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Keith Woolley | 30. June 2007 @ 16:17

The debate around the basic of taking dietary supplements is continuing to rage.

While many health care professionals maintain we get all we require from the foods we eat, others prefer to suggest vitamins when their patients are under a stress such as a pregnancy or illness or even aging or when the patients body's function is deficient or overloaded. Others maintain that vitamins are preventative and should be taken routinely to prevent diseases and maintain health.

Studies maintain that taking extra B vitamins, specifically folic acid and B12 have reduced birth defects by 72 to 100% . And since regulations authourising the addition of folic acid to grains have come into force in the USA the incidence of birth defects their have dropped by 19%, although sceptics claim there could be alternative reasons.

So what are some of the symptoms of folic acid deficiency? If your tongue is sore and you suffer from loss of appetite, "shortness of puff", are irritable, forgetful and mentally sluggish, you may have a folic acid insufficiency. Folic acid is one of the B group of vitamins and most animal and plant foods are poor sources of it. The exception is liver which most individuals don't eat a lot of these days. Various dietary habits and health conditions can also result in causing a deficiency of this vitamin. Celiac condition, alcoholism and irritable bowel syndrome are three such conditions.

Studies have also suggested that when older people suffer from "the blues" it is caused by a absence of folate (B9) . It should be taken alongside B6 and B12 to support its absorption and function in the body. These three vitamins work closely together and help relieve symptoms of depression. They do this by decreasing the total amount of homocysteine, which is thought to play an major part in causing the depression. Occasionally the amount of folate in proportion to the other two may be required to be increased in order to be effective. Solgar Homocystein Modulators are a good supplement to take and can be found online at

Some population-based studies across the USA have also established that numerous cancers are less usual in people who have high levels of folic acid. These people also consumed high amounts of beta-carotene, vitamin C and fiber. One large study of 50,000 women established that adequate intakes of folate essentially reduced the risk of breast melanoma.

Some prescription medications for inflammatory bowel illness have been found to interfere with the bodies ability to absorb folate (folic acid) and the deficiency has also been linked to some men's infertility and heart complaints.

Foods that offer the most folic acid are dark leafy greens, brewers yeast, cows liver, some seafood, orange juice and dairy. Root vegetables and whole grains also supply small amounts.

Side effects from folic acid supplements are rare, though they can occur if the dose exceeds 15000 mcg . Taking any one of the B group of vitamins on their own can produce a deficiency in the others, so don't be too keen to buy without advice. Check out if you really do need it and make sure your health care practised knows your purpose in order to grasp why you want to take these supplements. Some prescription medicines such as antibiotics and warfarin can react adversely to this health programme, while others like ibuprofen and aspirin can actually cause a deficiency. Methotrexate, prescribed to treat some cancer and rheumatoid arthritis conditions increases the body's need for folic acid, and its side-effects are greatly reduced by addition of this vitamin without impairing its results, so if you must take this medication be sure see your health care professional about adding folic acid to your diet - it could save you experiencing further side-effects .

About the author:

Keith Woolley is a Director of Boots Herbal Stores and has vast experience within the health food industry. Boots Herbal Stores distribute Solgar Vitamins online from

HT~ Optimum Health :: Comments (0) :: Link
Webmaster | 29. June 2007 @ 16:17

Studies show that one-tenth of the American population is hearing-impaired. Over the years, hearing aids have helped a great deal in eliminating this deficiency.

Hearing aids are small audio devices which are attached to the ears. Most models now are "hidden" to a casual observer. They offer a superior sound quality which helps lessen, if not eliminate, the loss of hearing.

As technology evolves, the science behind manufacturing hearing aids have become more and more advanced.

Here are the three basic types of hearing aids:

1. Conventional hearing aids

These are the very first types and brands of hearing aids which were realeased in the market.

Although not as technologically advanced as the programmable digital hearing aids, the conventional type can be adjusted in a way that will fit the user's needs.

With this type, the volume is manually adjusted by the user. The sound can be turned up or down, depending on the softness or loudness of the source of sound.

The only minor disadvantage of this type of hearing aids is that if a person's hearing loss level improves or worsens, it must be sent back to the manufacturer so that adjustments can be made.This can be quite inconvenient for the user.

2. Programmable hearing aids

This is more advanced in terms of technology, as compared to the conventional type.

Programmable hearing aids have adjustable circuits which may be adjusted, depending on the user's level of hearing.

The volume control is automatic, making life easier for the patient.

3. Digital hearing aids

Depending on the patient's needs, a digital hearing aid may be ordered to suit a specific situation.

This is by far the best and most convenient type to use.

There are hearing health care professionals whose job is to find the hearing aid that will be beneficial for the user.

The patient's lifestyle and level of hearing loss is considered when looking for the best hearing aid to buy.

Digital hearing aids also feature an automatic volume control.

However, it may take one or two visits to a health care professional before the settings of the hearing aid can be adjusted to the user's satisfaction.

Physically, this type of hearing aid is easier to wear and is "kinder" to the ears.

The circuit within the hearing aid automatically increases or decreases the level of sound.

There is a microphone and an amplifier that gathers and adjusts the sound respectively.

Finally, the speaker transmits the byproduct of the altered and digitally-enhanced sound to the user's ears.

The downside is that this type of hearing aid is more expensive than the programmable and conventional hearing aids.

Still, once you have invested in a digital hearing aid, it will surely be convenient for you and will fit into any lifestyle.

4. Disposable hearing aids

This type offers the sound quality of a conventional hearing aid and is more cost-effective than its more technologically-advanced counterparts.

Disposable hearing aids have a shorter shelf-life. They can last 40 days at most, and once the battery expires, a new one should be purchased.

To choose a hearing aid that is right for you, make sure that you consult your ear doctor or otologist/audiologist.

When consulting a professional to choose the right hearing aid for you, give them an overview of your lifestyle and budget to determine the best hearing aid that will suit your needs.

Finally, try it out for a few days and if you find that the hearing aid that you bought does not fit your ear, your needs and your way of living, go back to your health care professional so that another type can be purchased.

About the author:

Robert Thatcher is a freelance publisher based in Cupertino, California. He publishes articles and reports in various ezines and provides hearing aid resources on

HT~ Optimum Health :: Comments (0) :: Link
Webmaster | 28. June 2007 @ 16:17
In 1949, the curiously named Strawberry Tapioca Flamingo appeared in the paper. It built on the original recipe by making one layer with half of the tapioca-and-fruit mixture and a second layer by combining the rest with whipped cream. (If you’ve ever had Jell-O fluff, you’ll understand how a family of desserts can arise and then be corrupted.) It’s a delicious combination and pretty too, with bits of strawberry suspended in the clear pink jelly and a poof of cream and jelly on top. It’s so good that the editors apparently couldn’t resist running the same recipe again two years later when there was a record strawberry harvest.Try this.
R ~ Drink :: Comments (0) :: Link
Webmaster | 27. June 2007 @ 16:17

It's the little things that you will need to notice and congratulate yourself on when beginning the recovery process of Binge Eating Disorder. These little things will be the stepping stones to gaining full control over yourself when food is involved. These tiny stepping stones will prove to you that you are in control, at least somewhat control, of your actions. It�s time for you to rejoice in them, instead of beating yourself up about why you aren�t fully recovered yet.

Are you someone that binges twice a day for about five days out of the week? What are your trigger foods that you binge on? Let�s say that an example day of binging for you includes three bags of chips, one whole cake, one gallon of ice cream, ten cookies, and three sugary, carbonated drinks. When you start to take notice of you eating less, you need to pat yourself on the back. Instead of three bags of chips, do you only consume one? If so, this is a building block for your road to success. Instead of ten cookies, do you only eat two? Again, time to congratulate yourself for this accomplishment.

The reason why this is so important for your recovery is because most people see their life as black or white. Their life is either good or bad, right or wrong, sad or happy. Who puts these stipulations on us? Why such extremes? When you rid yourself of these chains and start living your life in most of the gray area, you will take things as they come and not be so hard on yourself for failing. Extremes will lead you to failure because it will be highly impossible that you will be able to live that way.

When you can learn to accept yourself, including all of your flaws, this is when you move into the gray area of life. The gray area allows for mistakes and is a constant learning experience. The gray area also allows falling, but pushes you to get right back up. The gray area is where we all need to be living; but sadly, it is not most of our realities.

We put insurmountable pressure on ourselves to be perfect. We want the perfect car, the perfect outfit, the perfect body. Society helps to fill our head with the perfect mentality. Anything short of that will not do. We are taught that perfectionism is the only way and that we should all constantly be striving for it.

Get out of that mindset. You will only be setting yourself up for failure. It�s the harsh reality of it. Learn to live and prosper in the gray area. Congratulate yourself for the small things that you overcome throughout your day. It�s when you are at the point of seeing your obstacles being taken over by you that you will be creating your own path for recovery of Binge Eating Disorder.

By: Kristin Gerstley

About the author:

Kristin Gerstley is the owner of which is a site that helps people overcome their Binge Eating Disorder. She also publishes a free newsletter offering tips on how to stop binge eating and take control of your life.

Notice to publishers: you have rights to republish this article on your website as long as you keep all links in tact and clickable. Thank you.

HT~ Weight Loss :: Comments (0) :: Link
Webmaster | 26. June 2007 @ 16:17

Regular exercise will help protect you from chronic disease, improve your mood and decrease your chances of injury. The older you are, the more you have to gain from exercise.

All it takes is 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week.

Everyone tries to exercise, but most people forget about their body once they have finished the exercise. If you are not careful about your post-workout routing, it will come back to haunt you.

After a workout, exercising for several minutes at a low speed helps blood to be redistributed throughout the body consistently and prevents the dizziness, sickness, and muscle cramps that sometimes occur after exercises.

In addition, you need to supply your body with water and carbohydrates after a workout. Carbohydrates help regenerate muscles, increase stamina, and prevent fatigue. A few good examples of high quality carbohydrate foods are bread, rice, jam, fruit, vegetables, table sugar, potatoes, and sweets.

It's also important to cool down your muscles after exercising by stretching them. Stretching improves flexibility, lessens soreness, and improves circulation. Here are a few tips:

~ (1) Hold a static stretch for twenty to thirty seconds.

~ (2) Stretching positions should be repeated after the cool down period to enhance muscle strength and flexibility.

~ (3) Include some deep breathing exercise in your cool down routine to oxygenate your system.

~ (4) At the end of any strenuous physical activity, gently bring your breathing down to normal. Walking and easy indoor cycling are great follow-ups to a workout. Both of them allow you to hydrate yourself and also put on warm clothing.

These four tips will help you avoid mishap after a strenuous workout session. However, mishaps still occur and cause problems like muscle pain, or in older individuals, arthritis.

Osteoarthritis is the loss of the body�s shock-absorbing ability. It is a degeneration that is part of the aging process. And when a person who has osteoarthritis exercises, there can be problems.

This can be a serious problem since regular exercise is recommended as a good way to fight a host of medical conditions associated with aging. But now there is hope for people suffering from osteoarthritis too.

There are products, such as Phosoplex�, available that help counter the effects of osteoarthritis. Phosoplex� is able to Rejuvenate the body and combat the aches and pains associated with the deliberating affects of osteoarthritis.

It is also effective in countering the muscle pain that often accompanies workouts. Phosoplex� is available at Amazon and at So enjoy your workout without worrying about the future.

About the author:

Kamau Austin is a health and fitness enthusiast and advocate. He writes on a regular basis on timeless health and fitness tips at the Fit After Forty Blog. See more useful health and fitness news and tips at�

HT~ Optimum Health :: Comments (0) :: Link
Webmaster | 25. June 2007 @ 16:17

Vitamin A can be found in animals through retinol and vegetables through carotenes. An important vitamin, it�s used for growth, healthy skin and cells, and the linings of the body. It is also important in maintaining good vision.

Vitamin A can be found in several foods. Some of the best sources are fish, liver, butter, eggs, and vegetables and fruits that are orange or yellow such as carrots. Broccoli is also a great source, although its color may be deceptive. In fact, if it weren�t for chlorophyll, broccoli would actually be orange!

Vitamin A isn't simply used for growth and healthy skin. Some research has found that large amounts of Vitamin A can prevent the developments of some types of cancers. Unfortunately, other researchers argue that this is untrue. What can�t be argued is that a serious deficiency in Vitamin A can cause blindness in extreme cases.

Large quantities of Vitamin A can actually be very harmful. Your skin and the whites of your eyes can evolve into a yellow color when your body has been bombarded with too much of this vitamin. This effect can also extend to the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet. Anyone who experiences this symptom should immediately stop taking the vitamin. The good news is that your body should revert to normal within a few months of discontinuation of the vitamin.

Although a daily vitamin supplement is sufficient to ensure that your body receives the proper amount of Vitamin A, keep in mind that it is very easy and inexpensive to meet this daily requirement through regular consumption. Munching on a snack of three carrot sticks would be sufficient. If you don�t care for carrots, you could indulge in a half of a cup of cantaloupe or a peach and still consume the recommended daily dose.

For those still unsure of whether they are consuming enough Vitamin A, a daily multi-vitamin is a great way to ease your worries and know that your body is getting the vitamins it needs.

About the author:James Brown writes about, and

HT~ Vitamins :: Comments (0) :: Link
Webmaster | 24. June 2007 @ 16:17

I know, because I kept my anxiety a secret day after day, year after year for fifteen years.

Looking back, it's hard to believe. The secret felt like a lead anchor dragging me down. It was so heavy I could hardly move, both emotionally and physically.

I was drowning emotionally. I thought that if others found out my "secret," they would believe what I believed about myself... that I was a worthless person who had no place in this world.

They would discover that I was faking it. I was really not as intelligent, or nice, or all-together as I appeared. They would discover that I was falling apart on the inside.

Once I decided to share the "secret" of my anxiety with a safe, trusted person, guess what happened?

My anxiety lessened. I started to feel free. It was like a glass prison had been shattered.

The anchor I had put around my own neck lightened considerably and I realized that there was a light at the end of the tunnel.

There WAS a way to conquer anxiety and gosh darn I was going to take back my life no matter what it took! It was EMPOWERING.

Anxiety makes you feel like you are alone and not "good enough." These feelings naturally lead to silence. Breaking the silence is a powerful way to challenge the negative thoughts that perpetuate anxiety.

By coming out of the closet with a trusted person, you are saying to yourself that you ARE good ARE ARE smart... you ARE capable, and much more.

I am not suggesting that you climb the top of a mountain and announce to the entire world that you experience anxiety. It's up to you to decide when and with whom you would like to share.

If and when you decide to share, don't start this conversation when the TV is blaring, the kids are clamoring for dinner, you're studying for a big exam, or you're rushing to get ready for work.

Choose a quiet, private time so that you have the time and space to speak and the other person has the time and attention to listen.

When you decide to "come out of the closet," here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Choose a "safe," trusted person who loves you unconditionally. This person could be a parent, spouse, sibling, a close relative, or a good friend.

Expect that the person may not know how to respond or may not respond the way you'd like, even though they want to help you.

It might help if you ask for what you desire up front when you broach the topic, for example: "I have something important to tell you about what I'm going through right now. I don't expect you to understand or to "fix" this problem. I just ask you to be here for me and keep that unconditional love coming my way as I work through the recovery process. Some 'I love you's' and hugs would be great!"

Some people find it easier to tell a more emotionally detached third party rather than a loved one, and that's OK too.

You might choose a psychologist, minister, or counselor with whom to share.

If you don't know of anyone with whom to share, do an Internet search for an online anxiety support group and break your silence there.

Another alternative is to record yourself talking about your anxiety. Then play the recording back and listen compassionately, acting as your own safe person.

"Coming out of the closet" about your anxiety with a safe person can be an empowering step in the recovery process!

About the author:Jammy Hokins writes for where you can find out more about cheap hotels and other topics.

HT~ Optimum Health :: Comments (0) :: Link
Webmaster | 22. June 2007 @ 16:17

Most Individuals know that diet has something to do with it- and certainly sugar has - but why caries take place remains somewhat mysterious. To prevent the need for root canal treatments, one must remember that every case needing a root fill, other than those involving injury, started with a tiny bit of tooth decay.

Why do some people's teeth decay and some do not? That question was central to Dr. Price's enquiry.

Those feelings led him to conduct thousands of blood and saliva experiments on humans and animals, which brought forth many insights into the reasons teeth become carious. Unfortunately, much of this data was buried right along with his root infection discoveries because of disputes over the focal infection theory.

The two main discoveries regarding the causes of tooth decay were (1) the changing of the acid-base balance of the saliva from its normal alkaline status to one of acidity, and (2) the lowering of the ionic calcium levels in both the blood and the saliva.

Since Dr. Price's time, these two factors were rediscovered by Harold Hawkins, D.D.S., Melvin Page, D.D.S., Emanuel Cheraskin, M.D.,D.M.D., and others.

Acidity of the saliva and lower calcium values resulting from the ingestion of white flour products, sugar, refined grain, and related products is still not fully understood by the average dentist.

Unfortunately, the dental and medical professions, in pushing the use of flourine in the prevention of caries, have failed to see that the process of tooth decay is a systemic, whole-body problem - not a local one.

Dentists and physicians have failed to see that systemic health problems are compounded because children and adults who use flourine feel they are protected, and that sweets and refined foods therefore won't hurt their teeth. Furthermore, harmful systemic effects which involve parts of the body other than the mouth are seldom considered.

These factors relate to the unexpected finds that people who have tooth decay are also more susceptible to other degenerative disease.

A rather high percentage of people whose mouths are overly alkaline tend to develop periodontal disease. Usually they don't develop tooth decay until the gum disease is far advanced. The softening of the dentin and cementum in these cases is often mistaken for caries but is a different phenomenon.

Knowing the chemistry involved in the occurrence of tooth decay and pyorrhea is fundamental to the understanding of these two disease. When tooth decay is present,the acid-base balance is depressed. That means it is on the acid side and the level of calcium is lower than normal. For those who have pyorrhea, the contents of the pockets are very alkaline and the calcium level is higher than normal.

Pockets can be the cause of the need for root canal treatment whenever a lateral accessory root canal opens into an infected pocket area, thereby allowing the bacteria in the pocket to be introduced into the tooth through the blood vessels which reside in the root canal.

Copyright 2006 SSLI Health Group

About the author:

Dr. George Meinig,D.D.S.,F.A.C.D. is a Founder of the Association of Root Canal Specialists Discovers Evidence That Root Canals Damage Your Health Learn What to Do.

Learn how Dr. George Meinig discovered that a meticulous 25 year research program, conducted by Weston A. Price, DDS, under the auspices of the American Dental Association's Research Institute was buried.

To subscribe newsletter:


Edited and prepared by Sung Lee, alternate author

HT~ Teeth :: Comments (0) :: Link
Webmaster | 21. June 2007 @ 16:17
Here is Jaffrey's idea for roast chicken but without her spicy, tart apple stuffing, although it will be worth a try sometime. Check out this website
R~ Main Dishes :: Comments (0) :: Link
Webmaster | 20. June 2007 @ 16:17

It is a tough job for the liver to keep the cleaning function of the body always in smooth operation especially with the present-day unhealthy eating and drinking habits of people. And, like any other machines, it encounters malfunctioning that needs immediate troubleshooting. But unlike other machines that need only oiling to run again, the liver has to be looked upon very carefully or the entire system will suffer if it does not function very well.

In youth, you might not notice the effects of malfunctioning liver. But when you reach middle and advanced age, you will discover that a lot of sicknesses are being caused by a malfunctioning liver. The symptoms of a damaged liver are: dull aching pain in the right side of the stomach area - often under the shoulder blade, terrible pain at the nape, rough tongue, unpleasant taste in the mouth in the morning and the appearance of yellowish color in the whites of the eyes. Other than those, a person with a troubled liver would also frequently feel loss of appetite, dizziness and drowsiness after meals.

With these indications of ailments, the person is often irritated and weak which could affect his entire outlook in life. And this could lead to fast deterioration of the body. Growing old would then become a burden.

But you can do something to prevent that misfortune from happening to you. Aging doesn�t have to bring about all sorts of diseases. It is not a reason that because you are getting old, you are expected to feel all kinds of sickness. There are times when you regret why you never heeded the advice to you before and why you never paid enough attention to your health when you were younger. Instead of dwelling on those regrets, why don�t you try doing something to alleviate that condition? No matter at what age you will decide to do so, it is never too late. Sanford Bennett, a phenomenal celebrity for bodily rejuvenation thru natural methods, has proven so.

In his campaign for total health rejuvenation, Sanford Bennett devised a program of exercise for the liver to keep it in a fine condition. The liver, being a gland, would respond well when exercised. And an exercise involving tension of the abdominal muscles will benefit the liver along with some massaging techniques. But of course, before doing the exercise, one must be familiar with the position and the structure of his own liver.

- First Exercise

There are three exercises Sanford Bennett described for the liver. Feel the location of your liver with the fingers of both hands as you lie on your back. Press the fingers upward past the ribs. The liver can be easily moved and tensed because the abdominal muscles are in relaxed state. Create pressing movements under and upwards. Do this twenty times and increasing daily until you reach 100 or until your condition permits.

This tensing exercise is comparable to the effect you get when you ride a horse. This is an exercise frequently prescribed by physicians when the liver is not in good condition.

- Second Exercise

Lie on your right side and place your left hand over the area of your liver. Position yourself with the head slightly inclined forward and with the knees bent. This will relax the abdominal muscles and place the liver forward. With your knuckle of the thumb or the pad of a finger, press well under the ribs and massage the liver.

- Third Exercise (Percussion)

Light thumping of the liver will also help in the healthy activity of the liver. Lie on your left side which inclines the liver forward and the muscles relaxed. With your right fist, strike lightly but rapidly on the area. Begin with twenty strikes and increase daily up to how many your condition permits.

When the liver is properly taken cared of, the whole body system is guaranteed to be in a good condition. And when you pay equal attention to all the parts of your body, there is no need to worry about your health failing. Take care of your body.

About the author:

The writer, Ismael D. Tabije, runs the websites,,, where you can find a wide collection of fitness, health and beauty tips e-books by world-renowned experts.

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Smoothies and shakes are great for a healthy snack or light meal. They are cool, refreshing and quick. Check out this website. :)
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In the chilly days of winter and early spring, we tend to spend more time indoors, shutting doors and windows against the frosty chill. Unfortunately, we don�t realize that the air in our homes is constantly under attack, and without the stabilization and freshness of outside ventilation in winter, it becomes, not only stuffy and stale, but downright dangerous. Many unnoticeable factors contribute to this toxic air.

Consider a quiet room with peaceful music playing, soft candlelight, and fragrance soothing the air. Sound inviting? Unfortunately, candles, especially if they are scented, release toxic soot, carcinogens, and even lead (from wire wicks), that flood the air with enough pollution to ruin computers and furnishings, as well as affect breathing. For people with asthma, lung, or heart disease, the damage is even more pronounced. Fragrance oil candles and container candles don�t burn cleanly and are even more dangerous than open-flame candles. If you must burn candles, choose unscented candles with no petroleum products and wire-free wicks. For aromatherapy, choose diffusers and enjoy cleaner air.

Another unsuspected source of air pollution is the family pet. Pet dander (skin flakes) is a nearly invisible pollution that your pet releases as it grooms, releasing dander and proteins from saliva into the air. Bath pet frequently, using dander-reducing shampoo and follow up with an anti-dander spray. Dust home surfaces and vacuum frequently. Use a vacuum that does not release dust back into the air. It is wise to wear a dust mask when cleaning. A clean pet and a dust-free home will help both pet and family to be healthier.

Speaking of dust, it contains another invisible pollutant that invades every home . . . microscopic bugs called dust mites. Feasting on shed human and animal skin cells, these fecal-producing dust mites thrive in warm and humid places like beds, furniture, and carpets. Allergies and asthma testing proves that 80% of patients test positive to dust mites. To make your home safer from these unwelcome guests, vacuum and dust thoroughly, weekly, with a vacuum that filters dust and does not allow it back into the air. Using hot-water washing and high-heat drying, launder all bedding weekly. Don�t forget to launder stuffed toys as well, and avoid non-washable stuffed toys. Use anti-allergen covers on bedding, even box springs, and place High-Efficiency, Low-Pressure air filters on heating units and air conditioners. Dehumidify the air, including closets and cabinets, to between 30-50%.

Another benefit to dehumidifying the home is that lower humidity helps control yet another elusive air pollutant . . . mold. Flourishing in humid spots like damp basements, refrigerator drip pans, air conditioners, garbage pails, shower stalls, and closets, mold is a common allergic trigger. At least once a quarter, clean drip pans to prevent refrigerator fan from blowing mold spores into the air. Eradicate visible mold with non-toxic cleaning products, and use HEPA filters in air and heat systems. Use exhaust fans in kitchen and bathroom and open windows on low humidity days to refresh household air.

Besides the kitchen drip pan, other home furnishings contribute to unsafe air. Dust and clean heating units and oil burners, checking for foreign objects in heating elements. Avoid kerosene space heaters. Keep chimneys clean and steam clean carpets. Even new carpets and upholstered furniture pose a danger from out-gassing (gases released from heat), as does painting, solvents, sealants, etc. Be sure to obtain good ventilation when using these products. Be aware that ventilation brings its own set of problems, one of which is pollen. Install filter screens over windows to avoid as much pollen as possible from entering home.

In addition to cleaning, ventilating, and filtering, there is another, much more pleasant, way to clean the air in your home . . . houseplants. Not only to they contribute to the humidity balance and oxygen level of the home, but they clean pollutants, gasses, and toxins out of the air. A plant for every 10 square yards of floor space will both cleanse and beautify your home. Plants should be away from drafts and placed in appropriate lighting for their requirements. Ten of the most effective at ridding the air of off-gassed chemicals and contributing to humidity levels are: Areca palm, Reed palm, Dwarf date palm, Boston fern, Janet Craig dracaena, English ivy, Australian sword fern, Peace Lily, Rubber plant, and Weeping fig. Some of these can even survive in dark corners, as they originated in shady tropical forests.

Taking these safety precautions and adding houseplants to assist you in the ongoing battle against toxic air in your home will help you protect your family and add to their comfort. As you and your family snuggle in on these chilly days, you can have the satisfaction of knowing that you will be breathing safer, fresher air.

Copyright 2006 Dr. Eileen Silva

About the author:

Eileen Silva, Ph.D., N.D. is a metabolic health balancing expert, talk show guest, and lecturer. Dr. Silva is also an individual, group, and corporate weight management consultant. Contact Dr. Silva at

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One of the most common conditions in the United States today is a debilitating inflammatory disease that affects our joints. It is estimated that there are over 100 different forms of this disease and over 40 million people suffer from one form or another.

Though typically thought to be an affliction of the aging, arthritis can affect anyone at any time, and with all of the different forms, each with their own symptoms, it could be hard to determine just what type of arthritis an individual is suffering from.

The signs and symptoms of arthritis are varied, though some of the first symptoms are familiar and easy to recognize. Symptoms such as general pain or swelling around the joints, an increased stiffness in the joints in the morning, a cracking sound in the knees when standing, and joints with a red appearance that feel warm to the touch are all signs of arthritis.

However, before you rush to purchase an over-the-counter arthritis treatment, you should talk to your doctor. Your doctor is the only one who will be able to tell you what form of arthritis you may have and how to treat it.

Rheumatoid arthritis is one of the most common forms of arthritis that plagues sufferers. It affects the joints and is a systemic disease that can affect other organs. Rheumatoid arthritis symptoms tend to disappear after sometime, but the problem is still there. The true cause of rheumatoid arthritis is presently unknown, though many suggest that things such as infections, fungi, or bacteria are the culprits. However, there are also those that believe that rheumatoid arthritis is hereditary. Painful and swollen joints are a common warning sign of rheumatoid arthritis, followed by muscle pain, extreme fatigue, redness and warmth at the joints, even a low grade fever and appetite loss.

Next to rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis is a common affliction, caused by breaking down of joint cartilage. Osteoarthritis commonly begins in one joint and typically only affects the one joint. It does not move to internal organs. Osteoarthritis commonly affects the knees, hips, hands, and spine. By the time the pain starts setting in for an osteoarthritis sufferer, the damage to the affected joint cartilage could be considerable.

Relieving pain from a form of arthritis can be as simple as over-the-counter or prescription medication. However, in the most severe cases, surgery may be necessary. Being overweight can also play a role in arthritis. Some physicians believe that a change in diet can also ease the pain of arthritis, though there is a lot of debate on the topic. Regardless, you should speak to your doctor who can tell you just what form of arthritis you may have, and what treatment options may work best for you.

About the author:

Amanda Baker writes for - a website for health, fitness and wellness. or you can ease your pain by checking out pH miracle diet....Find out for more info at

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In the age of information, many of the principles of health and fitness have become all but common knowledge.

Nevertheless, there still is a very clear divide between those people who become successful and losing weight and/or staying fit and those who do not.

Why is that? And what can you do to improve your chances of being in the successful minority as opposed to the unsuccessful majority?

When it comes to the world of weight loss and being fit, there are generally two areas that help to determine what you can expect for your efforts.

A) Genetic Factors
B) Psychological Factors

Most of the information out there is geared around the Genetic factors and how to compensate for any natural shortcomings with a certain amount of physical activity and dieting.

One of the most popular topics along the lines of genetics is that of Body Type.

Anatomical body type is generally broken down into 3 basic groups: Ectomorphic, Mesomorphic, and Endomorphic.

Ectomorphic types are characterized as people with thin, up and down body frames who have the easiest time keeping their weight under control. Basketball players and runway models will often fit into this category.

Mesomorphic body types are characterized as people with athletic frames and generally muscular, well-proportioned bodies. Bodybuilders and dancers will often fit in here.

Endomorphic body types tend to be generally round figures and will often have the most trouble in keeping unwanted weight off of their bodies.

Most of us are combinations of two or more of these types with one being more dominant than the others.

One important note about these anatomical types is that while they may give some insight to how you look on the outside, they can deceive us as to how healthy you are internally. Many people who may be "thin" are literally decaying inside due to bad habits (poor diet, smoking, lack of exercise).

By contrast, there are many people who are not stereotypically thin, but are pictures of healthy due to healthy lifestyles (proper nutrition, physical activity).

The general role of knowing your body type is to get an explanation of how your body will tend to respond to your diet and lifestyle in terms of how easy or challenging it may be for you to "hold it together" in certain areas. Another way of classifying your body is by which of your hormone-producing glands dominates the way you process nutrients in the food you eat.

These Glandular ("metabolic") types will fall into one of 4 categories: Adrenal, Thyroidal, Pituitary, or Gonadal. The explanation of each is very similar to that of the anatomical body types above. The adrenal type tends to correspond with the mesomorphic anatomical type. The thyroidal is similar to the ectomorphic, and the pituitary to the endomorphic.

The gonadal type is a women-only classification that is a hybrid of being slender on the top but somewhat larger below the waist with a greater amount of body fat. The gonadal body type among women is more commonly referred to as being "pear shaped".

There is a third type of body classification that you may come across that originated in Ancient India. It has to do with "Doshas" - how the energy fields of the earth and your physical mass interact to influence how you feel.

This is not directly related to the physical aspect of weight loss but tends to give you an idea on how what psychological advantages or challenges you may have when it comes to getting and staying fit.

This brings me to a major point of clarity in this article:

As valuable as all of the body type information may be to learning your body, it is not the "end all" that it is often marketed to be.

You are neither "guaranteed" to look and feel great nor "doomed" to be overweight and unhealthy simply based on your genetics and body classification. Body types should only be used to give you insight on what advantages or challenges that you may have in your quest for life-long fitness---not a life or death sentence that limits what you can achieve.

In reality, the Psychological factors related to how you look and feel are really where the rubber meets the road in weight loss and staying healthy and fit.

It is here that you will find the tools to overcome whatever physical challenges that you are faced with. Therefore, it is here where you absolutely focus the MAJORITY of your energy if you are become and stay successful with your health and fitness goals.

One thing that many people do not consider is how the knowledge of their "body type" and what that means affects their psychological outlook in the first place.

Many "fit" people who look great because they eat right and exercise do so because they already believe that they've "got something" that is valuable and maintained. Therefore, their healthy lifestyle is just a matter of course.

The importance of the effect that your outlook on your results cannot be ignored. To put it plainly, your outLOOK directly affects your outPUT.

If you don't happen to be one of those people who seem to "naturally" have it together when it comes to your body (or you have been before but have since lost the "magic"), then what you will need to do is simply tap into the strength of your own psyche to push you toward success.

There are 5 Key Steps that you need to follow in order to take advantage of your own reservoirs of power, drive, and confidence.

1) Self Acceptance

In order for ANY of this to work, you will want to either have or develop of certain level of self acceptance for your body and all of its great points as well as its weaknesses.

This doesn't mean that you have to be satisfied with yourself when you may be out of shape. What is DOES mean, however, is that you have to be "ok" with having YOUR "best body"---not someone else's.

2) Find the Keys to Your Own Motivation

Different things work for different people. While there may be 4 or 5 body types, there are even more different personality types. You may want to try several different types of motivational tools to see which one you respond to best for the results you want. Here are a few ideas of things to try:

- Having a workout/diet buddy (or buddies)
- Motivational books and tapes
- Imagining how you will look and feel when you reach YOUR personal best
- Thinking of the quality of life benefits of being healthy and fit

..And there are tons more.

3) Setting Attainable Goals after You've Gotten #1 and #2 Firmly Under Your Belt

Most people try to simply pull random goals out of the sky. This can often lead to first failure then disappointment when issues with self acceptance are combined with a lack of understanding what motivates you.

4) Drown Yourself in Those Things that Motivate You

Once you've figured out what works for you, DROWN yourself in it! If it works, then work IT. Take full advantage of the #1 factor in successfully achieving weight loss and maintaining physical fitness.

5) Maintain Your Progress by Making Fitness a Lifestyle

As many of you know by now, I am NOT a fan of traditional diets. They simply do not work. More than anything else, it is your day-to-day lifestyle that will determine what results you get, and your psychological outlook is what either drives you to or pulls you away from the activities that form that lifestyle.

There is simply no reason on earth that you cannot be one of the "Successful" people when it comes to weight loss and fitness.

Educate yourself on your body's strengths and weaknesses, then develop a winning attitude by provided your psyche with effective motivation that it will respond to. That's the hardest part. And its very doable with the right information and coaching, which is why I came up with the YourBestBodyNOW web site and weight loss program for people just like you. The rest, as they say, is will be a cinch.

To YourBestBody,

Lawrence Cole
Your Lifestyle and Fitness Coach

About the author:

Lawrence Cole is a Lifestyle and Fitness Consultant based out of Los Angeles, CA. He has over 10 years of health and fitness experience and designing simple, effective nutritional strategies to help individuals achieve their personal best internal health and physical conditioning.

View their website at:

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The stomach upsets soothed by ginger can also occur with intestinal problems that called for rhubarb, some old remedies called for combining rhubarb and ginger as a treatment. When cooks began using rhubarb stems maybe they followed doctors in teaming them with ginger. Or maybe they used ginger with rhubarb simply because it was a popular spice, so it was always on hand. It had been second in popularity only to pepper in the Middle Ages and it was a staple of early American kitchens for use in spiced drinks and baked goods. Want the recipes? Check this out.
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There is plenty of disagreement concerning the dangers of flu shots. Some medical professionals state that flu shot risks are myths and that danger is minimal. While other health care professionals say that the dangers of flu shots are real. In this article, both opinions are presented in order to help you make an informed decision.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) advises that the single best way to protect yourself from seasonal flu is to get an annual vaccine. Most of the controversy surrounding the dangers of flu shots involves an ingredient called thimerosal, which is commonly used by pharmaceutical companies as a preservative. Some doctors and scientists believe that flu shot risks are only slightly increased by the presence of thimerosal in the vaccine, however a group of doctors and scientists recently established a link between thimerosal presence in vaccines and autism. Because of this link, New York recently passed a law banning the use of thimerosal in vaccines or flu shots to be given to young children and pregnant women.

Many health care professionals believe that the dangers of flu shots are not limited to pregnant women and young children and that thimerosal use as a preservative should be banned by the Food and Drug Administration. Thimerosal is mercury based and is a known neurotoxin, meaning it is a poison that damages or destroys nerve tissue. So, concerns about flu shot risks are similar to concerns about unsafe levels of mercury in the fish we eat and in our environment.

Other concerns about the dangers of flu shots stem from the fact that many people in the general public may wrongly believe that an annual vaccine will protect them from all strains of flu viruses and therefore take no other precautions to protect themselves. The annual influenza vaccine contains three strains of dead viruses, the three that are believed to be the most common in the United States at that time. Therefore, any number of flu viruses could still make a person sick. In this case, the flu shot risks have to do with a possible misunderstanding.

The CDC lists a number of people who should not take the vaccine, because the known dangers of flu shots would be to great for them. People who are allergic to eggs should not take the vaccine. This has to do with the manner in which the viruses are grown. People who have had a reaction to a flu shot in the past should not take the vaccine, without consulting their physician. The CDC does not explain the flu shot risks associated with past reactions or if typical flu shot side effects which include fever, body aches and soreness, redness or swelling at the point of injection, should be of concern.

Guillain-Barre syndrome may be one of the dangers of flu shots. This is a disease in which the body damages it's own nerve cells resulting in muscle weakness, paralysis and sometimes permanent nerve damage. The syndrome was first associated with the swine flu shots of 1976, but a subsequent study concluded that Guillain-Barre syndrome was one of the possible flu shot risks. The CDC recommends that anyone who suffered from Guillain-Barre syndrome in the past should consult their doctor before taking an annual flu shot. Risks may be minor, but are still of concern. Concerns about the dangers of flu shots lead many to seek alternatives and the best alternatives are efforts to build and protect a healthy immune system, while practicing good health habits. For more information about supplements that can boost your immune system and for general information about the flu, visit

About the author:Patsy Hamilton has more than twenty years as a health care professional and currently writes informational articles for the Immune System Booster Guide. Read more at

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Want to try a recipe for Pork Chops? Check out this website
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There are numerous products sitting around every household that are super heroes of the natural cleaning world. Most people just don�t realize that they don�t need to go out and buy so many cleaning products, because their kitchen pantry is filled with natural alternatives.

Natural cleaning has several benefits, it is better for the environment, it cuts down on harmful chemicals in the air we breathe and it keeps more packaging products (plastic bottles�) out of our landfills. It's also cheaper, why spend money on a separate cleaning product for every task. The benefits go on and on, grab a good book about natural cleaning and find out more of its benefits at your local library.

Here are a few of my favorite natural cleaning recipes and tips:

Baking Soda:

- Mix a small amount of baking soda with liquid castile soap to get countertops, sinks and tubs sparkling like new.

- Sprinkle the carpet with baking soda before you vacuum to release pet odors.

- Take one cup of baking soda and four cups of water and let it dissolve then put in a spray bottle and spray on stubborn stains. (Make a thick paste to rub on with your hands for tougher stains.)

- Clean your toilet by pouring one part baking soda to four parts vinegar into the toilet. Let it sit 15-30 minutes (deending on the degree of the stains) before scrubbing.

Lemon Juice:

- Clean copper with lemon juice. Cut a lemon in half. Dip it in salt, and rub gently in a circular motion to clean spots from your copper.

- Countertop stains can be zapped away by applying lemon juice to sit on to the stain for a few minutes (not too long, it can damage certain surfaces). Follow up by scrubbing the stain with baking soda.

- Lemon juice is a natures bleach. Apply lemon juice to white linens and clothing and lay them in the sun to dry. Stains will be bleached away.

Hydrogen Peroxide:

- To treat mold in the bathroom, fill a spray bottle with 1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide and 1 cup water. Spray onto moldy areas, let sit for an hour, then rinse off.

- Keep a spray bottle of hydrogen peroxide and another of white vinegar (don't mix the two in one bottle). For a disinfecting spray, for vegetables and surfaces, spritz with one, then the other, then wipe clean.

Olive Oil

- Polish your furniture by mixing together equal parts olive oil and white vinegar.

- To brighten brass surfaces, rub with a cloth dampened with olive oil after cleaning. This will keep the brass from tarnishing.

- Keep stainless steel surfaces free of streaks and finger prints by rubbing olive oil onto stainless steel surfaces.

- Mix 1/4 cup olive oil with a few drops of lemon juice for a natural shoe polish. Buff the mixture on and then buff away.

If you're one of those people (like me) that loves a fresh smell after cleaning try adding a few drops of essential oils like lavender, jasmine or eucalyptus to any of the mixtures. The oils can add cleaning power to the mixtures too!

About the author:Jacquelyn Thornton is a student in California who has spent several years studying about health, natural cleaning, wholefoods, and organics.

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Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese healing system that has been found to be successful in effectively treating different type of health conditions. It is believed that this form of treatment is about 2000 years old. Earlier acupuncture was not very widely accepted as a form of treatment in the west. Extensive research and studies were done on this and acupuncture has been found to be effective in curing many diseases. The World Health Organization or WHO has recognized more then 40 types of diseases that can be effectively cured by acupuncture. Acupuncture can successfully cure depression besides several other mental disorders.

The discovery of acupuncture as a form of healing has an interesting history. It was discovered when Chinese warriors were in the battlefield during war. The injured warriors reported that the earlier pain and diseases that they were experiencing had lessened considerably or in some cases cured to a large extent. Based on this the ancient medical practice of acupuncture was discovered by ancient Chinese people.

Depression is a mental disorder that is increasingly affecting many people all over the globe. In the United States about seven percent of the population experiences depression at some time or the other in a given year. Among the seven percent of population less than twenty five percent receive proper treatment for the condition. It is very important for the public to be aware about the depression, its effects and types of treatment for the condition. Alternative medicine like acupuncture has been found to be efficient for treating depression.

Depression can have several severe consequences on the health of a person. This is a health condition that not only affects the person suffering from the condition but also adversely affects the personal and social life of that person. Also everyone around that person also gets affected due to depression. Acupuncture can happen to any person belonging to any gender at anytime due to several reasons. However some studies have indicated that women are more vulnerable to depression then man.

The first step towards treating depression is identifying the depression trigger points in the body. Remember if you are seeking acupuncture treatment for depression; always seek treatment from a registered acupuncture practitioner. If your acupuncturist is not medically qualified, you can end up incurring several other health conditions. Do not make any compromise on your health regarding this. This is related to your health and well being and no amount of risk is worth taking for this.

Acupuncture treatment is based on the fact that two opposing forces are present in the human. One is the active and masculine force known as yang. The other is the passive and feminine force known as yin. For the human body to function normally it is very important to have the perfect balance between these two opposing forces. Any amount of imbalance can make the human body susceptible to various health conditions.

Treatment result of acupuncture for depression can vary from person to person. This can be due to many conditions. Some of the conditions that can affect the treatment process are lifestyle, actual extent of the condition, diet and other habits of the individual. Take care to undergo the complete course of the treatment; and do not leave it mid way. Acupuncture for depression can be very effective if done in the right way through professionally recognized acupuncturist.

About the author:George Archer

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Health Guru : Acid Reflux Disorder: The Cause And Cure
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Heartburn is a common problem in today's world.

Acid reflux, gastric reflux, GERD, (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease) are the many names heartburn has been given. Even though they all share many of the same traits, there are specific medical conditions that can be found in each.

Acid reflux or acid disorder reflux is a disorder of the digestive tract.

Acid disorder reflux gives the unfortunate sufferer a burning sensation in their chest and stomach. This painful inflammation is the result of hydrochloric acid. Hydrochloric acid is used by the stomach to digest food.

When the stomach and the esophagus canal is not separated by a mechanism known as the Lower Esophageal Sphincter, then the stomach acids backup into the esophagus. This refluxing motion causes an irritation to the sensitive tissues in the lower esophagus area.

Generally the esophageal sphincter muscle functions normally. It contracts and closes the esophagus area after you have had a meal. This closure prevents the stomach acid from rising up into the esophagus during the digestion process. However there are times when the Lower Esophageal Sphincter does not operate properly, then acid from the stomach reflux into the esophagus. This results in the condition that is medically known as gastroesophageal reflux disorder or acid disorder reflux.

The reasons for acid reflux disorder reflux are varied.

However they often occur with other health issues like allergies, enzyme deficiencies, gallbladder problems, hiatal hernia, stress and heartburn ulcers.

Food and beverage consumption is another possible cause. It is recommended that you avoid consumption of alcohol, chocolate, citrus fruits and drinks as these are known to relax the Lower Esophageal Sphincter or LES as it is called.

Coffee, tea and colas which contain caffeine should be eliminated from your diet as well. These beverages contain a substance called theobromine.

Fried and fatty foods have a tendency to slow down the digestion process. Eating large amounts of food at any time of the day can put a lot of pressure on your stomach muscles. When the food is kept in your stomach for a long period, there is increased pressure to the stomach muscles. This pressure build-up can weaken the LES.

As this is the valve that protects your esophagus from the stomach you need to take care that this weakened conditioned does not allow the digested food acids to pass into your esophagus. Therefore you should eat small meals throughout the day.

By consuming large amounts of food, you cause the LES to relax and reflux food into the esophagus leading to acid disorder reflux.

Tomatoes and tomato-based products like sauces and tomato juice will also cause the LES to relax. These tomato-based products lead to an increase in the production of stomach acid. When they reflux into the esophagus, the acidity levels cause acid disorder reflux.

By watching what you eat and taking care of your health, you stand a better chance of avoiding acid disorder reflux from entering your life and causing you pain. Besides, it's always better in the long run to eat healthy anyway.

About the author:Fletcher Michaels

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Health Guru : Gall Bladder and Back Pain
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The gall bladder back pain is usually caused due to the inflammation or improper functioning of gall bladder, which is a small pear-shaped organ on the underside of the liver, in the right upper quadrant of the abdomen. Its main function is to collect and store bile, which is used by the body to digest fats. Bile is made in the liver cells (hepatocytes) and consists of water, electrolytes, bile acids, phospholipids and bilirubin. It assists in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, A, D, E and K.

Causes Of Gall Bladder Problems

Gall bladder diseases and problems are fairly common and affect both men and women. The symptoms can vary from indigestion and nausea to vomiting and pain in the right upper abdomen. This pain also radiates to the lower back, resulting in gall bladder back pain.

Other symptoms include:

1. Fever due to inflammation in the gall bladder

2. Abdominal bloating

3. Severe heartburn and gas

4. Jaundice

5. Diarrhea

Some of the gall bladder problems are caused by:

1. Production of toxic bile by the liver

2. Inadequate production of bile

3. Excess amount of cholesterol in bile, leading to the formation of gall bladder stones

4. Infection in gall bladder

5. Hormonal changes during pregnancy

6. Blood disorders or infections

The lower back pain can be attributed to a gall bladder disorder problem that results in gall bladder pain called biliary colic. Biliary colic occurs when gallstones block the small duct that drains bile to the small intestine. Gallstones or biliary calculi are small stones formed from a mixture of cholesterol, bile pigment and calcium salts. The formation of gallstones is a very common disorder and affects approximately 15% of the people at the age of around 50. However, in most cases, complication and infections don't arise until gallstones block a bile duct, which then leads to severe pain lasting from 30 min to several hours.

In such circumstances, you must undertake an ultra sound test to confirm the presence of gallstones and then get the proper treatment with the help of a doctor.

For more details on Back Pain Click Below

About the author:

Saurabh Jain is the Executive Editor of Online Back pain resource, He has developed this site to provide valuable information to people suffering from back pain. This site enumerates different causes and factors related to back pain, guides through the different back pain treatments and suggests exercises for treatments of different types of back pain. The site is a free online resource for back pain and its remedies. The visitors can also find valuable information and reviews about the different equipments and therapies for back pain relief. Visit for more information.

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Health Guru : Losing Weight Successfully
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There are many different factors that contribute to losing weight and being able to keep that weight off. Balance is an important factor in your weight loss plan. You will find people that have been successful at weight loss do not usually deprive themselves of foods that they like. The best way to deal with the situation is to have a small portion and the craving is gone.

The important thing to remember is that you need to compromise to maintain balance in your diet. If you satisfy that craving and it was high calorie or high fat, you will need to take away the fat or calories somewhere else in your diet. You could also add more exercise for the extra calories. There are options for maintaining balance in your weight loss plan.

You have a certain amount of calories that you plan on eating and you can spend them anyway you like. A calorie is a calorie and they are all going to cause you to gain or lose the same amount of weight. So the key is deciding what foods you want to spend your calories on and how many of them you want to subtract with exercise. If you look at your weight reduction plan as just numbers, it may make it a little easier for you to stay on track.

Consider these four things when you re deciding how to use your calories:

1. What healthy foods do you like? Think about what foods you really like, that are healthy. Can you work these into your diet more often, making it less tempting to indulge on something that is not as healthy and higher in calories?

2. What are your favorite foods that you do not wish to give up? Make a list of foods that you really like and that you do not feel you can live without. The best thing to do with these kinds of foods is to buy them in a single serving or to eat them out in single servings. So, if you like cookie dough ice cream it is not in your best interest to buy it by the gallon and keep it in your freezer.

3. What foods can you not be around? It is best to keep all food, which you have no control over, out of your home. It is best to avoid these foods completely as much as possible.

4. What foods can you give up and not miss? If there are high calorie foods that don't have much nutritional value and you don�t mind not having them, give them up. Doing this will only benefit you in the end.

If you are able to put these four simple concepts into practice you will be able to balance the foods you enjoy and still be able to lose weight successfully. Give these principles a try and you may find it easier to stay within your weight loss program guidelines.

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Health Guru : Versatile dessert bars make summer parties sweeter
Webmaster | 6. June 2007 @ 16:17
Check out this recipe for delicious chocolate bars.
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Health Guru : Recipe for Baked beans, Hush puppies,Nellie & Joe's Key Lime Pie
Webmaster | 5. June 2007 @ 16:17
Want to know how to make delicious Southern recipes. Click here.

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Health Guru : How Your Diet Can Affect Snoring
Webmaster | 4. June 2007 @ 16:17

One of the relatively easy things you can change to help improve a snoring problem is your diet.

If you're overweight, cutting back your calories and starting an exercise program to lose some of the weight can definitely help. Men only need to be about 20% overweight for it to cause snoring.

If you're not overweight, there are still other diet changes that can help. Certain types of foods are known to increase the chances of snoring while other types can lessen the chances.

One of the foods that can lead to snoring is milk and milk products. This is especially true if you have them shortly before going to bed.

Milk increases the mucous production, which can restrict your throat's airflow. Even cheese can have a similar effect.

To find out if this is the reason you're snoring at night, stop eating dairy products within 4 hours of going to sleep. If you do this for a couple of weeks and notice a decrease in your snoring, this is likely one of the triggers.

In that case, you've got a couple of alternatives. You can either start using dairy alternatives like soy milk or just restrict your dairy intake in the evenings. This may not completely get rid of your snoring but it should make a marked improvement.

Allergic reactions to certain foods can also lead to snoring problems. If you've noticed (or have been told) that your snoring is worse when you've eaten certain foods that day, keep a log for 2-4 weeks and see if you see any correlation between foods and snoring.

If you do find any similarities try cutting those foods out for 2-4 weeks and see if the problem disappears.

Another more general rule to help decrease snoring is not to have a big meal or eat fatty foods late in the evening.

Before making any major dietary changes, you should always consult a health care professional to get their informed opinion.

About the author:John Lenaghan writes about how to stop snoring and other snoring-related topics for the Snoring Solutions website. To read more about snoring problems, visit

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Health Guru : Tinnitus - Are Your Ears Ringing?
Webmaster | 3. June 2007 @ 16:17

Tinnitus is a symptom commonly found in elderly people but is not just restricted to the elderly. It can be found in any age group. It is believed that up to 10% of the population suffers from this condition to some degree or another.

Sufferers of Tinnitus complain that they can hear things that others can�t. Tinnitus can be found in one or both of the ears and it is not uncommon for patients to comment that the noises seem to be coming from the middle of their heads.

It is believed there are two different types of Tinnitus. Otic Tinnitus, which is caused by disorders of the inside of the ear and Somati Tinnitus, which is caused by damage outside of the ear but in the region of the head and neck.

The sounds heard can vary among patients. Some of the common sounds are musical tones, hissing, whistling, roaring, buzzing or ringing. While most people consider Tinnitus to be more of an inconvenience than anything else, in severe cases, some patients may need treatment to relieve the symptoms.

Tinnitus is caused by damage to the nerves in the inside of the ear. These nerves transmit electrical impulses to the brain that are then interpreted into everyday sounds. When the nerves are damaged the noises become distorted, causing the strange sounds that are heard by Tinnitus sufferers.

Causes of this condition are varied. Some of the common causes are loud environments, age, anemia and excessive earwax.

Menieres disease, which affects a person�s balance, can also include Tinnitus symptoms. For most patients suffering from Tinnitus there is no cure. However, there are treatments that can relieve the symptoms to make the condition easier to live with.

Tinnitus is often related to stress. In many cases, tranquilizers, sedatives or antidepressants can ease the symptoms. For some wanting to avoid strong prescription medicines, there are some drug-free, natural alternatives. These alternatives can include listening to soothing music before bedtime or using a white noise generator to mask the noises being heard inside the patient�s head.

There are also preventative measures that can be taken to lessen the chances of getting Tinnitus. If ringing in the ears is ever heard after being in a loud environment that means that damage has being done. Loud noises such as these should be avoided as much as possible. If it is necessary to be in a loud environment, then preventative measures such as earplugs can be beneficial. Musicians and DJ�s often use special earplugs that will lower the volume yet won�t distort their music.

The best cure for Tinnitus is prevention. If care is taken to protect ears from damage, the chances of suffering from the condition later on is much less likely to occur.

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Health Guru : 8 Strategies For Coping When Your Partner Is Depressed
Webmaster | 1. June 2007 @ 16:17


You want to be sympathetic but that doesn't mean accepting their depressed world view. For instance if they just can't face getting up in the morning, don�t accept that, insist that they do. Be sympathetic, make them a nice cup of tea, make them breakfast but insist that they do in fact get up. You don�t actually help them by validating their own depressed view of things.


If your partner is depressed it's going to have quite an impact on your own life as well. There will be things that you might want to do with them that they don't want to do, there will be things that you would normally expect them to do which you have to do yourself. Try as far as possible not to let them control you. If they really really don't want to go out in the evening and that's important to you, then go out with friends. Don't necessarily make a huge thing of it but make sure that their problem doesn�t limit your own life more than it has to.


Recognise that however depressed they are they are not completely disabled. There must be something that they are still able to do, maybe even something that they still enjoy doing. Make sure you recognise that, make them see that you appreciate it. Remember that they have a depressed part and they have a healthy part. Your natural tendency is to pay attention to the depressed part, so make a real effort to recognise the healthy part. Are they still managing to go into work? Are they still managing to help you with the children? Are they still managing to cook a meal for you both on occasions? There is something there which is still working, make sure that you recognise it and make sure they know that you appreciate it.


They may on occasions blame you for their problems. "I am depressed because you.If it hadn't been for what you did then things would be different". They may not say it, but may sulk in ways designed to make you feel guilty. You may simply feel guilty in the way that many people are programmed to feel guilty about anything bad that�s going on around them, regardless of whether it is their fault. Remind yourself that it is a problem for you in that this is your partner who is suffering but it�s not your fault. The causes of this problem are elsewhere, you are doing what you can to help.


There is a terrible terrible temptation to feel that you can save them, that you on your own can solve this depression and get things back to where they were before. It is not possible. Of course there are things that you can do to help but the roots of this depression probably lie long long ago in childhood or in other factors which are completely outside of your control. There is a limit to what you can do. It's very easy to start feeling stressed and guilty when you feel "I should be doing more�.I should be able to help this person".Surely there is something more that I could do�� Accept that you are doing everything you can. Recognise that solving the problem will take professional help. It may be psychotherapy or counselling, it may be pharmaceutical treatments or it may simply be the passage of time. It�s not within your power to solve this other person�s problem however much you may want to or feel that you should.


We all have areas within us of weakness, low self esteem, feelings of helplessness, or feelings of repressed anger. It often happens that we are drawn towards partners who have similar characteristics tous. This maybe positive but it can also be negative. Having a partner who is depressed and is showing those sort of feelings very clearly can also provoke the corresponding feelings in ourselves. This makes things very difficult for us. You need to recognise that this can be happening and if necessary look for appropriate help yourself.


Having a partner who is depressed could provoke a whole range of unhelpful feelings in yourself. It could be anxiety; you don't know what is going to happen, are they going to become completely disabled? Will they still be able to work? Will you end up with financial problems? It could be anger, if they are making things difficult for you, if you are having to do more and more of the things which they used to do. It could be depression in yourself. Be aware of these feelings, be prepared for them. Try to be as compassionate as possible towards your partner but recognise that you will have other less helpful feelings towards them.


Depression is not a fatal condition. It can be treated, by means of psychotherapy, by counselling, by pharmacological treatments or a combination of those, or it may simply resolve itself with the passage of time. Recognise that there is hope, that there is light at the end of the tunnel and be prepared to do what you can to help your partner move towards it.

Copyright 2006 Sara Dryburgh

About the author:

Sara Dryburgh is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist. She offers a free online introduction to those considering psychotherapy to help them understand if it is right for them, how it works and how to get the best from it.

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