitamin C as an orange. Most Vitamin C supplements contain only Ascorbic Acid or a compound called Ascorbate. Ascorbic Acid is simply a protective shell for the entire Vitamin C complex. To say Ascorbic Acid is Vitamin C is a half-truth. It's almost like saying an orange peel is the same thing as an orange.

When we get our Vitamin C from quality oranges or other whole foods, we not only get Ascorbic Acid, we also get these other essential components: Rutin, Bioflavonoids, Factor K, Factor J, Factor P, Tyrosinase, and Ascorbinogen.

So here's the problem with synthetic Vitamin C. Since a synthetic Vitamin C product only contains Ascorbic Acid, your body must gather Rutin, Bioflavonoids, Factor K, Factor J, Factor P, Tyrosinase, and Ascorbinogen from your body's tissues in order to make use of it. And what happens if your body does not have adequate reserves of these other components? The Ascorbic Acid all by itself does not provide any of the health benefits that the full Vitamin C complex does. After circulating through your system, the unused Ascorbic Acid is eliminated through your urine. So it is essentially true that paying for vitamins is like paying for expensive urine - but that ONLY applies to synthetic vitamins, NOT to All-Natural Whole-Food vitamins.

Most of the other vitamins also need enzymes, co-enzymes, co-factors, and even minerals to obtain their full health benefits. Vitamin D has twelve different active components. Vitamin E needs the mineral Selenium to produce anti-oxidative effects.

The Dangers of Synthetic Vitamins

It's one thing to say synthetic vitamins are inadequate. It's quite another to claim they may be dangerous. After all, certainly a dangerous vitamin supplement couldn't legally be sold in a store or over the internet, could it?

According to a May 2004 Consumer Report investigation, "many dangerous supplements can easily be purchased in stores and online."

But isn't the FDA there to protect us?

According to Bruce Silverglade, legal director of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, a consumer-advocacy group based in Washington, D.C.:

�The standards for demonstrating a supplement is hazardous are so high that it can take the FDA years to build a case. �

Nevertheless, many dangerous side effects of synthetic vitamins have been well-documented. Allow me to cite just a few.

Two Independent Studies Conclude: Taking Synthetic Vitamins is Worse Than Starvation

Two independent studies on synthetic vitamins both reached the conclusion that taking synthetic vitamins is worse than starvation. One was a recent Finnish study published in the New England Journal of Medicine; the other was the result of experiments performed at the University of California in Berkley.

Why Silver Foxes Don't Take Synthetic Vitamins

As early as 1940, a Scandinavian Veterinarian Journal detailed a vitamin experiment performed on Silver Foxes. The first group was fed synthetic Vitamin B while the second group was given all-natural sources of B complex. Three things happened to the first group:

1) They did not grow.

2) The quality of their fur deteriorated. And

3) they died prematurely.

(The Scandinavian Veterinarian Journal, 1940, Volume 30.)

Meanwhile, everything was normal with the second group.

Synthetic Vitamin D Causes Complications In Pregnancy

Another report involved synthetic Vitamin D and human pregnancy. Vitamin D was given to 500 pregnant women. Some were given synthetic Vitamin D, others were given natural Vitamin D. All the women given synthetic Vitamin D developed diseased kidneys. None of the women given natural Vitamin D had any problems with their kidneys.( Dr. Weston A. Prince, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration.)

Synthetic Vitamin B Causes Sterility in Pigs

Another report involved pigs and Vitamin B. This study was done clear back in 1939. The first group of pigs was fed synthetic Vitamin B. The second group was fed natural Vitamin B. All of the offspring from the pigs fed synthetic Vitamin B were sterile. None of the offspring from the parents fed natural Vitamin B were sterile. (Study by Dr. Barnett Sure, Jol. Nurt., Aug., 1939)

So unless you're a nutritional masochist, getting your nutrients from whole food sources is your best option because whole foods provide complete vitamins and minerals rather than fractions of them.

Question #3:

Which vitamins and minerals should I take and in what quantities?

My Answer:

Your body needs everything from A to Zinc. Here are five examples:

1. Vitamin A is important for healthy vision, bone growth, reproduction, cell division, and more. It also helps regulate our immune system.

2. The Vitamin B-Complex Group is responsible for providing energy to your body. The B Vitamins are required for the metabolism of fats and proteins, as well as the health and maintenance of the body's nervous system.

3. Vitamin C provides health benefits to many parts of the body: skin, teeth, bones, adrenal glands, pituitary, the brain, spleen, lungs, lymph nodes, liver, thyroid, pancreas, kidneys, salivary glands, and much more. Vitamin C is also an antioxidant.

A deficiency of Vitamin C can result in acute scurvy, which is characterized by easy bruising, loose teeth, superficial bleeding, fragility of blood vessels, poor healing, compromised immunity, and mild anemia.

4. Calcium is essential in muscle contraction, building strong bones and teeth, blood clotting, nerve impulse transmission, regulating heartbeat, and fluid balance within cells. According to "Dietary Supplement Fact Sheet: Calcium" (March 03, 2006), between 50 percent to 75 percent of adults living in the USA are calcium deficient.

Zinc is an essential mineral found in almost every cell. It stimulates the activity of approximately 100 enzymes, which are substances that promote biochemical reactions in your body. Zinc supports a healthy immune system and is needed for the healing of wounds. Zinc also helps maintain your sense of taste and smell, and it is needed for DNA synthesis. Zinc also supports normal growth and development during pregnancy, childhood, and adolescence.

How many vitamins and minerals do we need?

Humans require thirteen vitamins: Vitamins A, C, D, E and K, and eight B vitamins. As for minerals, we need the following bulk minerals:

Calcium, Chlorine, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium, and Sulfur.

The most important trace mineral elements are:

Chromium, Cobalt, Copper, Fluorine, Iodine, Iron, Manganese, Molybdenum, Selenium, and Zinc.

Many other minerals have been suggested as required in human nutrition, such as Boron, Nickel, Silicon, Tungsten, and Vanadium.

What dosage is best?

Knowing how much of a particular vitamin or mineral to take is usually as simple as reading the label. Recommended Daily Allowances (RDAs) were established by the Food and Nutrition Board of the National Academy of Sciences/National Research Council. The RDA states the amount of a nutrient that is needed for most people to stay healthy.

Question #4:

With all the multi-vitamin supplements on the market today, how do I know which brand is the best?

My Answer:

Although there are many multi-vitamin supplements on the market today, we've already established essential criteria in making a wise selection.

1. Choose a vitamin and mineral supplement that is All-Natural and made from Whole-Food sources. Since the vast majority of vitamins are synthetic, this one step alone narrows your search considerably.

2. Choose a vitamin and mineral supplement that has all the vitamins and minerals your body needs in one bottle. Buying a bottle of this and a bottle of that can easily become extremely cost prohibitive.

3. Check the Recommended Daily Allowances (RDA) . Make sure a daily serving contains 100% of the RDA whenever established.

4. Make sure the minerals are chelated. Chelated minerals are easier for your body to absorb.

5. Make sure your vitamins contain probiotics and enzymes. This will insure that your body is digesting food properly.

A high-quality multi-vitamin supplement that meets these criteria, accompanied by a healthy diet and proper exercise, will insure optimal health. Isn't your health worth it?

[DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed herein are my own, although they have been compiled over the years from my research through books and articles. My opinions should not be considered as medical advice to treat or cure any diseases or illnesses. For these matters, consult a qualified professional.]

For more information, visit:

About the author:Tom Gruber writes on a variety of subjects and is an Independent Distributor of All-Natural Whole-Food Vitamins. Visit Tom's site at:

© 2006 by Tom Gruber

HT~ Optimum Health :: Comments (0) :: Link
Webmaster | 29. June 2008 @ 16:02

Most who have it don't know what it is, but once you become a more informed individual, you can treat more accurately the problem of acne. Though there are many treatments in the market today, it is necessary to see beyond the hype and advertising that clouds the senses from finding the most suitable solution to treat your problem as possible, and when that happens you can approach the world with a new face of confidence all to see. Here was a good place start your search.

First things first, you must make yourself more knowledgeable about those treatments that may be best for you by researching, and also consulting your doctor about the severity of your problem. Once those items are accomplished, you can be more confident in your awareness of what products are most appropriate for treating, and fully resolving your particular acne problems. There many varieties, and the most common forms are easily treatable with the right item, but most have no idea.

Some specific information includes the identifying of what types of acne might be afflicting you, and the various means to lead to treatment. This can be the area where most, upon realizing these multiple conditions, consult their physician about what they should do about the acne problem affecting them adversely. First off, some of these strains of acne are papules, cystic acne, acne rosecea, and acne vulgaris. The most common variety to be found and to be cured is acne vulgaris.

The acne starts with a microscopic lesion in the skin, then transforms into what is commonly referred to as a blackhead or whitehead, and it seems they appear most frequently on the forehead and chin. The possibility of it worsening increases with hormonal differences, humid weather, and through the application of some those oily cosmetics such as: sunscreens and petroleum-based cosmetics. These steps usually making pustules, papules, or nodules will form creating the familiar acne.

With pustules, redness and pus-filled bumps are seen, and papules are the more common but pus-less form of acne. With nodules, however, the problem is a bit more severe. When these appear, it is usually in the form of larger and firmer inflamed swellings underneath the skin, and these are sometimes called cysts because of their pus-filled, sac-like formations. With cystic acne, this is usually caused by the infection getting further into adjoining skin, and pain and scarring is frequent.

With 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide the most recommended solution, the acne vulgaris can be easily cleared up, and comprises of both whiteheads and blackheads. Acne rosecea is most often suffered by middle-aged adults, and can be brought on by changing hormones as well, but can be considered one of the most severe but curable cases of acne. A common prescribed method of treatment for this strain are antibiotics. With all these variations of acne, it is best to consult with a doctor.

When considering all these methods at the disposal of many consumers, it is a good idea to not be motivated by advertising, but instead research all of the different kinds of treatments as much as possible for your own safety and satisfaction.

Though a physician's opinions and advice can be the best way to find a solution to whatever degree of severity your acne takes on, and even then, a second or third opinion could help to give you broader picture of what ailment you could have.

About the author:Stella Pobre served as an assistant at a beauty clinic for 5 years before leaving to pursue a career as a beautician. She now owns a beauty salon where she has a monthly clinic on acne treatment. To receive a copy of her monthly newsletter on the latest acne remedies and prevention methods, please visit

HT~ Acne :: Comments (0) :: Link
Webmaster | 27. June 2008 @ 16:02

Tinnitus is a hearing problem many people suffer from across the world. It is basically the perception of noise when in the absence of acoustic stimulus. The sounds that are usually heard with tinnitus are ringing in the ears, hissing and roaring noises in the ears or whistling.

There are two types of tinnitus; objective and subjective. The objective type is where sounds are also heard by the physician and other people, and is not so common. It is subjective tinnitus that is more common and the condition where the sounds are heard only by the patient, and not by anyone else. It is subjective tinnitus that is most difficult to treat.

There are many causes and reasons that trigger tinnitus. Most of the people suffering from tinnitus have somehow usually damaged the delicate parts of the inner ear. This results in damage to the cochlea and its associated parts. On getting injured with exposure to noise or head trauma, they stimulate their nerve fibers with repetitive discharge. These nerve fibers tend to discharge synchronously in the auditory system so that the audio system cannot discriminate between sounds.

Presbycusis is another condition that triggers tinnitus. Presbycusis is the condition where people experiences hearing loss while aging. It has also been found out that sinusitis and allergy also triggers tinnitus. This type of tinnitus triggered with sinusitis is through blocked Eustachian tubes. This blockage results in pressure buildup in the ear, and is caused by extended use of anti-histamines and antibiotics. This causes thickening of mucous of the inner ear, so that the mucous cannot drain from the Eustachian tubes. Another cause of tinnitus is extended exposure to stress or some traumatic event like the death of a loved one.

Tinnitus has also been associated with thyroid dysfunction. Once the thyroid hormone produces too much thyroid hormone in hyperthyroidism, these additional hormones tend to effect bodily organs. Sometimes the heart beats faster and harder, which causes a pulsatile noise that is heard through tinnitus.

It has also been found out that vitamin A and B12 deficiency leads to tinnitus. Then there are many prescription medicines that we use that list causing tinnitus as one of their side effects. These prescription drugs are generally antidepressants, anti-malarials, antibiotics and antidepressants. Even aspirin and compounds having aspirin, about 600 , 1,000 mm/day can also induce tinnitus. So it is always better to read the literature that comes with a prescription, so that you feel you are developing tinnitus, you could change the medication.

Always get the condition diagnosed and treated by an expert doctor. On finding out the cause of tinnitus, it becomes easier to be dealt with.

About the author:Jason Rickard is the owner of - Offering White Noise and Relaxation CDs - Visit for more articles.

HT~ Optimum Health :: Comments (0) :: Link
Webmaster | 26. June 2008 @ 16:02

Hypnosis quit smoking methods maintain caused quite a stir in the medical world over the last two decades. There is a lot of argument pertaining to whether or not hypnosis quit smoking treatments are actually useful in the long-term. Nonetheless, there has been much research conducted concerning the treatments, and the agreement is that hypnosis treatments are just as effective as any variant stop smoking product.

I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward. Thomas Alva Edison

Whether you have been smoking since your adolescence or if you just became genuinely addicted, hypnosis quit smoking treatments can assist you get on top of the intense cravings that most persons experience when they try to quit smoking. The process of hypnosis to support stop smoking involves a hypnotherapist who guides the patient into a heightened condition of awareness that is also a dreamlike state. In this state of perception, the patient is highly susceptible to suggestions. The hypnotherapist will suggest a variety of phrases that help to cut down the patient's cravings and reliance on cigarettes. Many therapists claim that the pressure reduction brought about via hypnosis is the primary explanation why it works. Patients feel less stress and are therefore less likely to use cigarettes as a means to reduce stress throughout the day.

Though hypnosis quit smoking methods do appear to travail in the short term, there is still much debate pertaining to the long-term effects of the treatments. For example, hypnosis can help some person stop smoking for a few months, but after the treatments are finished, it may be hard for a patient to continue to thwart the drive to smoke. However, hypnosis is still considered one of the most popular commonplace stop smoking aids. Because it does not include prescription or nicotine supplements, it is one of the healthiest ways to quit smoking.

There are typically a few hypnosis quit smoking clinics in most metropolitan areas. For instance, Atlanta hypnosis quit smoking clinics are scattered all over throughout the city. With regular stop smoking methods gaining more and more approval, hypnosis is becoming one of the more common ways to obtain quit smoking support.

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. Lao-tzu, Tao-te Ching

When you are trying to quit smoking, hypnosis quit smoking methods and alternate ways to help yourself quit are only as productive as your willpower allows them to be. You have to be ready to give up smoking before even the finest quit smoking way will work. Quit smoking tips can only go so far when it comes to reducing your cravings. You must be ready to fight your urges in order for any quit smoking aids to be useful. However, if you are resolute to quit smoking, you can use any figure of stop smoking products to help you along on your journey toward a smoke-free lifestyle. From natural to medical alternatives, you are never by oneself while you are trying to quit smoking.

About the author:

Steve Hill discusses the quit smoking process at: and

HT~ Smoking :: Comments (0) :: Link
Webmaster | 25. June 2008 @ 16:02

Dizziness can be a common dysfunction of the human immune system. Dizziness is characterized by several symptoms. The most common sign of dizziness is the sense of the surrounding world going round even as one stands or sits at one place. This type of neurological dizziness is quite different from the dizziness one feels after riding a merry-go-round, for instance. The latter is a forced effect while the former is a disease that needs prompt attention of the physician. Proper medical care and medications can definitely lessen the recurring incidences of dizziness symptoms.

Mentionably, dizziness or the dysfunction leading to the loss of semblance or physical balance occurs when the labyrinth, the main limb of balance located in the inner ear, fails to work properly. When such a situation happens, the brain stops functioning or functions irregularly thereby causing dizziness. Many of us feel dizziness after getting up abruptly or when we suddenly bend down to pick up something from the ground. Dizziness occurs as our heart beats or rhythms get a jolt and there is a fall in our blood pressure level. This is also the cause of light-headedness during the dizzy bouts.

The ailments arising from viral infection of the inner ear are the Benign positional vertigo, Meniere's disease, and Vestibular neuronitis (Viral labyrinthitis). Mentionably, Meniere's disease is a life-long state. But there are instances where this form of dizziness resolves on its own just as in Viral labyrinthitis.

Benign positional vertigo leads to rotational dizziness or vertigo when the patient is made to move in particular positions in specific directions. The generally reported positions are at those times when the head suddenly gets tilted backwards (say, when the driver abruptly jams on the brakes) or while turning on the bed. The aged people are easily susceptible to such syndromes.

People suffering from Meniere's disease also suffer recurring vertigo. They feel fullness in their ears which may also ring or they may not hear anything. Such effects may even last for more than hour. Such fits force the affected person to lie down preceded by bouts of vomiting and nausea.

While Viral labyrinthitis or Vestibular neuronitis can affect kids and the aged, this dizziness disorder is generally seen among many youths. The patients suffering from this form of dizziness also fall ill due to flu or cold. Their heads feel heavy and they fail to keep their body's natural balance. Try as they might to control themselves, they ultimately fall to vertigo. There may be a feeling of nausea, and they may also vomit. These signs of dizziness may linger on for days on end.

The prominent symptoms of dizziness are a feeling of light headedness. There are several other neurological symptoms like reduced consciousness, convulsions, confusion, headache, and appearances of white spots in front of the eyes. There are reports that many people affected by this disorder black out, have fits, vision gets blurred, feel unreal and/or see stars. More often than not, dizziness is followed by fainting.

Here our primary issue will be neurological dizziness. Dizziness is prompted by glutamate. This chemical causes disproportionate neuronal discharges which leads to the aforementioned symptoms. This syndrome can be life debilitating. If the patient is not provided resuscitation or immediate medical treatment, there may be a scarcity of oxygen. This can adversely affect the functioning of that person's brain. First aid must be tendered within a minute after the patient suffers from neurological dizziness.

There are many causes of dizziness. Mention may be made of Bulimia Nervosa and Anorexia Nervosa - two of the main eating disorders that are affecting the majority of the X-generation youth. Besides, dizziness can be due to situations that may be emotionally touching. Hyperventilation and low blood pressure are other primary causes of dizziness.

About the author:Nilutpal Gogoi is a writer and a freelance journalist having more than 18 years of service in several audio-visual and print media reputed organizations in North East India. He has published one popular adventure book for children and has published more than 1000 articles for various sites. For more information log on to

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Webmaster | 24. June 2008 @ 16:02

If you love wine then you must also love wine tasting. Wineries attract wine lovers like magnets because they offer the option of tasting new wines and vintages and exposing their sense of smell and taste to another variation of their existing collection. Some wineries even offer free wine tasting opportunities while there are several hotels and restaurants that are regular when it comes to holding wine tasting events. These events allow wine lovers to taste some of the most exclusive wines in the world. Now you might think that all you need to taste wine is an absence of cold and the ability to sip but wine tasting accessories are indispensable for the serious wine taster.

Wine tasting accessories are old companions of wine tasters who use them to analyze the wine for different factors like taste, color, aroma, flavor, and of course quality. Wine tasting accessories typically include aroma bottles and blotting strips that are often accompanied by manuals on wine tasting and recording books where wine tasters note down their assessments of different wines. It must be remember that wine tasting is also something that is learned and nourished through experience and if you are a novice then you will need the manuals. The assessment records are useful in providing feedback to wineries on how they may improve their wines.

Wine tasting accessories are different depending on the nature of the wine being tasted because all wines have a unique composition that cannot be generalized for the taster's convenience. Moreover, wine-tasting accessories comes in different sizes, so some kits will have more aroma bottles and blotting strips. Other tools of their own accompany some wine tasting accessories and they are manufactured using a whole range of materials to suit all preferences and personal tastes. Some wine tasting accessories come in an all-inclusive package that features equipment to test all the three major categories of wine, reds, whites, and blushes.

There are wine tasting accessories that are suitable for wineries and then there are those that are made with the single user in mind. Make sure that you ask for wine tasting accessories when you go shopping to avoid the ones that are meant for wineries. Of course, for those people who maintain a cellar containing hundreds of wine bottles it might become necessary to buy the winery related wine tasting accessories. It must be obvious that personal wine tasting accessories are much smaller and less elaborate than the other type. Personal wine tasting accessories are also helpful when you go to purchase new wine so you can taste it before buying it.

Some wine tasting accessories are even closely associated with certain brands so if you stick to one brand or are about to try a new one, see if you can find wine tasting accessories that are applicable to that brand in particular. This is especially true of the aroma bottles that usually vary by manufacturer. Nowadays, it is quite convenient to acquire specific wine tasting accessories because of the Internet. The Internet provides extensive search options as well as hundreds of websites that are dedicated to good wines and the needs of wine lovers.

About the author: James Arthur is a wine consultant for Visit our site for more information on Wine Storage Credenzas.

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Health Guru : Benefits And Importance Of Ashtanga Namaskar - Part I
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This asana is also known as Surya Namaskar Asana or Sun Salutation Asana. It is a combination of 12 postures and each posture provides its unique benefits. The essence of this asana is salutation of the Sun god, which is power source of all the energy in this world. So in process to salute the sun god it also helps our body. This asana becomes very important due to the valuable part it plays with our lives. The composition of these poses in its own different way helps in creating a fit and fine body for you.

In a gym, a cardio would include aerobics, skipping, and running, jogging and cycling. By doing Ashtanga Namaskar you will be able to derive all the benefits you try to obtain by going to the gym. When you look at the flipside gym would turn out to be more expensive in comparison to your yoga pose.

It readily flexes your body by providing one of the greatest massages to your each and every curve in your body. In the process of internal massaging it also works out externally. Your body becomes the incubation ground for generating power source to your body. It also helps in the purification process of your body.

It becomes very beneficial to the heart and as it tones it immensely to help the cardiac muscles and arteries. Every step of this asana turns out to be one beautiful gift for your body. The synchronized way of breathing helps you to push out those toxins which are harmful for your body. The 12 poses have to be done in a specific manner. It includes a process of inhaling and exhaling which has to be followed strictly. Along with the poses you can chant some of the Mantras which may help to create synergy in your body.

The meditating mind creates awareness about the existence of the world. Your mind overflows with confidence which you be lacking for a very long time. The mind and body works together to help your soul to lighten up, which is very easily shown on your radiating face.

This exercise is not only about being physically fit but about creating an understanding about the inner chakras. It is the concentration level which helps this pose to attain its success. The particular mantra which is chanted along with the pose helps in creating that sense of concentration.

This is an elaborate asana and doing this would need lot of practice. So people who have good stamina, with no health problems like blood pressure, heart disease, hernia, intestinal tuberculosis and many other problems can do this pose. So anyone attempting the asana should consult your doctor and your yoga instructor.

About the author:

Sharon Hopkins maintains sites which are related to yoga such as that provides loads of information on basics of yoga and usage of accessories like rugs, yoga chairs and cushions. Ashtanga Namaskar pose is known as the salutation pose which helps you from ailing problems.

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Health Guru : Eliminate Noise to Reduce Stress
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Stress is a fact of life that most of us have learned to accept and grown accustomed to enduring in our busy lives. But minimizing noise, an element that often compounds stress, can lead to better concentration, increased productivity and can reduce your overall stress level.

There are many types of audio and visual noise that can cause distractions that break concentration and increase stress. There's the noise of traffic and conversations when we're walking down the street, but then there's the subtle everyday noises of our homes and offices that can easily distract us: doors shutting, the television playing, conversations in the next cube, phones ringing, fingers tapping on the keyboard. A study conducted by Cornell University found that office workers exposed to constant noise showed physiological signs of stress, even though they did not report feeling stressed at all. Not only does the noise distract you, but it can be stressing you and you don't even realize it.

While we can't necessarily control the fact that the noises exist, there are ways to minimize or eliminate these noises from infiltrating our personal space.

And when outside and background noise is minimized or eliminated, the result can be a noticeably positive change in human productivity. A study by the Federal Interagency Committee on Aviation Noise revealed that when the outside noise of airplanes flying over a school was reduced, test scores among high school students increased by 12%. Now, airplanes are a dramatic example of noise, but the evidence shown in the study speaks for itself - reduction in noise reduces distractions, increases productivity.

Here are some suggestions to reduce the sources of noise and stress in your life.

Check Your Environment - When you sit down to complete a task that requires your full attention, and you find yourself easily distracted, take a look around - is your office disorganized, have a decor that encourages a lack of concentration, or is the furniture arranged in a way that encourages distraction? For example, if your desk faces a window that overlooks a busy street, maybe you should turn your desk in another direction. How does your space or office feel? If the colors and decor are too loud and busy with bright colors, patterns and designs, it may be time for a makeover to tone it down a bit if the space is constantly distracting, rather than inspiring, you. On the other end of the spectrum, if your office decor has muted tones and bare walls, you may need to spruce it up a bit to make your office more interesting. Lastly, clutter is an unappreciated distraction for many of us. If your desk is buried under piles of old files and junk mail, your mind can easily trail off to thinking about what's in the pile instead of being focused on the task at hand.

Tune the Noise Out - Even after making sure there are no distractions in your own personal space, you still face the noise of others. Especially for many of us who work in open offices with cubicles, something as small as a quiet conversation between two coworkers can destroy our concentration. Earplugs are an option, but are limited in their ability to truly turn off the outside noise in your environment. A set of headphones, such as the EX29 Extreme Isolation Noise Reduction Headphones, can completely tune out the noise. Unlike noise cancellation headphones that attempt to balance the noise coming into the headphones to the noise outside of the headphones to create quiet, noise reduction headphones go a step further and block outside noise. In addition to blocking out distracting noises to help increase concentration, the EX29 Extreme Isolation headphones do not need batteries and you can wear them for hours without fatigue. If you use them to listen to music, you do not have to raise the volume to override outside noise - instead, you will be able to enjoy the intricate nuances of your favorite music.

Get Your Downward Dog On - A routine yoga practice can reduce the "noise in your head" so that when you do sit down to concentrate, you won't be distracted by the noise between your ears. There are several different types of Yoga for various fitness levels, and with the focus on breathing to ease the flow of oxygen throughout the body, most people notice a significant difference in stress levels from their very first Yoga session. There are many medical research reports to support the health benefits of the exercise done in Yoga, and many Yogis claim success in gaining an ability to focus on the present moment, making them more productive and less stressed than non-Yogis.

Research from sources such as Cornell University, Yale University, University College London, and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health point to a link between noise and stress. While there are many other ways to reduce the stress in your life, the above suggestions are a prescription to minimizing the noise and stress that you inevitably face everyday.

About the author: Lee Blue is a musician, composer, and home studio recording artist. He uses Extreme Isolation headphones in his recording studio and his office to block out noise and distractions. Visit to learn more about noise reduction headphones.

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Health Guru : Discover How to Stop Hair Loss � Grow More Hair
Webmaster | 20. June 2008 @ 16:02

In one of my other articles, I revealed that plugged hair follicles are one of the main conditions that start hair thinning and baldness. The other condition is insufficient blood circulation in the scalp.

When you don't have enough blood circulating in your scalp, then your hair roots don�t get enough nutrients to support the life and strength of your hair in the follicle.

The hardest place to get good circulation is at the top of your scalp. It is the furthest point away from your heart. It is the area that is less stimulated. The sides of your head are stimulated as you sleep and move your head around the pillow. That is one reason why most people still have hair on the sides of their head while the top is completely bald.

So what the ways you can increase blood circulation to the top of your head to stop hair loss?

Here are two ways to stop hair thinning.

* Use herbal remedies to increase body and scalp blood circulation * Use hot and cold hydrotherapy

Use herbal remedies to increase body and scalp blood circulation

There are several herbs that provide increase circulation to all parts of the body. Two good standby remedies are ginkgo biloba and cayenne pepper. Use ginkgo biloba as indicated on the label. Ginkgo increases the blood circulation in the brain and all parts of the head.

Use Cayenne pepper in the formulation made of Heart Foods Company. This Cayenne strengthens the heart giving it the ability to pump blood to the furthest reaches of the body.

There are two other herbal formulations that have recently come out to provide increase circulation to all parts of the body - vital cell and Arjuna.

Vital cell is a Chinese herbal combination that is available in the US. It is a powerful remedy that helps to re-establish small veins that have closed off. This creates more pathways for blood to go where it is needed and where it once went.

Arjuna is another herb that comes from another country - India. It is now readily available in the US. Arjuna is the latest herb to be exposed as good for preventing and reducing arthrosclerosis. By reducing narrowing of the arteries in the head, strokes can be avoided and a side benefit is the scalp get more blood.

Use Hot and Cold Hydrotherapy to prevent hair loss

I have talked about this natural way of bringing more blood into the scalp. It�s a technique I use every time I shower. At the end of your shower, run hot water over your head for 20 seconds, turn the hot water off and allow the cold water to run over your head for 20 seconds.

Do this hot-cold water technique three , four times and end with the cold water. This technique allow blood to move in and out of the lower layers of your scalp giving you a blood massage and providing more nutrients to your hair roots. As a side benefit, you are bringing in more blood to your brain giving you more brain power as long as use this technique.

Use herbs to improve you blood circulation to your scalp and use hot-cold water to blood massage your scalp. By doing this, you will find less hair loss and you may even start to see some hair growth.

Rudy Silva is a Natural Nutritionist. To get more tips and remedies for preventing hair loss and for growing hair go to:

Look for my other articles on hair thinning, hair loss, and hair growth.

About the author:Rudy Silva is a Natural Nutritionist. Go to his website to learn more about what you need to do to keep your hair healthy and from falling out.

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Health Guru : The Skinny on Legumes, Seeds and Nuts
Webmaster | 19. June 2008 @ 16:02

Beans, peas and lentels are in the legume family and are excellent food choices. Legumes are healthy complex carbohydrates, full of vitamins and minerals as well as fiber. They are a good source of protein, although they do not have all the amino acids (the building blocks of protein) that the body needs, so supplement your legumes with a variety of foods to get the complete protein your body needs.

Beans have also been shown to help lower the risk of Diabetes and heart disease. Eating a cup of cooked beans a day can lower your total cholesterol by up to 10% in 6 weeks, which decreases your risk of heart disease by 20%. The phytonutrients in beans also help lower the risk of cancer.

Canned beans will give you the much of the same benefits as dried beans, so if you don�t like to cook your beans from scratch, canned beans are a good alternative.

Some people avoid beans because of the gas and bloating that beans cause. This can be avoided in several ways. First always soak your dried beans overnight, and then discard that water and replace it with fresh water before you cook the beans. If beans still cause you problems, you might try gradually increasing the amount of beans you eat over several week, to help your body adapt. You could also try the product �Beano� found in most stores. It works well for most people.

Seeds and nuts can also be an important source of healthy fiber, plus they are often satisfying and help control the appetite. Nuts and seeds are full of healthy unprocessed monosaturated fats as well.

You might also seriously consider adding bean and seed sprouts to your diet, if you don�t eat them already. The nutritional content of sprouts is many times greater than the original seed or bean it sprouted from. Sprouts have the highest concentration of nutrition per calorie than any food. They are also known for their high enzyme activity, which is never surpassed in any other stage of plant growth.

Beans are almost always a good food choice, but one exception to this is soybeans. Although soy is a popular 'healthy' additive to food today, originally the Chinese did not eat soybeans as they did other beans because they knew that soybeans contained harmful substances. Soybeans contain powerful enzyme inhibitors which block the action of the enzymes the body needs for protein digestion. Even cooking them does not get rid of these substances, which cause gas and bloating, as well as other very serious problems in the body, like cancer and blood clots.

The only soy products that do not cause these health problems are the traditional fermented soy products, such as tempeh, natto, miso and shoyu (tamari or soy sauce,) since the lengthy fermentation process seems to get rid of most of the harmful substances, and allow the soy to be easily digested. All other soy products should be avoided, and definitely not used as a replacement for meat in the diet.

About the author:

By Dianne Ronnow © 2006 Mohave Publishing. All rights reserved. From "The Enzyme Health Diet Plan", a free ebook found at

Dianne's FREE ebook, "Coconut Oil Diet Secrets" reveals how people are losing weight and getting healthier with coconut oil diets. To find out the secrets of coconut oil, go to the web site at now!

This article may be freely copied as long as it is not modified and this resource box accompanies the article, together with working hyperlinks.

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Health Guru : 5 Tips For Alzheimer's Care-Givers
Webmaster | 18. June 2008 @ 16:02

Taking care of a loved one with Alzheimer's is a hard job. The person is changing into someone else. They no longer have control over things they think and it can be scary for everyone.

Alzheimer's is a devastating disease and currently there is no cure. Former United States President Ronald Regan is perhaps the most well-know Alzheimer's sufferer. Through the strength and support of his wife and excellent care from caregivers, President Regan was able to lead a good life.

Every Alzheimer's patient is entitled to spend their last years in a good environment, but sometimes the demands of caring for an Alzheimer's patients forces many families to have to put their loved one in a nursing home or hospital.

Many times all a caregiver needs is some help and they can cope with the patient and be able to keep from having to send them away from familiar people and environments.

The following 5 tips for Alzheimer's Care-Givers can help people better deal with caring for an Alzheimer's patient. They will be able to make the days go more smoothly and enable the patient to live a better life.

A suggested site for additional information is:

Being in familiar surroundings is important to someone suffering from Alzheimer�s, so being able to avoid sending them to a hospital or nursing home will do a world of good for them and for their loved ones.

1. Get Support.

Going at it alone is never recommended when caring for an Alzheimer patient. Alzheimer�s patients change dramatically from the person they once were and there are many things about the disease that can be scary. There are organizations and support groups around the country that a caregiver can join. There they will find others who are dealing with many of the same things that they are and it will help them to stop feeling like giving up. Knowing there is someone else going through what you are is always good to keep spirits up.

2. Have Understanding.

When caring for an Alzheimer's patient it is important to understand what they are going through and how to deal with their behaviors. Communication can become quite difficult. To lose the ability to communicate can depress and frustrate an Alzheimer�s patient. To enable good communication a caregiver should :

- not talk to them like they are a child, but rather keep calm and speak clearly, with uncomplicated sentences and words.

- reduce background noise.

- use their names and others names.

- not interrupt.

It is also important to stay positive and try to keep familiar people and things around as this will comfort them that they can recognize or remember someone or something.

3. Develop a routine.

Keeping a routine or schedule will help the patient feel more comfortable. They will begin to know what to expect. If there is a change in the normal routine the patient should be made aware, so they do not get frustrated or scared. It is also important to allow for flexibility as the person needs may change often.

4. Look to the future.

When caring for an Alzheimer's patient it is important to understand what lies ahead. Planning for future changes in their health is important. Knowing if you will be able to continue care is also important. Money is another concern that should be considered.

5. Keep safety in mind.

Alzheimer's patients get confused and this often leads to accident. A caregiver should understand that door alarms and other safety measures may be needed if not now than later. The general environment that the patient lives in should also be safe. Anything that could cause injury should be avoided or fixed so that the patient does get injured. Things like cords, rugs and medicines lead to many injuries in Alzheimer's patients.

These 5 tips will not solve all issues that come up with Alzheimer's patients, but can lead to a safer, more peaceful world.

Caregivers are often times overwhelmed and following these tips can help them to get things in order and avoid those overwhelming feelings. Caring for an Alzheimer's patient is all about support. The more people that can help the better the situation for everyone.

About the author:Carla James is a healthcare writer who helps people understand medical conditions and treatment options. She is a contributing author at MedicalNuggests. For more of her work go to:

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Health Guru : Upper Back Exercises for a Strong Back
Webmaster | 17. June 2008 @ 16:02

The back supports the weight of the upper body and has to be strong to carry out its work unhindered. People focus on strengthening their lower back, but upper back muscles too need toning up. A well toned back looks good and helps in maintaining correct posture. Upper back exercises are a good way of strengthening the upper back. Some effective upper back exercises are mentioned below.

Upper Back Exercises

Women would rather have a well-toned upper body, whereas men prefer a muscular back. Dumbbell pullovers and dumbbell rows are effective upper back exercises.

Dumbbell Pullover:

You will need a narrow workout bench. Lie with the workbench supporting the upper back and neck, and your head leaning over one end. Place one leg each on either side of the bench with feet firmly placed on the ground. Lift the dumbbell over your face with arms stretched out. Slowly lower the dumbbell over your head in an arc; hold, and bring it back to original position. Initially do five repetitions and gradually raise the count to fifteen.

Another variation of this upper back exercise is to hold the dumbbell with bent arms. With elbows bent, slowly lower the dumbbell over your head in an arc; hold, and then gently pull back the dumbbell to original position. Initially do five repetitions and gradually raise the count to fifteen.

Dumbbell Row:

Place the dumbbell on the right side of the bench, and your left leg on the bench with the right foot firmly placed on the floor. Leaning forward, place the left hand on the bench in front of the body. Your back should be in horizontal position. Pick up the dumbbell and raise your arm slowly upwards until your upper arm is in level with your upper body; hold, and take back your arm to the original position. Initially do five repetitions and gradually raise the count to fifteen. Now, repeat the exercise with the left arm.

These upper back exercises are a great way to build a strong upper back that add to the �V� shape of the body.

About the author:

Saurabh Jain is the Executive Editor of Online Back pain resource, He has developed this site to provide valuable information to people suffering from back pain. This site enumerates different causes and factors related to back pain, guides through the different back pain treatments and suggests exercises for treatments of different types of back pain. The site is a free online resource for back pain and its remedies. The visitors can also find valuable information and reviews about the different equipments and therapies for back pain relief. Visit for more information.

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Health Guru : I Have Binge Eating Disorder... Now What?
Webmaster | 16. June 2008 @ 16:02

Are you sick and tired of wondering if your eating habits are normal? What about pondering over and over again why you feel like you aren't fully capable of having the potential to take control of your life? Are you the type of person that finds comfort in food? Does food numb your feelings and make you forget about life for a moment? Do you eat when you are not even hungry? Do you stuff yourself full until you feel sick?

If so, you may have Binge Eating Disorder. Although, you probably feel like you are the only one crazy enough to find solace while eating � You are not. In fact, there are about 25 million others who are just like you. Nice to know, isn't it?

Now, what is the next step?

There are many different routes that you can take for getting help. If you feel like you need to talk to someone, but would prefer a more one-on-one atmosphere, then talking to a medical professional regarding your binge eating habits just might be what you need. There are many therapists, psychiatrists, and doctors that can help you get to the root of your binges and help you move forward into recovery.

If you are the type of person that deals better talking to people with your similar problem, join an Overeater�s Anonymous Group. These groups modify the 12-step program that you can find for Alcoholics Anonymous. If you don't feel comfortable speaking to many people at once, just sit back and listen. Chances are that you will hear someone�s story and relate to it. Maybe you can meet up with that person after the meeting and talk to them about your problem. It's always easier to open up to someone that we know can relate to us � What better the circumstance than this one?

Another option is to talk to a trusted friend or family member about how you are feeling and your eating habits. This will allow you to get everything off of your chest about your emotions and the reason that you turn to food.

Pick the route of help that you find most comfortable for you. If you do not feel comfortable, you will not be able to be completely open and honest about what is going on between you and food.

Even though you are part of the 25 million people that suffer from Binge Eating Disorder right now, remember, you do not always have to be part of that number. You can regain control of your life and of your eating habits and be well on the way to joining the recovery number from Binge Eating Disorder by getting help.

About the author:Kristin Gerstley is a former binge eater that now has a healthy relationship with food. She is also the owner of which is a site that helps people overcome Binge Eating Disorder. She publishes a free newsletter offering tips on how to stop binge eating and regain control of your life.

Check out the website for healthy and easy method for losing weight.

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Health Guru : B6 Important Among the B Vitamins
Webmaster | 15. June 2008 @ 16:02

When most people hear the word 'anemia', they immediately think of iron. But a shortage of Vitamin B6 can also cause a type of anemia because this vitamin is vital to the healthy generation of hemoglobin in the blood of a normal, healthy person. You may also associate Vitamin B6 with sugar diabetes, and that�s because one of the important functions of this vitamin is to regulate the amount of sugar in the blood.

Vitamin B6 is also known as pyridoxine. You may not have heard of many people who were found to have a serious Vitamin B6 deficiency, and there�s a good reason for that. B6 is so readily available in so many foods that it�s a fairly simple matter to get your daily recommended allowances of this vitamin.

Some of the common sources of B6 include tuna, roast beef, tomato juice, trout, pork loin and peanut butter. Naturally, cereals that are fortified with vitamins are excellent sources and many provide 100 percent of the body�s need for cereal. Three raw bananas also provide a full day's supply of the necessary Vitamin B6. A medium baked potato (including the potato skin) provides about one-third of the daily requirement. Evaluating the foods rich in this vitamin reveals that many people are already meeting the daily requirements for B6.

So what are the dangers of having too little Vitamin B6 in your daily diet? Recent studies suggest that a lack of this vitamin is a factor for determining the risk of stroke and some types of heart disease. That means that people with deficiencies are more likely to suffer from these health issues than their counterparts who are getting sufficient amounts of Vitamin B6.

Depression is another problem potentially impacted by a Vitamin B6 deficiency. Though there may be some difference of opinion as to the role and the importance of B6 and depression, there appears to be a link that can't be denied. In fact, depression is listed by some as one of the symptoms of insufficient Vitamin B6 in the diet.

There are some risks of taking too much B6. Nerves � especially in the outer extremities � are sometimes damaged by overdosing the body on vitamin B6. In the majority of cases, simply eliminating any vitamin supplements appears to eliminate the nerve problems as well. It�s unlikely that a normal person can take in enough Vitamin B6 from a normal diet to cause toxicity at this level, and more likely that these severe effects of too much B6 are caused by taking too many vitamin supplements containing B6.

About the author:

Bob Benson is the founder of Vitamins online. You can check out our website at

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Health Guru : Tinnitus: Learning to Ignore a Nuisance
Webmaster | 14. June 2008 @ 16:02

That may sound darn right rude but that's all it is. A nuisance.

Tinnitus is nothing but a nuisance, which interrupts your daily routine by driving you up the wall.

Ever asked why it's driving you up the wall?

Once again, the answer is so simple. It's because you let it do so. Anyone with tinnitus will know what I am saying when you find yourself in the middle of some quality time. I mean, your having a real ball when all the sudden something (or someone) makes you want to notice this sound in your head. Think about it. Whilst you were having fun, I�m sure you didn�t notice it at all. Not the slightest. This is because your mind was distracted. You were focusing on something else other than your Tinnitus.

And this is what you should be doing.

Focusing on something else OTHER than trying to concentrate on your own tinnitus.

Ever had a badly cut finger? When you think about it, it throbs and hurts and is painful. If you were distracted though, you would most probably forget the discomfort because your brain is trained to ignore pain if it can. This is what we call basic instinct.

Have you ever studied children? They fall over, they hurt themselves, and they freak out if they see their blood. But let's admit it people, as soon as you give them a candy bar they light up like a candle and forget the pain. This is because children are motivated mostly by instinct. As long as the kid is happy and occupied, he won't feel the pain. The minute you take his candy bar away and give him time to think about his wound, he'll start crying because he feels the pain again.

Believe or not, as we grow older this instinct doesn't disappear or weaken. We just become more aware of ourselves.

I would like you to try something.

Read these words and look four tha spellin mistaikes and caount them as yoo go allong. Notcice hoau haard it is too staay fokased onn wot you ar raedning. The more you have to conncentrtae the hrader it gest. In fact, I can cuotn to ten. Oen, tow,there,fuor,fvie,six,sevne,eitghm nien,tne! qutie aesy when you know hwo.

Although the letters to each word were mixed up somewhat, you could still read the text right? This is because your brain is can make sense of the pattern of letters.

Now be very honest.

How many of you were aware of the Tinnitus whilst reading the above text. For those that don�t have Tinnitus, how many could read the text but forgot how tight their shoes were. How many of you were not aware of background noises. How many were not aware of the tight pants they are wearing. I could go on and on.

I hope you see the point I am trying to make.

It is possible to distract attention away from negative energy. This is all Tinnitus is. It�s negative energy and it can be ignored. This is not a process that can be picked up in ten minutes. It doesn't have to be learnt either because your brain already knows how to ignore things that's are not important to us.

It is vital that you understand this because it is the basis to understanding that you understand what you are doing wrong each time you listen and hear your own Tinnitus.

You brain will always try focus on what is important. Tinnitus isn't important and you have to learn to put it aside. Imagine putting it in a box and closing it. Or try this, each time your brain is trying to make you aware of Tinnitus, just tell it, " I have other things on my mind at the moment...get out of here or come back later...I may have time for you then."

I can remember jogging through the forest not too long ago. Since loosing almost 20 kilos in weight, jogging was something that made me feel real happy. It was like a scene from a fairy tale. It was December and it was snowing. Through the snow I could still see the sun trying to shine through the thick gray clouds. The snowflakes were dancing all around me. The whole forest was glowing like white gold. Through my MP3 player, I was listening to my favorite music. Everything seemed so safe and tranquil...until I noticed my Tinnitus creeping up behind me and trying to make itself noticed. I could here it screaming away in the back of my head. It was trying to provoke me and take away the fun I was having.

I think this was the first time in 3 years that actually remember saying NO to it. "Enough is enough," I said. ,,. I'm having a great time, I feel fantastic and you are not going to ruin this moment for me." I remember running faster and faster and feeling better each step I took. I didn�t stop for Tinnitus and I didn't let it ruin my day. At this point it was making me stronger. This sounds quite unbelievable, but I ended up running the course twice which I had never done before. When I finished the course I was the happiest man alive I swear to God. It was the first time I realized that I was the problem and not the Tinnitus. The tinnitus is there whether I want it or not. I have to live with that fact. I am now ready to accept that fact.

So, what are my options?

I can suffer, feel sorry for myself and have spend the rest of my life in misery OR learn to accept Tinnitus and learn to coexist with it and ignore it when I feel like it.

Sounds all too easy I know.

That's where you come in though my friend. It's entirely up to you. No pills, injections or secret remedies are going to get rid of your Tinnitus. Know why? Because there aren't any.

So, if you can learn to finely tune your "basic instinct" and teach yourself to ignore the stuff that bothers you....You are on the right train.

Have a happy journey!

Copyright 2006 "My Best Friend Tinnitus"

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Mark Goeder-Tarant lived under the spell of Tinnitus for almost 6 years before realizing that only HE held the key to success. He is now dedicated to supporting and helping other Tinnitus victims. The e-book "My Best Friend Tinnitus " can be found at his own site especially designed for Tinnitus sufferers.

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Health Guru : Stressful Life and Depression
Webmaster | 13. June 2008 @ 16:02

Baby boomers want it all. They have seen success, for the most part, but at what cost? In the United States and around the world, depression is the most common disability. It is often found in baby boomers. It is unfortunate that it is often mis-diagnosed and not treated.

Why is it that boomers have a better chance of having major depression? The answer is that in the daily quest for success and wealth, as well as in the effort of raising healthy children, a stressful situation can be created. Baby boomers show higher rates of depression than do previous generations. Studies show that stress is a major reason for this.

Although baby boomers often feel that chronic fatigue is simply a fact of life, if it is left untreated it may lead not only to depression, but also to potential thyroid disease or sleep apnea. Excessive fatigue should not be seen as normal and thus shouldn't be left untreated.

Women are more likely to be depressed than men. Females have cyclical and hormonal changes that often add to the depression. Menopause, perimenopause, and PMS all contribute to depression. The hormonal changes after childbirth can also lead to a major depressive episode.

It's a shame that depression is frequently misdiagnosed and not treated. Research shows that in may suicide cases involving adults, these people have visited their doctor shortly beforehand. In fact, as many as 20 percent had been to their doctor the same day, double this number within a week, and as much as 70 percent had seen their doctor in the last month.

So where does one go for help? First of all, to your primary care doctor. Hypertension and depression are the two biggest reasons for medical visits. That said, you must be honest about your problem. Otherwise, your doctor cannot be blamed for a bad diagnosis. You should make sure your doctor understands the extent and severity of your depression. You are not the only one with this problem, remember. There is little social stigma anymore over depression and most mental illnesses. If you're asked whether you've had suicidal thoughts, or thoughts of harming others, make sure to be up-front about it. That will be the first step of the treatment and might save your life.

Most doctors make use of medications that will raise serotonin and norepinephrine levels in the brain. These neurotransmitters help nerve cells communicate within the brain. One common medication used to treat depression is Prozac, a drug that does not have as many side-effects as its predecessors. Remember that some medications will not work for some people, while others will. Keep trying until you find the right one.

There are times when medication is insufficient to get someone out of a bout of depression. In those cases, the doctor often will recommend psychotherapy to get at the root causes of the problem. Many boomers will cringe at the thought of trying to fit in yet another thing every week. They feel like relying solely on their medication to help them. But for a majority of people, this kind of stressful, busy lifestyle exacerbated the depression from the start.

Don't underestimate the benefits of therapy. You can learn relaxation and breathing techniques, and your therapist can help you organize your life. They can also help you look at the specific reasons for your depression. It's typical to see improvement between six and eight weeks after therapy begins. It might take longer than this for childhood trauma survivors.

Depression can be a lonely illness, and people affected by it often suffer silently. You have the option to treat it. First recognize the problem and get help. Depression can cause many problems, and even ruin your personal and family life. Learn all you can about it, and get a good therapist to help you get your life back on track. Some people have been depressed for years without knowing it. A good therapist can help figure out at what point the depression began.

Stress Recommended Products

Stress News and Information

About the author: Aldwin Pet owns and

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Health Guru : Watch Out For The Salt!
Webmaster | 12. June 2008 @ 16:02

Have you ever taken the time read the nutrition section on the Noodles packs? Did you ever realize that there was so much sodium in noodles! It can range anywhere between 800 mg to way over 1000 mg. Keep in mind that our suggested sodium intake should be no more 2,300 mg. For those who suffer from high blood pressure and hypertension, the sodium intake should not go over 1,500 mg.

On average, we Americans eat 3,300 mg of sodium a day because salt is in everything we eat: bread, cheese, fast food, soup, and even cereal. No more than 10% of salt comes from the salt shaker, and only 10% of salt comes naturally in foods. That means that the other 80% is just from processing.

The American Medical Association (AMA) has decided to approach the government as well as the food industry to reduce levels of salt in processed food - which is pretty much any packaged food. The American Medical Association recommended that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) should limit the amount of salt allowed in food. Also, the AMA asked the FDA to remove the status of salt as a substance that is considered to be safe and deem salt as a food additive. If the FDA were to listen to the AMA, they would have to quickly find a replacement for the additive and flavor enhancer.

The FDA has never solicited commentary but the organization has mentioned that they are open for a hearing on the health issues of high sodium intake. There have also been discussions between the Salt Institute (didn't think there was such a thing, did you?) and the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). The Salt Institute has pushed for the DHHS to finance a comprehensive study about the health effects of salt. But here is no word as to whether that study will be conducted or not. Funding is really an overall deciding factor. The Center for Food and Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN) has had their budget cut from 47.6 million to 25 million in four years. And the CFSAN is an organization where most food regulations take place.

Many thousands of Americans die each year because of gradual health effects that were caused by high sodium diets. The FDA also says that they have paid attention to the sodium issue by placing sodium on the nutritional value label and by defining low salt products. So some are a bit weary of believing that the FDA is interested in a hearing, especially since the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) has mention a sodium problem in processed food more than 23 years ago.

In addition to the AMA, other groups like the National Academy of Science's Institute of Medicine (NASIM) and the governments National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) have know for at least 20 years that a high salt consumption can lead to high blood pressure, hypertension, and contributes to heart disease (the No.1 cause of death in America) and stroke (the No. 3 cause of death America). The NHLBI conducted a study in 2004 that concluded that 150,000 lives could be saved on a yearly basis if sodium levels were decreased by half.

About the author: Carl Hampton

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Health Guru : Anxiety and Panic Attacks -- What Has Worked For Me
Webmaster | 11. June 2008 @ 16:02

Anxiety is very wide spread today because of our busy lifestyles and poor eating habits. I myself have struggled with anxiety and panic attacks for about 14 years. I have tried lots of different ways to cope or possibly cure my anxiety and thought I should share a few things that have worked for me.

One thing I learned is that the adrenal glands are very important in understanding anxiety. They are responsible for dealing with stress to the body in whatever form it takes. That means both mental and physical stress. In order to help your anxiety, you need to improve your adrenal health. Anxiety is almost always a sign of adrenal fatigue or overload.

The first thing you need to do is support your adrenal glands with the supplements below:

Vitamin C (2,000-4,000 mg/day)
Vitamin E w/mixed tocopherols (800 IU/day)
Vitamin B100 complex
Pantothenic acid (1200-1500 mg/day)
Magnesium citrate (800-1200 mg)
Liquid trace minerals
Adrenal Glandular

Two excellent herbs that will support your adrenal glands and give you immediate relief are ashwagandha and Siberian ginseng. Ashwagandha has been shown to have a sedating effect on the body and helps to rebuild the digestive and nervous system. I especially like using it to help me fall asleep when I'm feeling restless at bedtime. Siberian ginseng has been used traditionally to stimulate and nourish the adrenal glands and increase mental alertness. I like taking this in the morning.

I have also benefited from adding salt to my diet. First thing in the morning and before that time of day when you're the most tired, put 1/8 to 1/2 teaspoonful of sea salt or Celtic salt into an 8 oz. glass of water and drink. I know you've been told salt isn't good for you but if your adrenal glands are not functioning up to par you most likely have a sodium deficiency. Sea salt or Celtic salt are so much better for you than table salt and also supply up to 80 other minerals.

Adrenal fatigue can also cause low blood sugar or hypoglycemia, so eliminating all sugars from your diet will help tremendously. Instead of three meals a day eat five to six smaller meals or snacks throughout the day to keep your blood sugar balanced and you will feel better. Make sure these snacks are healthy foods with an equal ratio of fats, proteins and complex carbs.

You will do much better on a high protein diet along with healthy sources of saturated fats such as butter, coconut oil, and olive oil. Eliminate or reduce the amount of coffee you drink as it stimulates the adrenals and can cause further stress. For the same reason also avoid chocolate.

If you find yourself in the middle of a panic attack, here are some tips to help you get through it.

First thing you need to do, believe it or not, is relax. Sit down or lay down immediately. Begin to breath in very slowly and then exhale very slowly. Tell yourself that everything is alright. I thought this sounded so simplistic the first time I heard it, but it works. If you respond to the panic attack you begin to fuel the attack and make it worse.

As most panic attacks are caused by a dive in blood sugar you should then drink a glass or two of diluted fruit juice (all fruit no sugar). This will quickly bring your blood sugar back up to normal and you'll feel a lot better. Eat something after the juice that has a combination of protein, fat and complex carbs. This will make sure that your blood sugar will not drop again right away.

I have found that supporting my adrenal glands with the above supplements, herbs and diet has stopped my panic attacks completely and has improved my anxiety greatly. I'm enjoying how calm I feel and I'm loving it.

About the author:Kathy Love is the creator and webmaster for where she has compiled information about natural solutions for various health problems.

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Health Guru : The Pharmacist Says...Understand Cough and Congestion
Webmaster | 10. June 2008 @ 16:02

Today, there are numerous oral cough and congestion medications available at the neighborhood drug store. The list of medications can be overwhelming to patients. Organizing these medications into 4 categories simplifies the process of choosing a medication and preventing drug interactions and reactions.

The categories are:

1. Antihistamines
2. Decongestants
3. Cough Suppressants
4. Expectorants

Antihistamines are used for allergy symptoms and relief of a runny nose. Some common antihistamines are diphenhydramine (Benadryl), loratadine (Claritin), and chlopheniramine maleate (Chlor-Trimeton). Benadryl causes drowsiness and is used in several OTC sleep medications (for example, Tylenol PM). Benadryl is also used as an antitussive in some OTC cough medications (Benylin). Exercise caution after taking Benadryl because of the sedation associated with it. Claritin is a nonsedating antihistamine.

Decongestants are used to relieve nasal stuffiness or congestion. Decongestants can also relieve pressure in the ears. Some common decongestants are pseudoephedrine (Sudafed) and phenylephrine (Sudafed PE). Decongestants can elevate blood pressure. Patients should consult their physician before taking any decongestants.

Cough suppressants are used to relieve cough. Some common cough suppressants are dextromethoraphan (used in Robitussin DM) and diphenhydramine (Benylin).

Expectorants are used to thin secretions. A common expectorant is guaifenesin (Mucinex). Water also acts as a natural mycolytic by thining out the secretions.

Cough and congestion medications contain one or more of these categories. For example, some medications contain a cough suppressant and an antihistamine. It is very important to check the medication�s active ingredients box to determine what is contained in the medication.

Always check with you doctor or pharmacist before taking a cough and congestion medication if you have heart disease, high blood pressure, thyroid disease, diabetes, trouble urinating due to an enlarged prostate, or had an obstruction or narrowing of the bowel. Also, do not take any cold medications if you are taking a Monamine Oxidase Inhibitor (Certain drugs used for depression, psychiatric, or emotional conditions, or Parkinson�s disease), or for 2 weeks after stopping the MAOI drug. If you do not know if your prescription drug contains a MAOI, ask your doctor or pharmacist.

About the author:

J. Wesley Cantrell has been a Registered Pharmacist for 15 years. His experience includes Retail, Institutional and Long Term Care pharmacy. He is a licensed Consultant and Parenteral Pharmacist. He writes articles for and

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Health Guru : Are Hemorrhoids Treatable?
Webmaster | 9. June 2008 @ 16:02

Hemorrhoids are described as a condition in which an itching or painful mass of dilated veins in swollen anal tissue occurs. Hemorrhoids or piles are the medical terms used for the condition of varicosity or swelling and inflammation of veins in the rectum and anus.

External hemorrhoids and internal hemorrhoids are the two most common types of hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids Treatment

Hemorrhoids are very much treatable. They can be treated by natural ways and medical treatment. Severe hemorrhoids can only be treated by surgery.

The following are some tips to get temporary or instant hemorrhoid relief.

- A warm sitz bath using a bidet, extendable showerhead, cold compress, or topical analgesic like Preparation H, can provide temporary hemorrhoid relief.

- A sufferer should keep the area clean and dry using hemorrhoids creams or suppositories.

Hemorrhoids Treatment through Natural Ways

The following are some natural ways of hemorrhoids treatment:

- Controlling constipation and diarrhea.

- Drinking large amounts of water and eating fiber-rich bulking agents such as plantain and psyllium to help create a soft stool that is easy to pass to lessen the irritation of existing hemorrhoids.

- Taking herbs and dietary supplements such as butcher's broom, horse chestnut, bromelain, and Japanese pagoda tree extracts to strengthen rectal vein walls. Recent studies have supported natural botanicals such as Butchers Broom, Horse Chestnut, and bioflavonoids as an effective hemorrhoid treatment.

- Topical application of natural astringents and soothing agents, such as Witch Hazel (astringent), Cranesbill and Aloe Vera.

- Reducing rectal pressure and improving postures; using the squatting position for bowel movements.

Medical Hemorrhoid Treatments

Chronic or severe cases require medical hemorrhoids treatments. The following are some standard medical hemorrhoids treatments.

- Hemorrhoidolysis/Galvanic Electrotherapy is a painless and highly effective hemorrhoids treatment. It includes the desiccation of the hemorrhoid by electrical current.

- Dilation is the treatment comprising of stretching of the anal sphincter muscle, but has side effects.

- In Rubber band ligation therapy, elastic bands are applied onto an internal hemorrhoid to cut off its blood supply. Within several weeks, the withered hemorrhoid is sloughed off during normal bowel movement.

- In Sclerotherapy or injection therapy, sclerosant or hardening agent is injected into hemorrhoids. It causes the vein walls to collapse and the hemorrhoids to shrivel up.

- In Cryosurgery treatment, a frozen tip of a cryoprobe is used to destroy hemorrhoidal tissues.

- In Laser, infared or BICAP coagulation treatment, laser, infrared beam, or electricity is used to cauterize the affected tissues.

- Hemorrhoidectomy is a surgical procedure to excise and remove hemorrhoids.

Surgery is the only treatment option for very severe cases, like prolapsed, thrombosed, or strangulated hemorrhoids.

About the author:

Paul MacIver is an author who writes articles on many topics. For further information on hemorrhoids visit or to read more about hemorrhoids treatments and relief.

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Health Guru : Simple Secrets for Rejuvenating Aging Skin
Webmaster | 8. June 2008 @ 16:02

Which anti-aging rejuvenation skin care strategies are really effective?

For goodness sake, how many secrets can there be and why doesn�t everyone know them all already?

Well, actually many of the simple secrets as shared by the are quite well known but many of us simply haven�t integrated them into our daily skin care routine yet. As a result we have gradually seen the effects of aging take over our former youthful complexion.

Now the mirror reveals those horrid brown age spots that have started to blossom with wild abandon, fine lines that are deepening into wrinkles with the passing of each day, spider veins that have not only begun to creep over the bridge of the nose but to squiggling across the cheeks, and the list goes on. (For some of us, the list goes on and on and on�.)!

The more obvious simple secrets begin with keeping out of the sun or at least using sunscreen each and every day. As most know by now, many of the signs of aging occur as a direct result of damage caused by over exposure to the sun or from those quick trips to the tanning salons.

As most also know, to achieve healthy skin it is important to eat nutritiously, drink lots of water to keep the skin hydrated, not to smoke, and get the recommended eight hours of sleep each night. These anti-aging rejuvenation strategies can really represent 'face saving' lifestyle changes� literally!

Simple secrets for maximizing the benefits from your skin care regime start with keeping the skin hydrated. This can easily be achieved by drinking the recommended amounts of liquid per day and using a good, hydrating moisturizer.

Now, one of the tricks is not to slather on your moisturizer. More is definitely not better in this case because you will only end up clogging your pores. Lightly apply your moisturizer, several times a day, if needed.

Most people only need to cleanse their face once a day. Cleansing at night is usually preferable. Too much soap and water can dry and irritate the skin. Use a cleanser with emollients, avoiding those with astringents. This is especially true for dry or sensitive skin types. Use a light toner to refresh and cleanse the skin in the morning rather than washing your face again.

Appling skin care products to clean, warm, moist skin allows the ingredients to absorb into the skin more efficiently. Even using a warm face cloth that is placed on the skin for a few minutes is helpful prior to toning and moisturizing. Use upward sweeping strokes, from the chin up and outward to the brow area, as you apply the toner and again with the moisturizer.

Gently tap the surface of your skin after applying the moisturizer to stimulate the cells which will allow the skin to more efficiently absorb the nutrients provided by the moisturizer.

Select a moisturizer with active anti-aging rejuvenation ingredients that have been clinically proven to be effective. Products to look for include those with a sufficient concentration of vitamin A, (retinol) and an AHA, glycolic acid with between an 8% and 15% concentration. Use a microdermabrasion scrub or home treatment once a week to exfoliate away dead skin cells.

Last, but not least, use a sunscreen each and every day in order to protect the skin from further damage. You'll then be on your way to achieving more youthful, radiant skin.

About the author: Sue Dolan is a researcher and instructor for the The Skin Care e-Learning and Resource Center provides education on anti-aging skin care while focusing on skin rejuvenation strategies, techniques, treatment options and resources for aging skin care issues.

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Great Gourmet Food Gift Ideas
We | 5. June 2008 @ 16:02

The best gift ideas don't always have to be expensive items like electronics or jewelry. Some of the best gift ideas are gifts that, if they are good, won't last very long at all! Here are some excellent gourmet gift ideas that are sure to please even the most choosy people on your gift giving list.

Boxed Chocolates - Whether from the high end chocolatiers or from the chocolate shop in your local mall, chocolates are always a thoughtful, special occasion gift for any adult. After all, who doesn't love chocolate? You can even find boxed chocolates available in many types, including organic and sugar free.

Gourmet Popcorn - There are so many flavors of gourmet popcorn available, from caramel to cheese flavor, to popcorn drizzled with chocolate and embedded with fancy nuts, popcorn is a food that pleases everyone.

Gourmet Apples - Usually using large, juicy and exquisitely fresh Granny Smith apples, gourmet apples can be found encased in milk, dark, white or flavored chocolate, caramel, roasted nuts and candies with beautiful bows and colored wrapping. Just 1 gourmet apple can serve 4-6 people, so it makes a great gift for a family or someone who entertains for the holidays.

Gourmet Pretzels - These fresh, usually salted pretzels are drenched in chocolate and decorated with sprinkles, nuts, candies and often, more chocolate drizzling. Gourmet pretzels make a terrific gift for someone who likes regular pretzels but also craves something different. The salt from the pretzels makes for a nice contrast in flavor to the rich and sweet chocolate coating. You can find gourmet pretzels in rods or traditional pretzel shapes.

Fine Cheese - Cheeses are a more practical gift since cheese can be stored away for use later on in the year. Cheese is a great gift for people who enjoy fine wine and like to picnic. Don't forget to give them a cheese slicer too!

Wine & Beer - Good wine is a surefire gift for any host, hostess or wine connoisseur. However, choosing good wine can be difficult, as more expensive doesn't always mean more quality. Make sure to go to a local store that specializes in wines and that has an expert available so you can ask questions about picking a good wine. There are also many good online stores that specialize in wine.

Fruit - Fruit is a wonderful holiday gift for people in areas where Winter is in full force and the supply of different fresh fruits is limited. Fruit is also a good gift for the health conscious.

Dried Fruits & Nuts - Dried fruits and nuts are a more traditional gift idea. A great gift for the health conscious and for people who don't like fatty foods or candy.

Cheesecake - Cheesecake and other cakes haven't been as popular for gift giving until recently. With the explosion of e-commerce, freshly made specialty cakes, cheesecakes and pastries are widely available and can be mailed virtually anywhere. Cheesecake is another wonderful gift for the hostess or for someone who just loves cheesecake. Available in many different flavors, with fruit swirled in, cookie and crumb crusts or just plain and creamy like original New York cheesecake, cheesecake is a gift that won't last long in any house.

Coffee & Tea - Whether you have a caffeine fiend on your list or just someone who enjoys the taste of coffee or tea, there is a wide variety of gourmet coffee and tea available to give as gifts. There are hundreds of different flavors of teas, fruity, herbal, green, medicinal and more. While coffee flavors can come from exotic countries and be flavored with just about anything, including chocolate, nuts, spices and vanilla. Coffee is also a practical gift since it's so popular and many people drink it every single morning.

Gift Baskets - Pre-made gourmet food gift baskets are always an option, especially when pressed for time. You can find gift baskets filled with wine and cheese, with chocolates, coffees and teas, candies or any or all of the above.

Whether you choose luxuriously rich chocolate, fine imported cheese or a handmade sweet treat, whoever is given a gourmet food gift is sure to appreciate it.

About the author: Charley Lawrence writes for Richland Gourmet Apples, where you can order delicious gourmet treats, including gourmet apples and pretzels drenched in chocolate, nuts and caramel, delivered to your home or a gift recipient. Visit us at:

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Health Guru : A Quick Guide To Food Allergy Treatment
Webmaster | 4. June 2008 @ 16:02

This article has been written for those readers who have already been diagnosed with a food allergy. If you are worried that you may suffer from a food allergy, then your best course of action, is to contact your Doctor or GP and have them help determine whether or not you have a food allergy. They will do this by taking a series of tests to help gauge your reaction. Remember to bring a detailed case history of your previous reactions with you, so that the doctor has a better idea of your condition.

An allergy to food is when you have an adverse physical reaction to a food item after eating it. The most common food allergy is a Peanut Allergy, which affects from 1% - 1.5% of the population. It is also possible to outgrow a food allergy over time, however with a peanut allergy, this is rather unlikely.

Treatments For Food Allergies

As of today, the only treatment available for someone with a food allergy is prevention. That simply means they must carefully watch what they eat, to make sure that they avoid the food that causes their allergic reaction. Your GP or a professional dietician can sit with you and list what types of food you may need to remove from your diet (moreover, they can show you what kinds of food alternatives you can replace them with).

Sometimes however, being careful, may turn out to not be enough. Especially in the case of a peanut allergy, an unwanted food item (or even food trace) can slip into your meals by mistake (in one well documented case, a peanut allergic school girl had an adverse reaction to peanuts after her chicken sandwich was mistakenly made using a knife that had previously been used to make a peanut butter sandwich). Adverse reactions, such as swelling around the mouth or a severe rash, must be immediately treated with emergency antihistamines.

When it comes to food allergies, the best treatment is to always be cautious, carry a card or a bracelet that details your allergy, and always carry emergency antihistamines.

About the author:Allen Matthews is the main editor for, and is one of many peanut allergic people in the world today.

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Health Guru : Is Coffee Good Or Bad For You?
Webmaster | 3. June 2008 @ 16:02

Did you know that coffee is the primary part of dietary antioxidants? Now let's be clear: that does not mean that your morning coffee is a substitute for fruits and vegetables. But serious java drinkers will surely get a jolt from the news that coffee is a top resource of disease-fighting antioxidants. Current analysis reveals that, taken in moderation, coffee is a safe beverage that may even offer some health benefits. You may see some additional coffee related information at

Coffee is one of the few beverages that is consumed world-wide. It is consumed in most countries of the world and coffee is the second most widely traded commodity in the world (behind petroleum) and one of the most widely consumed beverages. It may be a world commodity that is second only to oil, but an excellent cup of coffee tastes a lot better than an excellent cup of petroleum. And, in today's world of high fuel prices, a lot more fun to consume.

So, can we call coffee a health foodstuff? Well, that may be stretching it! Caffeine, which is the "guts" of the coffee, is one of the world's most widely used drugs, and it has been part of the human diet for centuries.

Caffeine is one heck of a stimulant and is the element that gives coffee and many other beverages their jolt. It is definitely a central-nervous-system stimulant. It acts as a mild stimulant to the central nervous system and both regular and decaf coffee can irritate the stomach. Drinking caffeine in boundless amounts as coffee or tea (which may actually have more caffeine than coffee) over a short period of time has been shown to raise blood sugar. So if you are prone to blood sugar issues, beware! And, if you are pregnant or breast-feeding, lower your current caffeine intake to less than 300 milligrams a day or three cups of coffee. Or, to be safe, cut it out altogether.

But you should be able to look forward to a early-day cup for reasons beyond the caffeine rush. The general conclusion is that moderate amounts of caffeine do not lead to arrhythmias and drinking a modest account of coffee should not increase your risk. Check with your health professional to be sure, though.

So, is coffee injurious? Surely you should be aware that some experts argue that coffee is bad for you. And nobody is saying coffee is entirely benign. But if you have reasonable health and enjoy drinking coffee, an excellent cup of coffee is worth it. But remember, coffee is not for everyone.

Well, I must go. I need to refill my cup of coffee.

About the author: Yvonne Volante, the author, is a big fan of coffee and writes for, which is the premier coffee resource on the internet. You can see all of the articles over at

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Health Guru : How to Prepare Fillet of Beef Wellington
Webmaster | 2. June 2008 @ 16:02

This Fillet of Beef Wellington recipe is an extravagant and truly luxurious dish! Although the recipe is fairly time consuming to prepare, almost all of the preparation can be done well in advance, with only the final baking left to the last moment.


1x3lb (1.35kg) fillet of beef (tenderloin)
2 tablespoons olive oil
1oz 30g unsalted butter
salt and freshly milled black pepper
6oz 175g pâté de foie gras
4 ready prepared pancakes
1 small egg, beaten
1lb (450g) puff pastry

2oz unsalted butter
1 small onion, finely chopped
8oz (220g) flat black mushrooms, finely chopped
3 tablespoons heavy (double) cream
1 tablespoon chopped fresh parsley
salt and freshly milled black pepper


1. First prepare the stuffing (Duxelle). To do this, heat the butter in a frying pan and add the chopped onion and sauté for 2 to 3 minutes until soft and golden. Add the chopped mushrooms and sauté until all of the moisture evaporates. Now add the cream and season well with salt and freshly milled black pepper. Continue to cook over a low heat until it has reduced to a thick pureé. Finally, remove from the heat, mix in the chopped parsley and allow to cool completely.

2. Now prepare the beef. Heat the olive oil and butter in a large frying pan.Season the beef fillet with salt and freshly milled black pepper. Place in the hot pan and brown on all sides over a high heat. This should only take 3 to 4 minutes. Remove the beef from the pan and allow to cool completely.

3. On a floured surface, roll out the puff pastry to an oblong big enough to fit the fillet (about 1/8 inch, 3mm thick). Lay 2 pancakes on top of the pastry, overlapping slightly.

4. Spread a strip of pâté across the centre of the pastry, the same width as the beef fillet. Then spread the cold mushroom stuffing over the top of the pâté .

5. Now place the beef on top of the stuffing and push down gently to settle it into the mix. Then place the 2 remaining pancakes over the top of the beef. Now cut away the middle of the ends of the pastry and brush all edges with some beaten egg. Carefully fold the pastry up to completely envelope the beef, tucking in the ends neatly.

6. Carefully turn the parcel over onto a buttered, large baking tray.With a tip of a sharp knife make 4 or 5 small incisions in the pastry. Decorate the top with pastry leaves cut out of the trimmings. Refrigerate, uncovered for at least 30 minutes.

7. When you are ready to bake the Beef Wellington preheat the oven to 450F/230C/gas mark 8. Brush the pastry all over with beaten egg. Bake the beef fillet at the high heat for 10 minutes. Then turn the heat down to 375F/190C/gas mark 5 for a further 20 to 25 minutes until the pastry is golden brown.

8. Remove from the oven and leave to relax (uncovered) for 10 to 15 minutes before carving in thick slices.


Pâté de foie gras (goose liver pâté ) can be obtained from specialty, gourmet food

If you find this beef Wellington recipe a little too extravagant, cost savings can be made by substituting the pâté de foie gras with a smooth chicken liver pâté .

It really isn't necessary to make the pancakes or puff pastry as the ready made varieties bought in supermarkets are perfectly adequate.

Further EASY gourmet recipes can be found at:

About the author: Robert Jackson has worked all of his life in the hospitality business. Now at, he shares his views, ideas, tips and guidance on entertaining at home.......with style, and ease!

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Health Guru : Preventing Cerebral Palsy - is it possible?
Webmaster | 1. June 2008 @ 16:02

Extensive research into the causes of the disorder has been carried out to help find ways of preventing Cerebral Palsy.

Any expectant mother knows that she wants to have as healthy a pregnancy as possible. This plays a part in preventing a number of disorders in your unborn baby. Concentrating on your prenatal care can also help prevent Cerebral Palsy by lessening the number of risk factors your baby is exposed to.

Pregnancy and Rhesus Negative Blood Type

Having a healthy pregnancy involves regular prenatal checkups with your health professional to enable them to diagnose potential problems at the earliest opportunity. This is especially important if the mother's blood type is Rhesus Negative as this requires monitoring.

Rhesus Negative and Cerebral Palsy: Pregnant women are now having blood tests routinely during their pregnancy to check their Rhesus factor. If they are Rhesus negative they are able to be immunized within 72 hours of a birth (or a termination).

This incompatibility in blood types does not usually cause problems during a woman's first pregnancy, since the mother's body generally does not produce the unwanted antibodies until after delivery. The immunisation prevents any problems resulting from a blood type mismatch in a later pregnancy. Some hospitals are actually offering immunization during the pregnancy to eliminate the small chance of the mother producing antibodies during her first pregnancy too.

If the mother has not been immunized, it is still possible to eliminate any problems by close observation of the baby's development in the womb. A blood transfusion can be given to a baby while it is still in the womb, or after it has been born. A transfusion given to a baby after birth is an exchange transfusion which involves a large percentage of the baby�s blood being removed and replaced with blood free from the antibodies.

Helping Prevent CP Before Birth

There are many other things that can be done to reduce the risk of a baby from getting Cerebral Palsy. A pregnant woman must pay special attention to her diet and ensure it includes plenty of extra nutrients needed for her baby�s development. Obviously it is preferable to stop smoking, avoid consuming alcohol and also you should not take recreational drugs or non-prescription medication.

Preventing Cerebral Palsy Before Birth - Apart from working towards as healthy pregnancy as possible, which is every expectant mum�s wish, there are a variety of other things that can be done to help prevent a baby from getting Cerebral Palsy.

It is very important that every mother-to-be who has not been immunized against rubella or German measles gets inoculated, preferably before becoming pregnant or very soon afterwards. She also needs to be especially careful that she doesn't expose herself to the diseases until she has been vaccinated.

There are other measures that the expectant mother can take during pregnancy to help prevent a premature birth and lessen the chances of their baby developing Cerebral Palsy. The mother-to-be should avoid exposing herself to any viruses or infections and be able to recognise signs that she may have a urinary infection. One of the main signs is if she has a burning sensation when she goes to the toilet. The expectant mom should always talk to her doctor if she has any concerns at all, no matter how trivial they may seem to others around her.

She must also tell a doctor that she is pregnant if he is recommending her for an X-ray of any kind. Obviously, if the mother-to-be works with X-rays, in any capacity, she needs to take extra precautions to prevent unnecessary exposure, preferably by giving up her job or moving to another area. Obviously she has to be careful about taking any drugs or medications, especially those not prescribed by a medical professional.

The most important advice I can give to an expectant mom is for her to follow all of her doctor's advice regarding nutrition and seek proper prenatal care.

Finally, she needs to protect herself, and her baby, from accidents or injury. If a pregnant woman does have an accident, no matter how small she thinks it is, she must always seek medical help.

These can assist in preventing cerebral palsy before birth.

Helping Prevent CP After Birth

After a baby has left hospital there are still plenty of steps that need to be taken to reduce the risk of a child from developing Cerebral Palsy. This is where friends and family can also get more involved.

Certain precautions can help prevent the developing Cerebral Palsy after birth.

Yes, a baby is susceptible to brain injury which can lead to Cerebral Palsy for the first few years of his life.

Head injury can be prevented by using the correct car seats to help protect a child in the case of an accident or sudden movements of the vehicle. Any medical professionals can help guide carers and relatives on the appropriate equipment.

Any form of impact to the head is to be prevented as far as is possible. A child should always be supervised and kept away from potentially dangerous situations.

If accidental injury does occur it is vital that the child is assessed by a medical professional as soon as possible to identify possible brain damage.

Jaundice At Birth and CP

Once a baby has been born he is still at risk from developing Cerebral Palsy. If a baby has jaundice at birth, for example, he will require extra care and treatment to prevent it causing Cerebral Palsy.

Jaundice occurs in the majority of newborn babies. You can recognise it by the baby�s skin colour being yellowish. It is caused by the baby�s liver making too much of a yellow pigment called bilirubin. This is usually not a big problem and more often than not it goes away by itself.

In these rare cases, the baby develops kernicterus. This is basically when their bilirubin levels are too high. If it is not treated then brain damage could occur, leading to Cerebral Palsy. Kernicterus can be prevented by phototherapy, or light therapy, on the baby.

In phototherapy, babies are exposed to special blue lights that break down the bilirubin. Sometimes phototherapy needs to be supplemented by a special blood transfusion although this is extremely unusual.

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