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Webmaster | 31. December 2007 @ 16:02

If you're interested in your heart health, then this article will interest you.

Omega 3 fatty acids have made into the medical journals because of several important and impressive health effects.

These omega 3 fish oils are available from natural food sources or as supplements (as fish oil capsules). Either way, they can be used to help keep us healthy in mind and body.

It is a real medical discovery that has both the medical community as well as the general population take notice.

In this article, we'll look at the benefits of omega 3 oils on heart health.

Benefits of omega 3 fatty acids in survivors of heart attacks (myocardial infarction)

The DART study (which stands for the Diet And Reinfarction Trial) showed that survivors of heart attacks who took oily fish, equivalent to about 500 to 800 mg of omega 3 fatty acids per day, had a reduction in total death rate of 29%. Those patients who chose to take fish oil capsules containing 450 mg of omega 3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA) per day, had a reduction in cardiac related death of 62%, and a reduction in risk of death of 56%.

Then came the GISSI prevention trial, which was a large Italian study of 11,324 myocardial infarction survivors.

This study showed that myocardial infarction survivors who took a capsule of fish oil every day, equivalent to 1 gram of fish oil, which is equivalent to 850mg of omega 3s, had a 30% fall in cardiac mortality, and 45% fall in risk of sudden death. And these benefits were apparent within just four months of the trial.

Then the Lyon study came into the picture, looking at 600 myocardial infarction patients.

It was found that those who took the advice of eating a Mediterranean diet, with an emphasis on fruit and vegetables, and in particular an adequate intake of non marine sources of omega 3 oils (alpha-linolenic acid), had a fall in their risk of heart related death at 5 years by 70%, when compared to those patients who had no such dietary advice.

Now let's have a look at fish oil effects in prevention of heart disease in the first place...

Benefits of omega 3 in preventing heart disease and sudden death in healthy individuals

Firstly, there was a study looking at the benefits of omega 3 fatty acids in healthy male doctors. This study was known as the Physician's Health Study.

This study found that those with the highest levels of omega 3 fatty acids in their blood streams, had a risk of sudden death that was only 1/5 of the risk of sudden death found in the group with the lowest omega 3 fatty acid levels. That is, their relative risk was 19%. Those with the second highest levels of omega 3 fatty acids had a relative risk of less than 1/3, with a relative risk of 28%.

Secondly, there was the Chicago Physician's Health Study Western Electric Study which studied a group of 1822 men over a period of 30 years.

This study found that those who ate more than 35 g of fish per day had 38% less risk of dying from heart disease, and a 44% reduction in risk of heart attacks, when compared to those who had no fish intake.

These are just sample of the various studies on the health effects of omega 3 fatty acids on cardiac health.

It is very sobering to realise that about 50% of heart attacks have no warning.

The benefits as shown in the studies above, relate to preventing heart attacks in those who have already had one, as well as reducing the risk of myocardial infarction and sudden death in healthy individuals.

The these essential fatty acids have been linked to reductions in risk of dementia and depression, in the treatment of depressed patients, and improvement in IQ of children.

There are even studies on the effect of fish oils on reducing levels of aggression in young adults.

The health benefits of omega 3 fish oils are certainly very interesting, and very promising.

They vary from heart health, to mental health.

If you have a medical condition, you should always seek the advice of your doctor before taking any new supplements or medications in case you are on medications or have medical conditions that contraindicate the use of natural supplements.

Remember that prevention is always better than cure.

And that health is really our greatest asset.

So be alert for more developments in this area, including more medical studies on the various health benefits of omega 3 fatty acids.

About the author:Marcus Ryan

Want to learn more about omega 3 fatty acids? Marcus Ryan helps you to discover the health benefits of omega 3 fatty acids and fish oil, including a clear understand of the results of medical studies and research. Visit

HT~ Optimum Health :: Comments (0) :: Link
Webmaster | 30. December 2007 @ 16:02

There are a lot of people who would give a lot to increase their metabolism. Having a high level of metabolism enables one to burn fat and lose weight fast with the least amount of exertion. Metabolism is the rate by which the body produces and consumes energy and calories to support life.

There are several factors that affect the metabolism of a person, such as the amount of muscle tissue, the frequency of the meals one consumes, genetics, the digestive system, stress levels, personal diet, and activity levels. Metabolism slows down due to the following: loss of muscle because of not enough physical activity, the tendency of the body to cannibalize its own tissue because there is not enough food energy to sustain it, and the decrease of physical activity that comes naturally with old age.

Here are several ways to fire up one's metabolism:

1. Build up on lean, mean body mass. It is only natural that metabolism decreases along with age, but it is possible to counter the effects. The amount of muscle a person has is a very strong determinant in the ability to burn calories and shed fat. So it goes without saying that exercise is essential. Build strength and resistance by working out at least twice a week, preferably with weights. Do easy exercises in between workouts. Simple tasks such as walking the dog and using the stairs in place of the elevator can already take off calories. The key is to match the amount of eating to the amount of activity one has. Here are some guidelines in getting the right exercise:

For strength training

-Increase the amount of repetitions of a particular exercise.

-Add the level of resistance

-Utilize advance exercise techniques if possible

For cardiovascular training

-Insert intervals between exercises

-Perform cross-training and combine the exercises

-Add up on resistance and speed

2. Eat breakfast. A lot of people are ignoring the fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Surprisingly, the ones who eat breakfast are thinner than the ones who do not. Metabolism can slow down considerably if breakfast is taken during mid-morning or if one waits until the afternoon to eat.

3. Avoid sugar. Sugar enables the body to store fat. It is recommended that a person consumes food that helps sustain an even level of blood-sugar. Additionally, progressive exercise 2-3 times a week should be in order to stabilize blood sugar.

4. Eat spicy foods. Hot cuisine with peppers can increase metabolism.

5. Sleep more. According to research, it is riskier for people who do not get enough sleep to gain weight. Also, muscles are regenerated during the last couple of hours of slumber.

6. Increase water intake. Water flushes out toxins that are produced whenever the body burns fat. Majority of bodily functions involves water, and lack of water causes the body system's operations to decrease its speed, and produces unneeded stress as a result.

7. Detoxify the digestive system. A clean and healthy digestive system not only helps the body to run more efficiently, it also gives you energy and helps you to crave healthier foods. This makes a cleansing program, such as Isagenix 9-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System, a great way to jump-start a weight loss regimen.

8. Eat smaller meals. It is advisable to consume 4 to 6 small meals that are timed 2 to 3 hours apart.

9. Never skip meals. People tend to skip meals in order to lose weight, which is a big mistake since it slows down metabolism.

10. Plan meals in detail. Always prepare the right amount of food to be consumed at the designated intervals. Do not commit the mistake of eating meals in sporadic patterns.

11. Ditch the stress! Stress, be it physical or emotional, triggers the release of a steroid called cortisol, which decreases metabolism. Also, people tend to eat excessively when stressed.

12. Guzzle up on green tea. It can be used as a substitute for coffee. Tea has the ability to stimulate metabolism, and unlike coffee, it has no undesirable side effects when too much is consumed.

13. Include more energy foods in the diet, such as fruits and vegetables, beans and whole grains.

Achieving the desired body weight is never impossible if one has the determination and patience needed to stabilize the metabolism level, which plays an important role in weight loss. A person needs to realize that eating right and working out is not just a passing fancy, but a way of life. Fighting cravings is hard for most of us. A great help in the quest to eat healthier --and fight those unhealthy cravings-- is a body cleansing program. Visit for details on Isagenix's 9-Day System.

About The Author: Steven N. Muller health, fitness and sleep expert and is currently involved with following websites: and

HT ~ Weight Loss :: Comments (0) :: Link
Webmaster | 29. December 2007 @ 16:02

Most people know that having health and fitness is important. Many try to stay fit and healthy to get a great body shape. The question is do people know the benefits of being fit and healthy or how to get that great body shape they yearned so much for?

Unfortunately not, otherwise there will not be such high dropout rates in gyms all over the world and people getting fatter and fatter.

- Benefits of good health and fitness :-

1) Day to day chores are so much easier � Because you are fit, you will not tire that easily and chores such as gardening, carrying stuff , bending over or climbing up to pick up things will be so much easier.

2) Enjoy life better - Since daily chores are no longer chores, you are able to do more things and faster. Savor your productivity and efficiency.

3) Save money and live longer - Save money on your medical expenses from diseases that strike unhealthy and obese people. Your risk of high blood pressure, heart attacks, stroke and some form of cancers, all of which are deadly is reduced significantly when you stay fit and are in great health.

4) Your posture and confidence improve - Because you are stronger, your strong muscles hold up your skeletal structure will. This improves your body posture and your confidence will soar.

5) Look great in your clothes - You will carry your clothes well because you are no longer flabby or skinny with your clothes either too tight or too lose.

6) Attractive hunk - Gone will be the days when your body shape was the butt of jokes. Instead, people will ogle and admire your new attractive body. A body that many people will die for.

There are many more benefits for having great health and fitness. Too many to mention in just one article. So we shall go on to discuss how to be in great body shape, fit and healthy.

- How to be in great body shape-stay fit and healthy

Just three things.

1) Healthy eating habits and healthy lifestyle - You are what you eat. So if you eat unhealthy food, you will be unhealthy. Thus avoid saturated and trans fat. Eat less sugary stuff and sodium. Avoid alcohol and quit smoking. Drink plenty of water and remember what your mum used to say, "Take your vitamins."

2) Do cardio exercises - It toughens up your heart and lungs. Cardio exercises are great for your respiratory and cardiovascular system. Best of all, it burns tons of calories.

3) Lift weights - Build muscles for a toned and defined body. With muscles come strength and with more strength you will be able to do many more things than just having a sexy muscular body.

So you can see, it is not that difficult to be fit and healthy. Having a great body shape along the way is indeed a bonus. So have you written out a plan for your health and fitness goals?

About the author:

Chris Chew is a personal trainer of actors, pageant winners, models and other celebrities. Check out his celeb training websites and

HT~ Optimum Health :: Comments (0) :: Link
Webmaster | 28. December 2007 @ 16:02

A receding hairline is the most obvious sign of aging, being on the most prominent location. It is like falling leaves when autumn comes. That�s why most of the middle and advanced aged people suffer from thinning hair. And, to their constant chagrin, most male suffer from this misfortune.

Caring for your hair doesn�t stop with washing and shampooing it. You have to pay equal attention to it in the same manner as you pay to other parts of your body. The hair needs nourishment just like the rest of your system to keep them in place and keep them from moving to your bathroom shower drain.

In your campaign for a healthier body most of the time the hair is not included. You work out every inch of your body, but not the hair. There are no exercises for it anyway, you might think. But decades ago, Sanford Bennett, became a celebrity for experiments that led to his physical rejuvenation at 70. Besides all the exercises he devised to make his face younger and his bodily muscles more robust, he also devised an exercise for a healthier and stronger scalp that could trigger the thicker growth of the hair. To Bennett, the scalp, just like any other part of the body if exercised, would increase in strength and elasticity. This is because there are microscopic glands and muscles in the scalp. The law that applies in exercising the major muscles of the body also applies to those.

So how does it go? Alternately pull your hair in all directions and massage the scalp with the pads of your fingers while you lie in bed. This will improve the blood circulation and eventually feed the roots of the hair with the nutrients it needed. It also exercises the muscles in the scalp making the muscles stronger, which will logically hold the hair more strongly. And since the blood is pumped through the microscopic glands and muscles in the scalp, they are sure to increase in size, strength and elasticity. This naturally results in much fewer hair falling and healthier-looking hair.

One of the best refreshers for the hair ad the scalp is the alternate washing of hot and cold water. It also accelerates the blood circulation there. Wash the hair first with hot water, as hot as you can bear it. Then follow up with very cold water (but without using ice). Applying hot and cold towels alternately can be a good substitute. This procedure should be repeated at least five or six times.

About the author:

The writer, Ismael D. Tabije, runs the websites,,, where you can find a wide collection of fitness, health and beauty tips e-books by world-renowned experts.

HT~ Hair Loss :: Comments (0) :: Link
Webmaster | 27. December 2007 @ 16:02

Health and wellness will mean very different things to different people.

Wellness can be defined as 'the pursuit of a healthy, balanced lifestyle. For the benefit of this article, wellness products are being looked at in the context of 'over the counter drugs, health supplements and health remedies.

While for some people, wellness products might be viewed as an aid to recovery from illness, for others it might be a means of further enhancing some aspect of their current health.

The variety of and uses for such products are as numerous as are the the definitions of wellness products or wellness programs, depending of course upon who is promoting them at any given time.

Whatever your reasons for pursuing alternative care health or health and wellness products, a common goal is to achieve optimised health and well-being.

There are powerful media images hailing the benefits and safety of many over the counter drugs, supplements and health and wellness products, every where you turn these days. They have equally strong claims of being the one and only miracle cure or solution for one ailment or another. How accurate are these claims though, and what are the real costs to you in monetary and health risk terms?

Immediately after reading this article, go take a look and do a quick add-up of the total cost of all the health and wellness products you currently have in stock. I'm sure the figure will surprise you just as much as learning about the very real and harmful side effects which can be caused by some of these drugs or supplements that are supposed to be contributing to your overall state of wellness.

You may also be surprised to know that many of the 'over the counter drugs you buy on a regular basis, simply treat the symptoms and not the real health issue. Needless to say, this approach of focusing on the symptom, side-steps the crucial requirement of getting to the root cause of your condition or whatever it is that ails you.

You're most likely to pursue a wellness product either because you are becoming wary of the adverse effects of chemically produced drugs or because you're keen to recover from ill-health and improve a specific health condition. In some instances it might be that you just want to optimise your current state of good health.

While some health and wellness products can be an effective measure toward improving your health, you should note that long-term use of certain over the counter drugs and some supplements can cause you more harm than good, with the long-term implications far outweighing any short-term benefits. You may well find that you are paying far too high a price on the basis of a mere quick fix promise.

For thousands of years, people in lands far and wide have used natural homemade remedies to manage their health conditions and wellness needs, without manufactured health and wellness products, that can be detrimental to health. They have purely relied upon attaining or maintaining health by plants or by other natural means. It could be argued that with the emergence of chemical and pharmacological methods, many forms of this natural means to health and wellness have declined. In fact, even by today's standards, there are many so-called under-developed countries where inhabitants' rely on nothing more than homemade health and wellness products, gained via natural methods of plants or plant-based extracts.

While conventional medicine relies on scientifically backed research to substantiate effectiveness and safety. In contrast, similar cannot be said about some alternative medicines or health and wellness products. There is no such requirement but their promotion as regard effectiveness are deemed sufficient in themselves as support for therapeutic or wellness claims.

Herbal remedies in general are harmless, however, certain claims being made by some health and wellness products promoters, (under the banner of being 'natural') can insinuate their health and fitness products being the exclusive answer to your health condition or wellness questions, thus putting you at great risk. Secondly, how open are they being about what's really inside? You should always consult your physician over any health concerns, as well as discussing with him/her your intention or choice of alternative means for treatment with any health and wellness product or remedy.

Multi-billion-dollar industries have long wealed their power by way of lobbying to gain exemption from FDA regulation. This has been exactly the case, according to the Skeptical Inquirer, who, on commenting on the 'dietary supplement industry, back in 1994, states - "Since then, these products have flooded the market, subject only to the scruples of their manufacturers".

The above point is an important one to note in that, while health and wellness products manufacturers may list ingredients and quantities being used in specific health and wellness products, there has been no real pressure on them to do so, or to do so accurately. Furthermore, neither has there been any watchdog body to ensure they are penalised for this failing.

So, what are the alternatives open to you? Increasingly, more and more people are turning to do-it-yourself health and wellness homemade herbal remedies. The distinct difference being that in making your own health and wellness products, you are in the driving seat. Not only do you have a full awareness of exactly what the ingredients are and the true quantities, but with the appropriate level of guidance from a reputable practitioner, you're more conversant with any health implications, if any.

With the right know-how, you too can draw on the old-fashioned yet effective sources to greatly improve your health. For instance, using naturally prepared herbs, vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements, essential oils and flower essences to create real healing solutions that deal with particular health conditions rather than just the symptoms.

It is in the interest of a health and wellness product manufacturers to promote their products as being the only option open to you. They don't want you to know about the abundant natural resources and health- giving potent attributes of herbs and home remedies which have been used effectively for thousands of years. You see, these remedies cannot be patented because you can make them yourself and at a fraction of the cost.

Whether your goal is to overcome illness, drugs intolerance, allergies or just to optimise your already good health, with a little know-how, you can start making your own health and wellness products and remedies, using nothing more than the readily available natural resources in your home and garden. Not only will you save your hard earned cash, you also alleviate the risk of serious or harmful additives and side effects.

Are you interested in learning more about how you can treat numerous common ailments without the harsh side effects, using nothing but natural herbs, vitamins and nutrients you prepare yourself at home? For instance, did you know that placing yogurt on your face help to bring water from the deeper layers of your skin to the surface, moisturizing your skin for the rest of the day and hiding wrinkles?

Here are just a few more of the many quick and effective remedies you can learn to make:

1. Natural laxatives
2. Beauty recipes
3. Skin care and cleansing preparations such as acne treatment
4. Herbal shampoos as well as how to treat hair loss,
5. Dermatitis
6. Menstrual Pain and PMS Symptoms

About the author:Olga Graham is a qualified social care practitioner, life coach and founder of: A health and Personal Development website for women, that provides free guidance and goalsetting tools, enabling women to set and achieve all aspects of their health goals.

HT~ Optimum Health :: Comments (0) :: Link
Webmaster | 26. December 2007 @ 16:02

Anytime you exercise, you do so in order to try and maintain good health. You also know that you have to eat as well, so your body will have the energy it needs to exercise and maintain for the everyday tasks of life. For making the best of your exercise, what you eat before and after you workout is very important.

No matter if you are going to be doing a cardio workout or a resistance workout, you should always make it a point to eat a balanced mix of protein and carbohydrates. What makes that determining percentage of carbs and protein you consume is whether or not you are doing cardio or resistance exercise and the intensity level that you plan to work at.

The ideal time for you to eat your pre workout meal is an hour before you start. If you plan to work at a low intensity level, you should keep your pre workout meal down to 200 calories or so. If you plan to exercise at a high level of intensity, you will probably need your meal to be between 4,000 and 5,000 calories.

Those of you who are doing a cardio session will need to consume a mix of 2/3 carbs and 1/3 protein. Doing so will give you longer sustained energy from the extra carbs with enough protein to keep your muscle from breaking down while you exercise.

For resistance exercise, you'll need to eat a mix of 1/3 carbs and 2/3 protein, as this will help you get plenty of energy from the carbs to perform each set you do and the extra protein will help keep muscle breakdown to a minimum while you exercise.

Eating after you exercise is just as important as your pre workout meal. Anytime you exercise, whether its cardio or resistance, you deplete energy in the form of glycogen. The brain and central nervous system rely on glycogen as their main source of fuel, so if you don't replace it after you exercise, your body will begin to break down muscle tissue into amino acids, and then convert them into usable fuel for the brain and the central nervous system.

Keep in mind that mostly during resistance exercise, you'll break down muscle tissue by creating micro tears. What this means, is that after a workout, your muscles will instantly go into repair mode. Protein is the key here for muscle repair, as you don't want muscle breaking down even further to create fuel instead of lost glycogen.

Once you have finished a cardio session, you'll need to consume mainly carbohydrates, preferably those with high fiber. Rice, oatmeal, whole wheat pasta, and northern fruits are excellent sources. Also, try to consume 30 - 50 grams of there types of carbs after you exercise. After your cardio workout, it is fine to eat within 5 - 10 minutes.

Once you've finished a resistance workout, you will need to consume a combination of carbs and protein. Unlike cardio workouts, resistance workouts will break down muscle tissue by creating micro tears.

You'll need protein as this happens to build up and repair these tears so that the muscle can increase in size and strength. The carbs will not only replace the lost muscle glycogen, but will also help the protein get into muscle cells so it can synthesize into structural protein, or the muscle itself.

After your resistance exercise, you should wait up to 30 minutes before you eat, so that you won't take blood away from your muscles too fast. The blood in your muscles will help the repair process by removing the metabolic waste products.

About the author:Mohamed Rabea - Online Tips and Resources!

HT~ Optimum Health :: Comments (0) :: Link
Webmaster | 25. December 2007 @ 16:02

Step 1. Say Goodbye to Dieting - Forget all about dieting! The words diet and dieting are getting in your way! They are preventing you from tackling your weight problem. Every time you hear these words you switch off and reach for the cookies. Result? Your weight problem gets worse.

Step 2. Say Hello to Healthy Eating - Healthy eating sounds so much nicer than dieting. Start using that phrase today.

Step 3. Put Away Your Scales - Weighing scales don't make you lose weight. They just scare you to death. Put them away now! (Actually, don't put them away until you complete Step 5.)

Step 4. Stop Worrying About Your Weight - Why? Worry makes you miserable and makes you feel more of a failure. Result? You are beaten before you start.

Step 5. Take Your Clothes Off and Look at Yourself in the Mirror - Do it tomorrow morning, before breakfast. At the same time, weigh yourself.

Step 6. Start Looking Ahead - Don't worry about how you will look next week. Take a longer-term view like 6 months.

Step 7. For the Next Week Keep a Food Diary - Write down every single thing you eat and when you eat it. Don't waste time cheating. The purpose of this diary is to enable you to see what you actually eat, as opposed to what you think you eat!

Step 8. Create a Healthy Eating Plan for Yourself - Keep it simple:

*Eat regular amounts of these foods:

Fruit, vegetables (fresh/frozen/canned), whole wheat bread, oats, beans and peas, wholegrain cereal.

Guide: Eat a minimum of 5 helpings of fruit & vegetables, per day.

Guide: Eat a minimum of 5 helpings of whole wheat or wholegrain foods, per day.

*Eat regular amounts of these foods:

Skimmed milk, fat-free yogurt, lower-fat cheese.

Guide: Eat a minimum of 3 helpings of lower-fat dairy foods (milk, yogurt) per day.

Guide: Limit yourself to a maximum of 1 small piece of cheese, per day.

*Eat smaller amounts of these protein foods:

Eggs, fish, turkey and chicken.

Guide: Eat no more than 4 eggs a week.

Guide: Red meat, limit yourself to 1 small portion 3 times a week (size of deck of cards).

Guide: Fish, turkey or chicken, you can eat 50% more - but no fat!

*Eat VERY SMALL amounts of these foods:

Oil (except olive oil), butter, margarine, mayonnaise, white flour, refined sugar.


Water, water, water, fruit juices, tea or coffee (but easy on Espressos!)

*Enjoy the occasional:

Pastry, cookie, candy bar/chocolate, bag of popcorn/potato chips/crisps

Guide: 'Occasional' means once a week.

Step 9. Fill Your Refrigerator with Healthy Food - We eat whatever sits in our refrigerator. So empty out the junk food and fill up on foods from Step 8.

Step 10. Learn How to Cheat - Do you hate fruit and vegetables? That's tough. You MUST make friends with fruit and vegetables. Eat at least 5 helpings per day, although more is better. There are no substitutions. However, you can cheat. Here's how:

*Make home made soup. Ideally, add spices, a little lean meat and lots of vegetables.

You won't taste the vegetables.

*Make fresh orange juice

Many people won't eat 3 whole oranges every day. But they will drink the juice!

*Make blended fruit drinks (smoothies)

Guide: Use 1 cup of fresh fruit + 1 cup fruit juice. For extra creaminess add a little fat-free fruit yogurt.

Step 11. Trim That Fat - Get into the habit of trimming all the fat off meat. All means all. This alone will save you thousands of calories AND help you to live longer.

Step 12. Learn How to Snack Healthily - Fruit, cereal and fat-free yogurt are excellent choices, so are thick sandwiches (lots of thick crusty bread, small amount of margarine/spread, lots of lower fat filling.)

Step 13. Be Choosy Where You Dine Out - Frequent dining out (main meal) is one of the biggest reasons why America is so fat. So be choosy!

*Don't enter a fast food restaurant unless it's a SPECIAL treat.

*Limit yourself to one dining out experience, per fortnight.

Step 14. Don't Go Hungry - Never allow yourself to go hungry. Your metabolism will slow down.

Step 15. Be More Active - Set aside 20 minutes a day to exercise and gradually build up to 30 minutes a day. Yes, you may hate it to begin with, but with time, exercise grows on you! Besides, it's worth remembering that exercise leaves you with MORE energy and burns fat.

Step 16. Follow These Simple Steps for 3 Months - By then you should have lost an easy 15-30 pounds. The best thing is: Your eating habits will have improved tremendously. This means you stand an excellent chance of keeping off the weight and getting your weight problem under control for good!

About the author:Chris Chenoweth, author of the DO-IT-YOURSELF HOME, HEALTH & MONEY GUIDE (, writes articles pertaining to nutrition, health issues, and household budgeting.

One of the best weight loss programs available, BURN THE FAT (, shows you how to convert your body into a fat burning machine.

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Aerobics are great, even thought the aerobics craze seem to have passed and that today is very different to what has swept the world of its feel and got it into working out the aerobics way, the current times offer the exerciser an abundance of tool and information about aerobics that has never before existed.

This kind of exercise was very fashionable some years ago, at one time you could find many of your friends and family in you local gym doing aerobics, but after this health workout fashion changed into many different streams of physical exercise, like the oriental disciplines and many diverse international workouts. But aerobics didn�t go away, with time this has become on of the most researched and developed forms of losing weight and getting fit again, many different machines have been invented and researched, and many experts have been working in the field of aerobics.

When you start doing aerobics you should probably think about what kind of aerobic clothing you want to buy, since they have a lot influence on the quality of you exercise, and will probably also be a factor of how you feel, you will need to talk to your trainer or research online before you make decisions because a lot of these clothes do not come cheap and you may want to buy yourself more then one suit for your workout, so you wouldn�t have to do the laundry every day or so, this clothes will need to be washed once you had a good workout.

There are great advantages of aerobics exercise, first it is a special and very wide way to work out and keep your body in good shape, lose weight and maintain a regular workout schedule, but there are many other advantages to aerobics exercise some of them very surprising. A lot of people meet and make friends in the gym, some decide to start working out together and push each other to do better, stronger and faster, a partner is always a good way to improve and get further than what one would do by himself. A second benefit from working out together is that you can actually make friends, sometimes just work out friends and some time even more than that.

Working out and doing aerobics will also effect you mood, improve many aspects of you body and spirit and make you stronger not only physically. The effect of working out is that you body will release a lot of positive things into your blood, making you happier and stronger, this alone can make a huge change in anyone�s personality, and the good news is that if you never worked out you will feel this significant change.

Even you are not convinced I encourage you to try this form of exercise before you move on, almost surely you have a gym close to you home and you can always ask to work out a couple of time to see if its something that you could try. Keeping it relatively safe start from the basics and move on as you progress, in a short time you will understand and feel the difference.

About the author:David Evermon has been involved in many environment related projects, writing on many subjects related to the environment and project management his hobbies and knowledge of construction, David writes articles about Boat Covers http://

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Before we get all excited over the recent news about coffee being our new antioxidant, we need to take a look at the entire picture. Is there truly a coffee antioxidant? If there is, how exactly is coffee an antioxidant? Does it become the antioxidant when it's heated? Does the coffee antioxidant benefit everyone? Are there still dangers to drinking coffee? How much coffee is good for us and when does it become bad for us?

Brewed coffee contains many antioxidants and consumption of antioxidant-rich brewed coffee may inhibit diseases caused by oxidative damages. Antioxidants are said to be an inhibitor of certain types of diseases. However, coffee beans are not all a like. Not all coffee beans are of the same quality or even the same make up. Sort of like comparing tennis shoes to sandals. Both go on your feet, but they are not made up of the same components. You can actually break coffee down into several different water-soluble components. The dietary fiber derived from roasted coffee silverskin. This is one component of the coffee bean that has high antioxidant content. This is how the scientists find out about the antioxidant benfits of coffee in their studies. What they do in fact is the break down the coffee beans into different components. They filter out the components that the coffee antioxidant is found in, and then they test lab rats in a variety of experiments to determine how well they survive with or without the various additives in their diet. When they discover something really swell, like a coffee antioxidant, our culture of coffee drinking addicts suddenly becomes a feverorish mob.

For years and years we've heard bad things about coffee. For example: it's bad for your heart, increases blood pressure, may cause breast cancer, probably keeps you awake at night, and my personal favorite, has a poisonous gas when brewed.When the world of coffee addicts even gets a tiny hint that coffee could have something beneficial, believe me they don't just drink more coffee, they try to get everyone to join them. So, here we now have scientific studies proving to us that coffee has antioxidants.

Researchers have identified several compounds in coffee that create a coffee antioxidant. Why would this be of interest to us? Because scientific studies are showing that antioxidants may help prevent cancer. You see the connection here. However, until human studies are done, science cannot state exactly how much coffee must be consumed in order gain this protection against colon cancer or any other type of cancer. Before the coffee is roasted the antioxidant benefits are varied. However, once the coffee is roasted and served as a drink things get evened out. They all seem to have the same degrees of antioxidants.

Some studies suggest coffee having other benefits such as added fertility in men and some benefits for those suffering from diabetes. You'll have to read those studies on your own. The fact that a coffee antioxidant exists may be true, but the reality is that coffee can be just as harmful if your body doesn't like it, if you consume too much, if you have high blood pressure, and if it keeps you awake at night. Is there truly a coffee antioxidant? Yes, but the actual amount needed to be consumed in order to receive the anti-cancer benefits by humans is unknown. How exactly is coffee an antioxidant?

Coffee alone isn't the antioxidant, it's several different components that are part of the coffee bean. Roasting and heating the coffee changes the total antioxidant output. Does it become the antioxidant when it's heated? It seems that although some coffee beans like green coffee beans may be higher in antioxidants that other more common beans, once they are roasted and heated for consumption, the results are the same regarding the antioxidantal benefits. Does the coffee antioxidant benefit everyone? Honestly, this is NOT a question easily answered. In fact, the truth is it is still unknown just how beneficial coffee antioxidants are for humans. Are there still dangers to drinking coffee? Yes, of course there is. If you have high blood pressure and you have seen how coffee enhances this problem, you know it's bad for YOU personally. If you can't get proper sleep or you drive everyone around you nuts because you can't sit still or shut-up, you know coffee is bad for you.

Use common sense and listen to your body. Coffee is not good for everyone and unknown just how good for anyone. How much coffee is good for us and when does it become bad for us? Again drink coffee in moderation, pay attention to your own body. Exercise and good eating habits are a far better way to get healthy than drinking 10 cups of cappuccino a day. All things in moderation. After reading everything about this new thing called a coffee antioxidant I have decided that there are better ways of getting antioxidants into my blood.

Coffee may have many benefits, but so does water and it is possible to drown from drinking too much water. Yes, I know, you have to really drink a lot to accomplish this, but it's the principle of the matter. Too much of anything is not a good thing.

About The Author: Aaron Matthews-Morgan is the owner of Heavenly Kona Coffee, an e-business that specializes in 100% Gourmet Kona Coffee from Hawaii. is also a premier website for free information and resources, providing quality info and articles on everything related to coffee. Go to:

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There are many different holidays that are wonderful for giving and receiving chocolates as gifts. And this is especially true if you have children in the family. Seeing their little faces light up when they bite into a chocolate candy bar or smores treat is absolutely priceless. And if you are lucky enough to be the recipient of the gift, it will be your tastebuds that thank you. Creamy dark or milk chocolate candies are excellent presents to give and receive, which is why the selection is greater than it has ever been.

The Easter holiday is traditionally one for filling baskets with candy for the little ones. You can place white chocolate bunnies that are either hollow or solid in the basket, and surround it with peanut butter filled chocolate eggs. Add a bunch of jelly beans, and maybe some marshmellow treats and your children will be delighted when the actually find the baskets. Be sure to save some for yourself though, because after the 'hunt' is over there will be nothing left.

Valentine's Day is another excellent occasion for showing the special people in your life just how important they are. One way to accomplish this is through giving chocolates. A creative way to do this is to find chocolate-covered roses, and mix them in with real ones to create a unique bouquet. You can also find many ideas from visiting online candy stores and looking at their specialized offerings. Many will have special products geared toward certain occasions in your life.

Another big holiday for giving candies is Halloween. This is probably the most popular of holidays with kids, and it's easy to see why. They go house to house collecting numerous treats, to be enjoyed over and over for many weeks. One thing you should be sure to do is buy alot of extra candy, so you have many 'leftovers' to snack on yourself. And you know it will be too hard to resist breaking some open while you are handing it out.

Birthdays round out the list of 'heavy hitter' occasions in terms of giving chocolates. In this case, it is usually coupled with a gift to add a little something extra to the person you love. Candy makes an excellent compliment to just about any other item.

It's pretty obvious why the candy industry has grown to where it is today. People love to eat chocolate, and thus love to receive it as a gift. The variety of what you can purchase today is unbelievable, meaning there is something to satisfy even the most picky of individuals. With a little research you can locate the perfect sweets, and with a little luck the recipient will be happy to share it with you.

About the author:

James McDonald writes for Find Sweets Online which is about Homemade Gourmet Chocolates, and many other types of chocolate. Get recipes and order candy online.

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Healthy weight loss diet plans have a different focus than many of the commercial programs. Too many of the commercial programs compete to show who can have customers losing the most weight in the fastest time. Healthy weight loss diet plans only aim to give participants a better quality of life.

These plans focus on turning you on to a healthy lifestyle. The goal is to teach you this new lifestyle beginning with the moment you start the diet. And you never really go off the diet; you will only adjust it to your new weight. You learn a new diet – or healthy way of eating – for life!

One example of a "new" way of eating is a weight pyramid. At the base of the pyramid are the foods that you can eat without restriction. These include all kinds of fruits and vegetables. There is such a variety of these foods that you should never want for a new choice.

Next up on the weight pyramid are the carbohydrates and grains. Healthy weight loss diet plans will not leave these foods out. In fact, some good plans will allow 4-8 servings per day. An important detail is that the majority of these food choices are whole grains. Oh, the exact number of servings depends on your current weight, height, and fitness level.

Healthy weight loss diet plans also include at least 3 and up to 7 servings of protein and dairy. These include lean meats, chicken, and fish. Cold water fish is the best because it is full of Omega-3 oils which are healthy fats for your body.

Even fats and sweets should be accounted for. You might have a diet that allows you 3-5 servings of fat and 75 calories of sweets. Why? Because your body needs a small amount of fats. You won't stay on your diet for life if you know you can never eat sweets again.

A good plan will also offer sample menus. These give you an idea of what is meant by the requirements of the plan. They make it clear how to put together a meal out of the many choices available.

You'll do better with healthy weight loss diet plans if you learn about correct portions. Check to make certain whatever plan you choose is clear on portion sizes. For example, a medium apple might be the size of a tennis ball. A 3-ounce piece of meat might be the size of a deck of cards.

What's more, some plans even give instructions on how to figure servings on food you buy pre-packaged. Do you go by what the package says is a serving? Or do you go by a certain number of calories or carbohydrate grams? Healthy diet plans will tell you.

There's no quick fix for losing weight. You can't simply sit on the sofa and drop the weight you’ve been carrying. It takes effort to change behaviors you’ve spent a lifetime cultivating. However, healthy weight loss diet plans give you the tools and they make being in shape a life-long habit.

About The Author:Melinda Grossman - Want more healthy food tips or some free diet meal plans? Info on fitness weight loss programs or even some special tips just for women? I finally have my own weight and exercise regimens under control and I want you to join me. That's why I share what I've learned at

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Beds and mattresses play a very important role in the keeping your back in good shape. After a day full of twists and turns, and bending and straightening, your back requires good rest. Beds and mattresses that do not support the back properly can add to the back strain, besides, affecting the quality of sleep.

You can find a large variety of beds and mattresses on the market. Selecting the right kind is a matter of choice, but for patients of back pain, it is necessary that they follow the guidelines given below.

Selecting the Best Beds and Mattresses

It is important for people suffering from back pain to opt for beds and mattresses that support their back and not put it under additional stress or strain. Not much research has been done on the type of beds and mattresses required for patients with back pain. However, it is seen that adjustable beds suit people with back pain better. The angle of inclination can be adjusted to a position where the patient feels most comfortable. Patients suffering from degenerative spondylolisthesis do benefit from an inclined bed with support under the knees. They can tuck in enough pillows or cushions under the knees and adjust the angle of inclination to provide comfort to the painful back. The mattress should be neither too hard nor soft. A firm mattress will provide the support needed for a bad back.

Patients with an osteoarthritic spine stand to benefit from adjustable beds and mattress that are supportive. It is important for such patients to wake up with a relaxed back, since people suffering from osteoarthritic spine normally get up from bed with a very stiff spine.

Normal beds and mattresses for patients with spinal stenosis tend to deteriorate their condition further. Such people are more comfortable bending forward than keeping their back upright. As such, flat beds and mattresses are not suitable for their condition. An adjustable bed can be inclined at an angle that stimulates a forward bending position. A firm mattress will support the spinal stenosis back well.

About the author:

Saurabh Jain is the Executive Editor of Online Back pain resource, He has developed this site to provide valuable information to people suffering from back pain. This site enumerates different causes and factors related to back pain, guides through the different back pain treatments and suggests exercises for treatments of different types of back pain. The site is a free online resource for back pain and its remedies. The visitors can also find valuable information and reviews about the different equipments and therapies for back pain relief. Visit for more information.

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Every year during the holiday season TV, radio, newspapers and others talk a lot about the hazards of drunk driving and remind us to be careful. Extra police are on the streets and many cities set up sobriety checkpoints to catch drunk drivers on nights when there are likely to be more parties.

This extra focus reduces the number of alcohol-related traffic accidents and makes all of us safer on the road during the holidays.

Drunk drivers aren’t the only hazard on the road during the holidays, though. While most of us would never dream of getting behind the wheel drunk, we could still be creating serious dangers without thinking about it.

Holiday Madness

Juggling normal responsibilities with shopping, parties, and extra school events can make a normally safe driver a literal wreck. Even if you are always calm and collected, remember that other drivers may be more on edge than usual and take these precautions.

*Be extra patient and make allowances for other people and the mistakes they make. Don’t forget to watch out for pedestrians as well as other drivers.

*Try to keep your attention on what you are doing. Not only could they cause you to make a mistake, but cell phones, eating and other distractions keep you from paying attention to other people and the silly errors they can make.

*Be especially careful in parking lots crammed with cars and pedestrians at this time of year. Take it a little slower than normal to avoid fender benders or worse.

*Take note of your emotions and consider taking a break if you get too stressed out, irritated or emotional. Get a cup of coffee or tea and relax for 10 minutes before you dive back in to the frenzy.

Holiday Fatigue

Another danger that is often forgotten, but also a huge problem during this hectic time of year, is driving while drowsy. Falling asleep at the wheel is obviously the most dangerous result, but tired drivers also tend to be more irritable and impatient.

This year like normal there will no doubt be many people who leave work on Friday and start out on long-distance trips to be with family or friends. College students whose holiday break begin after classes on Friday may be headed home as well.

Here are some recommendations you should consider and pass along to family members and friends who may be traveling by car during the holidays:

*Don’t start your journey tired. Be aware of the risks if you get up unusually early to start your trip or leave directly from work or school when you are tired.

*Plan your trip to include a 15-minute break every two hours.

*Make sure that you and everyone on your trip is carrying emergency contact information and valid identification.

*Share the driving if possible. Safety experts recommend switching off every three hours.

*You’re too tired to drive if you start drifting from your lane, hitting rumble strips, yawning repeatedly, having difficulty focusing or keeping your eyes open, missing road signs or tailgating. Pull over to a safe place as soon as possible, drink a high caffeine drink and take a 15-minute nap.

About The Author: Valerie Nay is the founder of and writes a free monthly newsletter full of valuable information to help you and your family stay safe.

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I thought it was about time I threw some light on to a particular aspect of back pain. This particular aspect is the one regarding the prescription of rest.

We will begin with a delve back into history, not too long ago may I add but considered prehistoric to some, especially in terms of the methods of treatment for back pain.

The actual history of low back pain is another story but let's just revisit the recent past. The time I am referring to is when you visited your doctor complaining of back pain and the sum total of the medical help you received was being told to go home and lie on a board for six weeks. This people duly did and were compliant to varying degrees I am sure. Some I presume lasted for the whole forty two days to the hour whether or not their pain had gone or whether they were in sheer agony and others more than likely, lasted until the first piercings of boredom roused themselves before dispensing with the said board.

How long ago this practice died out is not easy to say. In fact I know at least one osteopath or chiropractitioner in The United Kingdom still utilises this course of action. This is for sure though now more the exception rather than the rule.

So was it or is it effective? To a degree yes. It allows the stresses of weight and movement to be taken off the injured spine so preventing further injury and enabling healing to begin with minimal disruption. The trouble is that unless the spine is fractured the benefits of lying down are essentially achieved in forty eight to seventy two hours. After this time the adoption of long periods of bed rest begins to have more negative than positive effects. These effects include joint stiffness, muscle wasting and other complications associated with long periods of immobility.

Other things to note are that advice was rarely if at all dispensed as to altering the lying posture to side or front (prone) lying for comfort or benefit.

As with so many things the pendulum tends to swing markedly to the other extreme once the seed of doubt has been planted into the consciousness of significant minds. Hence the new school of thought that came into being approximately twenty to thirty years ago was based on the hypotheses that 'rest was bad and movement was good.' So a trip to the doctors with low back pain yielded a "good dose of exercises and carry on at work, you'll be fine." Strangely enough this was not always successful as an antidote to the problem either.

Today the pendulum of medical opinion for me as a Chartered Physical Therapist with all the benefits of hindsight and experience has brought me to the point where I believe the best answer lies somewhere in between with a balance of CORRECTLY PRESCRIBED REST AND EXERCISE.

I generally find that with acute back pain, rest is needed to take the stress off the back structures to help the inflammation and pain to settle and allow healing to beginr. This rest is not strict bed rest but is more often than not a prescription of lying down for a period of forty eight hours with changes of position allowed for, as well as breaks for trips to the bathroom and for eating and drinking encouraged periodically during the day. With the correct analgesia I find that this amount and specificity of rest achieves a state where the back pain is settled to a degree sufficient to allow movement and therapy to move the process on to the next level.

So rest is neither good nor bad. It is just a tool for us to use in our armoury. Insufficent rest will see the exacerbation of inflammation and continuation of pain. Excessive rest will see an onset of joint stiffness, muscle weakness and functional disability amongst other possibilities.

The answer seems to lie (pardon the pun) with utilising initial and short periods of rest of approximately forty eight hours to reduce the effects of acute inflammation and then use graded treatment and movement to return the spine to as healthy a state as possible. This can take variable amounts of time depending on the particular problem, the details of which are probably best left for another time.

So there we have it: to rest or not to rest, that is the question. You now have the answer.

Copyright 2006 Robert Ryles

About the author:Robert Ryles is a successful International Chartered Physical Therapist. He has been a lecturer, researcher and therapist for over two decades. His rich experience of International and Premiership Football underpins his specialist knowledge of sports medicine. There is a wealth of insight and experience of all such matters on his website at

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It really chaps my hide whenever I see those commercials on TV with a woman MD-wanna-be hawking the latest diet pill. These 'play-doctors' are usually wearing white lab coats, like they're on the way to perform surgery and just thought they'd take time out of their busy schedule to tell you about this 'latest medical breakthrough'. Don't be fooled-It's all spin, trying to make it appear as if this woman (or man, I've seen them, too) is an actual doctor telling you about this latest prescription medicine to solve your weight problem. They even have the nerve to sell it to you in a bottle that looks just like something you would pick up from your local pharmacy.

With obesity and all its related health problems becoming more and more common in the general population, people are becoming desperate to try a 'magic pill' that will help them lose weight. As a result, there is a lot of potential harm you can do to yourself if you don't choose your weight loss supplements wisely.

While many health and fitness experts will tell you flat out not to ever use any supplements-ever-research has shown that some can be used with success under the right conditions.

First, consider whether you are in fairly good health to try one of these weight loss herbs. Are you under a doctor�s care for high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems, depression or any other serious health problem? Taking any of these types of supplements can be very dangerous. Consult your doctor and get your other health problems under control before using any weight loss supplements.

Second, do your research on who is manufacturing the products. Are doctors involved in the process? What are their credentials? If you see that a doctor (or group of doctors) has been involved in the design and production of an herbal remedy for a health problem, understand that their professional reputation is on the line. Good doctors typically spend decades in medical schools and in clinical environments, practicing medicine. No one who has invested that much time and energy on their medical career is going to sacrifice their reputation for something they are not absolutely sure is going to work.

Third, read the label and research the ingredients. FDA guidelines for herbal supplements do not require standardized amounts. In some cases, you only need a trace amount of the herb in order to put the name on the label so look for the standardized claim on the bottle. That means the same amount is in every bottle. That can also give you a clue as to whether the price is right on a certain herbal compound. If it's really cheap-or free-there�s usually a reason why;most likely, it's because there's very little of the active ingredient in the pill.

Also, look for the word "chelated" and "amino-acid-bound" which means that the minerals are absorbed by your body better and more effectively than the simple forms manufactured by other vitamin-mineral products.

Finally, you must realize that there is no such thing as a "magic weight loss pill". You must follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly in order for these herbs to work the way you expect. Most good, quality weight loss supplements will enhance your weight loss efforts by increasing your metabolism and suppressing your appetite while you eat those good healthy veggies and take that 30 minute walk everyday. The definition of the word "supplement" is "to increas, extend, or improve something by adding something to it. The best weight loss supplements are not meant to replace, only to supplement, a healthy lifestyle.

About the author:

Eunice Coughlin is the founder of and has taken off weight successfully by using weight loss supplements and exercising and eating right.

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Can you remember what you decided to drink the last time you were thirsty? If the answer is something other than nature's most precious liquid nourishment, then you should reconsider your water drinking habits.

Every morning before setting off to go to work you probably drink at least a cup of coffee and perhaps, if you are conscious with your diet, you begin your day with a glass of water at room temperature and a drop of lemon. But, during the day, with a coffee spot on every corner and a vending machine in every office building and school, you seem to forget that your organism needs the most precious of all the liquids you may or may not consume; water.

Actually, with the deteriorating dietary and drinking habits, people seem to be dehydrated and not even know about it. In fact, the most important ingredient of a healthy lifestyle might be missing from the daily list of things we consume, just because a cup of coffee can wake us up, or an ice-cold soda can give us the sugary taste we want. But, if you feel fatigue, moodiness, or drained, and of course that you are always thirsty, then you probably are dehydrated and you have not even realized it. In fact, what has surprised me numerous times is when I am out with friends and I hear someone complain of being thirsty. While the �normal' reaction would be to order a glass of water from the bar, I am amazed when a soda, a coffee or even an alcohol beverage arrives instead of a glass full of water.

Did you know that 45 to 75 percent of the human weight is actually from water and that your body's muscles are 75 percent water based? If not and this is the first time you have read this fact, then you probably should do some homework before getting to sleep tonight. As little as 1 percent loss of water can translate to an increase in core temperature during exercise, while if you loose more than 7 percent of water, then you most probably will collapse.

Thus, keeping yourself hydrated and adding at least 6 to 8 glasses of water to your daily liquid intake, can save your body from fatigue, pains and dehydration. More specifically, your weight divided by 2 for the number of ounces you should drink each day -there are eight ounces in a cup, so divide by eight to get the number of cups.

Most importantly, remember that water intake, although it comes also from other fluids and food consumption has to remain constant. Drink water every day and drink it whether you feel thirsty or not. A good tactic is to bring a water bottle with you everywhere and fill it as often as necessary. Do not judge how much water you need to drink only by examining when you are thirsty and remember to drink more than the recommended daily dose, if you are overweight, exercise or the environment you live and work is hot. Finally, avoid caffeine as much as possible, since it dehydrates your organism and do not drink water with meals; drink red wine or milk instead.

About the author:Jonathon Hardcastle writes articles for - In addition, Jonathon also writes articles for and

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Chill out on hot summer days with frosty fruit smoothies. Bursting with all the juicy goodness of fruit, smoothies rehydrate and nourish while they satisfy and soothe your thirst. Best of all, they're quick and easy to make at home.

Be creative. All you need is a blender, ice, and a steady supply of basic smoothie ingredients. Here are four fruit smoothie recipes to get you started:

Blueberry Banana Blast

2 cups (500 mL) organic apple cider or apple juice
1 cup (250 mL) organic blueberries (fresh or frozen)
7/8 cup (220 mL) crushed ice
1 small ripe banana, sliced

Place all ingredients in a blender. Press blender lid firmly in place. Blend on high speed until smooth and frothy. Makes 2 large smoothies.

Quick tip #1

Get in the habit of putting your over-ripe, unpeeled bananas in the freezer. Use these frozen bananas to add flavour, texture, and frostiness to your smoothies. To use, remove frozen, unpeeled banana from the freezer and hold under hot tap water until the peel softens enough to remove thoroughly. Small bananas can be added to the blender without cutting, but large ones need to be cut or broken into a few pieces.

Strawberry Vanilla Smoothie

2 cups (500 mL) organic orange juice
1 cup (250 mL) organic strawberries (fresh or frozen)
7/8 cup (220 mL) crushed ice
7/8 cup (220 mL) plain, organic, low-fat yogourt
1 tsp (1 mL) pure vanilla extract

Place all ingredients in a blender. Press blender lid firmly in place. Blend on high speed until smooth and frothy. Makes 2 large smoothies.

Mango Tango

1 cup (250 mL) mango or passion fruit juice
1 cup (250 mL) pineapple juice
7/8 cup (220 mL) crushed ice
1 fresh mango, peeled and sliced
1 fresh peach, peeled and sliced
juice of one small lime

Place all ingredients in a blender. Press blender lid firmly in place. Blend on high speed until smooth and frothy. Makes 2 large smoothies.

Quick tip #2

Just before cutting and squeezing the juice from citrus fruits (oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits), place the fruit on a cutting board or counter. Firmly roll the fruit back and forth with the flat palm of your hand until the fruit is softened. This rolling motion gently releases more of the juices.

Cranberry Chiller

1 cup (250 mL) organic cranberry juice
1 cup (250 mL) organic white grape juice
1 cup (250 mL) fresh or frozen raspberries
7/8 cup (220 mL) crushed ice
Organic raw sugar to taste

Place all ingredients in a blender. Press blender lid firmly in place. Blend on high speed until smooth and frothy. Makes 2 large smoothies.

Keep it cool this summer. Indulge yourself, your family, and friends with delicious, guilt-free fruit smoothies.

Smoothie Shopping List

The basic steps for making blended fruit smoothies are easy to follow. Just keep your fridge well-stocked with a wide variety of organic smoothie ingredients, and you'll always be ready to create your own summertime thirst quenchers. Here's a handy shopping list of smoothie ingredients:

bottled or frozen fruit juices, unsweetened (apple, cherry, cranberry, grape, guava, mango, orange, passion fruit)
milk, soy milk, almond milk, or rice milk
cocoa powder
sweeteners (honey, raw sugar, maple syrup, molasses, stevia)
yogourt (plain, and unsweetened)
fresh and frozen fruits (bananas, blackberries, blueberries, cantaloupe, cherries, grapes, kiwi, mango, oranges, papaya, peaches, pineapple, raspberries, strawberries)
protein powder
fermented soy powder

About the author:Lucretia Schanfarber began her career in natural health care more than 30 years ago. She is recognized for her many contributions in promoting the principles of natural healing as a writer, editor, and radio broadcaster. Lucretia writes about health and healing, organic gardening and environmental health and is a regular contributor to alive magazine. Visit for related articles.

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More than 17 million American people are affected by anxiety depression symptoms, so that the specialists have been calling this illness as psychiatric flu.

When the young people are concerned, the psychiatric factors are the ones that influence the anxiety depression symptoms. People have to be thought by the specialist how to deal with the stress factors and also they need to know how to improve their own capacity of handling these stressing factors. Almost the majority of the anxiety depression symptoms are very respondent to different treatments, especially to medication. As a modality of reducing stress, anyone can cut some hours from the work schedule program and a refusal of some social obligations. As for the more improved stress confrontation capacity, the patient is supposed to do a lot of relaxing exercises, more adequate sleeping hours and a healthy diet.

Finding an effective antidepressant drug is not an easy task, as every individual has one particular set of characteristics and therefore it is not possible a priori to establish which antidepressant will be that effective one. Beyond to depression medication, other treatments like psychotherapy, integrated therapy and depression medication, electro convulsion therapy and the therapy with light are today available. Each one of these approaches has detailed prescription lists. As an example, the depression medication treatment and that psychotherapy one have a rate success from 60 to 80%. This integrated modality has one of its particular indications in the advanced shapes of depression. Some patients show the persistence of residual symptoms between an episode and the other and in the shapes in which depression medication or psychotherapy alone is not effective.

There is a large number of anti depression drugs that can help remedy the harmful effects of the depressive symptoms but some of them have more side effects than others and this is the reason why they get dangerous. Considering from the price point of view, there are cheaper and more expensive anti depression drugs that can be used for treating this disease, but they may have severe side effects, such as: wither mouth, urine abstain, sedation and a lot of sexual problems. Talking about sexual mal functions, some drugs, which were recently discovered, characterize an important development regarding the sexual abnormality. Each medication used for treating the disease in question has a skimpy different profile of side effects, so it may be possible for one to try several solution treatments in order for the doctor to discover the most appropriate one.

About the author:

Michael Rad is the webmaster of, a free informational resource hub dedicated to explaining depression and related treatments. Other health-related websites that you might be interested in include and

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You may not realize it, but you may suffer from something that can take over your whole world if you let it. You'll recognize the symptoms, but you'll have no idea what's behind them.

Panic attacks are debilitating. One moment, you're living your day to day lifestyle and the next, you find yourself paralyzed with the feeling that you've lost all control. You worry about the possibility of something happening to you. It all comes on so quickly and unexpected, that you're blown away and the only thing you want to do is go right back home.

While they can be caused by a number of things - heredity, biological forces, even exaggerated thinking - the main culprit is usually stress. As stress plays such a huge factor in our day to day lives, we don't realize just how profoundly we're affected until something highly stressful approaches and we're struck with a panic attack, afraid of absolutely everything that may come our way. Finding a proper stress relief is crucial in order to help limit the number of panic attacks a person has at any given point in their life. If stress is controlled before panic and anxiety set in, there is a better likelihood of being able to stop panic attacks before they start.

The symptoms of a panic attack are obvious enough: the rapid heartbeat, difficulty breathing, the feeling of dizziness and dread, trembling, sudden chills,and the pins and needles feeling in your fingers and toes are only a few of many symptoms. In any given year, there millions of people who experience a panic attack - some of which experience repeated panic attacks.

The best course of action for panic attacks would be to talk to your doctor, who can prescribe medications and forms of therapy to assist with the treatment of those feelings of panic. Only your doctor would know the treatment that is best for you. While a panic attack may leave you feeling the need to hide and can feel as though it controls every aspect of your life, it doesn't have to. With proper treatment and reduced stress, you can reduce the number of panic attacks you have, and can even eliminate them! A happy, healthy life is once again within your reach.

About the author:

Amanda Baker writes for - a website for health, fitness and wellness.

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It doesn't take brain surgery to know that we are exposed to toxic chemicals. The list is extensive:

- Herbicides
- Pesticides
- 3000 chemicals are used in food
- Hormones and Antibiotics in tap water
- Heavy metals in fertilizers
- Rocket fuel in our lettuce
- Teflon in microwave popcorn
- Genetically Engineered grains
- Soy products causing birth defects, and cancer
- MSG in 95 % of prepared foods
- Aspartame , Equal causes weight gain

The list goes on and on

What can we do to improve our lives?

Simple - Start at the grass roots level.

Unhealthy Soil = Unhealthy Plants and Animals = Unhealthy People

There are no trace minerals in our soils. This translates to our food, our gardens, lawns, pasture for our animals (cows that we eat or horses that we love).

Linus Pauling stated that almost every disease is related to the lack of trace minerals in our food - cancer, high blood pressure, degenerative diseases.

Replacing trace minerals is cheap and easy to do. Rent a spray rig,

purchase molasses from your feed store, and spray you lawn, garden, or pastures.

Toxic Chemicals in Foods

What the Food Industry Doesn't Want You to Know!

It is absolutely overwhelming to write about this topic because there are so many chemicals that are absorbed into our bodies. In fact, the space constraints make it impossible to discuss everything in this article.

I have just finished my diet book about "Obesity and What Causes It" but it could have been just as easily called "Disease and What Causes It". Obesity and Disease are caused by one and the same - CHEMICALS.

The food industry has bragged they could imitate any food flavor and they have MSG (Mono Sodium Glutamate) is the most common chemical used in foods today and it can trick you tongue into believing anything bland is a gourmet meal. A perfect example is some of the �healthy meals� in the grocery store freezer sections. Without MSG, you would think you were eating grass. In fact most of the things in these meals are plant derived and seasoned with multiple chemicals.

I suggest you need to read labels, but to do so you need to learn the lingo.

- Spices - MSG does not have to be put on the label if it is less than 50% of "Spices" � And you thought MSG wasn't in your food.

- Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein - You don't know what this "stuff" adds to your foods? HVP is made from Vegetables that are not edible. The vegetables are cooked with an acid until it is a mush. It's then neutralized with caustic soda. It is dried and mixed with MSG and placed into prepared foods.

� Soy this or Soy that - Soy is not a healthy food but by using phantom foundations to proclaim soy virtues food companies have made us believe that soy is a health food. First of all, 85% of soy beans are GMO � Genetically Modified Organisms � the GMO foods are NOT made for our good health or nutrition. They were made to monopolize and control food profits all over the world. They were also made so the farmer would have to use more chemicals in growing their crops. The chemicals are herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, and toxic fertilizers that many times contain heavy metals like mercury, lead, aluminum, and arsenic.

This is a small list, but I think you get the idea there are some chemicals that you don�t want and when you eat prepared foods, you are consuming these chemicals. Actually, there are over three thousand chemicals that are used in the food processing business to save money or maximize profits in manufacturing.

These companies are so cheap or so determined to make money at our expense, they do not even use garlic or onions. They have chemicals that imitate these two flavors.

What is the solution to chemicals in our foods? Don�t buy prepared foods. Someone in the family needs to get into the kitchen and prepare meals with the love that our mothers or grandmothers used to provide. The foods shouldn�t be in plastic containers, aluminum cans or steel cans sealed with lead seams.

Obesity, cancer, heart disease, birth defects - 65%of adults have a degenerative disease childhood cancer is the fastest growing cancer in the world and many other problems are cause by chemicals in our diets. We need to minimize chemicals, learn how to detoxify, and supplement properly (until you learn to buy, or grow healthy food). There are no healthy foods in a regular type grocery store today.

Dr Bob the Health Builder
Robert D Bard, OD, FAAO
Gainesville TX

*Watch for my new E-book �Ramblings of a Healthy Farmer�
For more information subscribe to my FREE newsletter

About the author:Dr Bob the Health Builder

Robert D Bard, OD, FAAO

I attended West Virginia University and graduated from Pennsylvania College of Optometry with a Bachelor of Science degree and a Doctor of Optometry degree.

As a health professional I was always interested in disease prevention but found the medical model � drug companies and doctors � unacceptable. The medical model towards disease is that they want us � the people � to contract disease and they will prevent us from dieing as long as we continue to take their drugs for the rest of our lives. This is their idea of preventive medicine. The population expects prevention to prevent disease before we get sick.

I became overweight and like most people blamed it on me and my eating habits, but I knew that diets and potions on TV DO NOT WORK and therefore put off doing anything until I stumbled across a solution.

In 1999 I began itching and it got worse almost by the day. I started taking antihistamines to reduce the itching and over a 10 month time period visited 4 dermatologists. The first 3 doctors miss diagnosed my problem. The forth discovered the cause but I had to use a pesticide all over my body to correct the condition � I know this seems strange but I had an infestation of Norwegian mites under my skin (I didn't even know that mites had a pedigree much less a country of origin).

When I used the pesticide to kill the mites I swelled up like the Pillsbury Dough Boy. With this ordeal I gained even more weight and ended up looking like Porky the Pig. I also lost my sense of taste because of all the antihistamines.

In 2002 I did some consulting work for a supplement company and they gave me a gift book by Sherry Rogers, MD. At the same time I had a patient in my office that sensitive to all chemicals including the chemicals from a carpet that was 6 months old and from my cologne. He had to wear a mask filled with carbon just to get through a basic eye examination. After quizzing him about his condition I discovered that over 6 million people in the US can't function normally because of toxic chemicals that means holding down jobs and leading a normal life.

Because of this patient I began to investigate toxic chemicals and how they affect people, particularly my health, my taste, and weight problems. With this information I have lost 70 pounds, gone from a jean size of 50 to 40. I feel better, look better, and my big belly that used to catch food is almost gone. (I no longer catch food on my stomach)

I have discovered that the public is one big toxic chemical experiment by industrial food manufactures, chemical companies that control farm chemicals with Genetically Engineered crops, drug companies and companies that want to dump their waste products without protecting the public.

There are some really good people that write books and educate people about health issues, economic issues, environmental issues, food problems but all these people specialize in certain areas. My job as I see it is to be a reporter and filter the important information to my subscribers.

I have also been a farmer for years and one of my discoveries is that our diseased health economy starts with toxic chemicals and crop land.

Unhealthy Soil = Unhealthy Plants and Animals = Unhealthy People

I also think it is terrible that when people retire at the age of 65 that 97% are in poverty in this nation. I believe that I can help people make extra money in retirement through my experience on eBay and other sources of information. I have a free newsletter that discusses health issues and money issues to help people.

Dr Bob the Health Builder.

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After deciding visiting a dermatologist, you may wonder whether prescription drugs are effective for the prevention of acne as well. Experts say that all standard dermatological treatments for adult acne should also be used for prevention.

If topical combination therapy of traditional medicine is unsuccessful, then your dermatologists may suggest that you begin taking oral antibiotics such as tetracycline, erythromycin, or minocycline while using topical creams. They may also suggest that you undergo some laser treatments just to get rid of those acne scars.

Fortunately, there are other ways to do it naturally. There are skin care products these days that have natural ingredients and biological substances that are effective in treating acne scars as well.

However, these acne scar treatments will be useless if you fail to identify the causes of acne. Chances are, it will only re-occur and get back to being a problem once again. So, it's always better to identify its causes before you treat the acne and get rid of the scar.

Some experts explain acne breakouts based on a psychological dilemma. They say that a persistent skin symptom can be a message from your inner self. Stress and an imbalanced diet may be triggering this skin problem.

Avoid stress as it can trigger the accumulation of acne. Try saying no more often, it's just like when your plate is full, don�t put more on it. Instead, practice finding some quiet time for yourself and try to rest more on weekends.

Indeed, there are no nippy fixes in treating acne and acne scars. It may involve a lot of processes and products which may vary depending on how you will utilize them or what your doctor will prescribe.

However, the best part of treating them is to stay on the natural side. Use skin care products that contain biological substances and try to maintain a no stressed life. In this way, you will surely obtain that wonderful skin you had before.

Bio Skin Care cream is a natural treatment for Acne scars due to its natural components. Clinical trials have shown that the best skin renewal and skin repair results are achieved when exfoliation of damaged cells is combined with SKIN REGENERATING ACTIVATORS. That�s why this cream will resolve your skin problems.

Other reasons:

1. This cream also contains natural antibiotics that fights infection

2. It has natural skin regenerating ingredients that eliminates, if not eradicate, dark or red spots which causes the ugly appearance of scars.

3. It has glycolic acid that facilitates skin renewal.

4. It has vitamins that curbs swelling and irritation.

5. It promotes the elaboration of the two most important ingredients that facilitate skin renewal: elastin and collagen. These two are the one responsible in maintaining the moisture in the skin at the same time preserving its elasticity as the skin is on its healing process.

About the author:

Martha Fitzharris is a free lance journalist for a website offering a new biological natural skin care product that activates skin renewal.If you want more information about Strech marks, please clic natural skin care cream with natural skin renewal activators.

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When you think of developing a strong, muscular physique what type of exercises do you think of doing? To improve and develop strength most individuals focus on lifting weights � exercises such as bench press, push ups and flies - that focus on powerful pushing and pulling movements. Cardiovascular activity usually takes the passenger seat, when it comes to developing strength - unless you're involved in a sport that requires a lot of endurance training, or if you want to loose excess body fat on top of improving your strength.

Stretching - unfortunately isn't even put in the strength development category, because most of us figure that since it's a low intensity movement it's purely for cooling down after our workouts. However stretching isn't merely a great way to cool down � trust me it can actually help make you stronger. That's why I feature a great stretching diagram on my website,

The benefits of stretching have numerous effects on your weightlifting progress. Just remember when you stretch you should feel slight tension in your muscles, but no pain!

Stretching is your key to the following fitness pluses:

Increased Strength - Stretching actually helps to increase your muscular strength because it expands your range of motion, and range of motion literally applies to weightlifting. For example when you lift in a wider range of motion compared to a smaller range, you're enlisting the help of more fibers, making your muscles stronger.

Reduced Stress - We all know that stretching helps reduce the stress and tension in our exercised muscles, but did you know that a quick 20-mintue session of stretching can also release most of the tension that built up throughout an entire workday?

Improved Posture - Flexible muscles are your key to good posture, because stretching promotes balanced muscle tone in all the major joints in the body. This affects your strength training because good posture reduces stress and soreness in the muscles and joints, letting you get back to the gym faster.

Improved Speed & Reaction Time - if you're an athlete you�re aware of how important agility is to top performance. Flexible muscles make you quicker on your feet. This allows for you to run faster in sports like soccer; react quicker by making saves in hockey and by maneuvering around opponents in football.

Decreased Muscle Soreness - This means less time off from the gym and your game, and more time to devote to developing those muscles.

Ease of Movement - If you're not an athlete, never fear, stretching does more than improve sports performance. It makes simple daily tasks easier as well, by lessening the general stiffness in joints so you can bend down, reach up and lift things easily. Stretching will also affect the future of your joints by making you less likely to develop joint pain later in life.

Reduces Chances of Injury - More flexible muscles translate to less chance of injuring tight muscles during exercise. Take for example your hamstrings, the muscles that run down the back of your upper legs. I like to compare the hamstrings to an elastic band - the flexible hamstring has a lot of stretch; whereas the inflexible hamstring is that dried out elastic that breaks when it's stretch too far.

About the author:

Anna Fleet is a certified personal trainer. When she is not working out or helping others achieve optimal health, she is the face and voice behind an excellent online resource for information about Fitness Gear Information( ), Aerobics Equipment( ), and Workout Routines( ).

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Have you tried to loose weight and failed?

Do you find it impossible to stick to a diet plan?

What if I told you that a recent exciting medical discovery has found the reason some people are overweight is due to unresolved emotional issues?

If we are being honest most people are overweight because they eat too much and do not do enough exercise. It is only for less than 1% of the population that their weight problem is due to a thyroid or glandular problem. For the other 99% of the population their weight problems are simply down to overeating and a lack of exercise.

However it is too simplistic and easy to just tell somebody they are overweight because they eat too much. If people are fat because they overeat then should we not be looking for the reasons as to why people overeat? I make's perfect sense that if we fix the reasons that cause people to overeat then they would be able to loose weight more easily.

Does any of the following apply to you?

- I eat to comfort myself.
- I sometimes even when I am not hungry.
- I eat when I am depressed or lonely.
- Eating makes me feel better.
- I eat when I am stressed.
- I sometimes reward myself by eating.
- After an argument with my partner I eat to console myself.
- I sometimes eat to punish myself.
- When the children play up I reach for the snacks.
- When I am under stress I crave sweet things

The above are just a few examples of emotional or comfort eating. Unless you resolve these issues then you will struggle to achieve your ideal weight and you will never be able stay slim. Dieting may work for a short while but as soon as your emotional issues re-appear you are going to be back to comfort eating. Your weight loss or gain will be decided by what is happening in your life emotionally.

The problem most people have is that they do not realise that this emotional eating is going on. They don't realise that every time they feel stressed they reach for some chocolate or every time they fight with their spouse they reach for the biscuit cupboard afterwards.

Emotional eating affects men, woman and children. Some people do realise that they comfort eat but they don't know how they can deal with it effectively.

So how do we deal with our emotional eating? Naturally we could try good old willpower but for most people this will be too hard. We could also try therapy but that could take months or years to resolve your issues. So what is the answer?

There is a new treatment available that helps in dealing with your emotional issues. This treatment is known as Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT for short. EFT has its basis in psychology and Chinese acupuncture. However instead of using needles you simply tap on certain designated meridian points on your upper body. Whilst you are doing the tapping you tune in/think about the problems you have. You simply tap your problems away. I know for a lot of people the idea of tapping your problems away will seem a ridiculous concept but the results back up the claims. EFT has helped thousands of people loose weight. EFT makes weight loss easy.

EFT is also perfect for addictions. Again you simply tap your addictions away. So if you are addicted to chocolate or cream cakes use EFT and tap your addiction away.

Naturally EFT will not make you loose weight overnight. You did not become overweight overnight. It was gradual process due to your overeating. So when you try to loose weight you have to be patient. It can be very dangerous if you loose the weight too quickly.

One of the great things about EFT is that sessions can be done over the phone or Internet. Your EFT specialist will tell you where to tap and what to say. Being able to do EFT sessions over the telephone and Internet means it is perfect for seriously overweight people who have mobility difficulties or people with agoraphobia.

I know for some for you reading this article all of this must be a little bit hard to take in but what if I told that not only is EFT perfect for weight loss it is perfect for nearly every emotional and physical issue you can name? EFT often works where all else has failed and often works where conventional medicine has no answers. It has been known to work for all sorts of issues such as anorexia, bulimia, self harming, depression, phobias, allergies, anger, panic attacks, stopping smoking, asthma, shingles, OCD, trauma, high blood pressure and so much more.

So if you are struggling to loose weight then what emotional issues do you have?

Copyright 2006 Wayne Ennis

About the author:

Wayne Ennis is an EFT specialist and can help with all sorts of medical, physical and emotional issues. You can read all about EFT and what it can help with at

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You may have heard about acupuncture weight loss and are having trouble believing that sticking needles in someone's body, the traditional image conjured up when someone says acupuncture weight loss, could ever help them lose weight.

Well, maybe your scepticism is born from the fact that you don't know all of the elements involved in acupuncture weight loss treatments.

Acupuncture weight loss grew out of the millennium old Chinese practice of acupuncture. While acupuncture weight loss has been around for almost as long as acupuncture itself it only hit the public consciousness in 2003.

The media began reporting the staggering statistics of acupuncture weight loss in China. In a society where weight loss is a major issue for so many, the news was greeted with much interest.

The Chinese were reporting that acupuncture weight loss was helping a large number of people lose, on average, between twenty two and thirty three pounds. There was even the occasional super case where someone lost huge amounts of weight, sometimes in excess of 240 pounds.

The percentage of success case was fantastic as well. Acupuncture weight loss specialists in China were claiming four out of every five people were losing weight.

It wasn't long before acupuncture weight loss centers began popping up in the west. Yet one visit to an acupuncture weight loss center would quickly dispel any assumption that acupuncture weight loss was exclusively focused on sticking needles in someone's body.

The main goal of acupuncture weight loss is to stimulate the patient's digestive system. While acupuncture weight loss uses acupuncture as the main foundation of this process, it is always married with an herb regimen.

The herbs used in an acupuncture weight loss regimen balance the digestive system, reduce appetite and improve the patient's metabolism. All of these processes are vitally important in a successful acupuncture weight loss plan.

It is also important to note that most reputable clinics using herbs as a part of their acupuncture weight loss regimen are using pharmaceutical quality herbs.

Acupuncture weight loss clinics also use methods such as light exercise, Shaitsu massage, proper breathing lessons, and information on body balance and flexibility as essential elements of a fully rounded acupuncture weight loss system.

It is also important to note that acupuncture weight loss is not an instant weight loss solution. Acupuncture weight loss is a gradual approach that is focused on turning the body and mind into a healthy balanced machine.

That isn't to say that acupuncture weight loss is a gruelling uncomfortable process.

On the contrary, while some of the acupuncture weight loss methods are active, some others, such as Aroma wraps and the previously mentioned Shiatsu massage would have to be considered more on the pampering side of the acupuncture weight loss methodology.

Another recommended site for more weight loss information is:

So now you hopefully have a different picture of what's involved in an acupuncture weight loss process. You may even be tempted to give an acupuncture weight loss clinic near you a try.

About the author:Annie Beal is a healthcare writer who makes it easy for people to learn about Alternative Healthcare. She is a contributing author at 4HealthGems. For more of her work go to:

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The lower back pain treatment is required as lower back pain affects us more than any accident or any other short-term sickness. Though lower back pain treatment is available, it is important to understand and recognize the pain in proximity in order to select the best treatment. Lower back pain can occur any time and while doing any activity, such as driving a car, picking heavy objects, playing, or because of an accident. Lower back pain is so prevalent in America that at least 100 million workdays are lost every year and accounts for 15% of a person's sick leaves. That is quite a lot! If one does not receive lower back pain treatment on time, it might become potentially more damaging.

Types of Lower Back Pain Treatment

Lower back pain can be treated only when you have identified the origin of the pain. After you have identified the affected area, there are various options as far as lower back pain treatment is concerned, which generally depends on the severity of the pain. If you have a ruptured muscle or ligament, the treatment you would need would be completely different and best person to decide on the treatment type would be a spine specialist. One of the most common treatments for low back pain is acetaminophen. It is a pain reliever that is taken orally. This will relieve you from pain for a short period.

However, if you pain persists, then other oral medications maybe prescribed, such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). However, the safest form of treatment is correct back exercises. They not only help in relaxing the muscles, but also improve blood flow. When suffering from back pain, the best resting position is to lie down on your back. Place some pillows under your knees, and bend your knees. This removes the unnecessary pressure and weight off your back, providing you with the much needed relief. It has been proved that back exercises are extremely helpful in providing relief against acute lower back pain. Then there is a heating pad, which is far more effective than ice packs and enables you to reduce painful muscle spasms and relax your ligaments

For more information on Back Pain please click

About the author:

Saurabh Jain is the Executive Editor of Online Back pain resource, He has developed this site to provide valuable information to people suffering from back pain. This site enumerates different causes and factors related to back pain, guides through the different back pain treatments and suggests exercises for treatments of different types of back pain. The site is a free online resource for back pain and its remedies. The visitors can also find valuable information and reviews about the different equipments and therapies for back pain relief. Visit for more information.

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In order to lose weight effectively, you need to know your own unique body type. We are all different to each other, so you'd agree that it is logical to apply different method to suit individual body type to accelerate your weight loss process.

There are roughly 5 different body types. Some of you are the conbination of two or more of these.

Type A; Tall with long limbs. Heavily-boned. Well developed muscles and bones. Strong joints and face lines. Too much carbohydrates could cause illness.

Dominating endocrine organ; Pituitarium

Type B; Thin and lithe body with Long neck. Brisk in motion. Thin but big eater. Too much stress could be the main cause of weight gain.

Dominating endocrine organ; Thyroid gland

Type C; Larger hip and bust and chubbier thighs and waist. Plump impression. Relaxing could help burning fat.

Dominating endocrine organ; Paranephrost

Type D; Hourglass-like body. Rounder body with tiny waist. Larger bust and hip. Dairy products and vegetables can enhance metabolism.

Dominating endocrine organ; Reproductive gland

Type E; Smaller and thinner figure. Smaller bust. Teenager-like body structure. Unbalanced diet is taboo. Need a variety of foods in her/his diet.

Dominating endocrine organ; Reproductive gland and Pituitarium

If you would like to know more about each body type, please visit

Now, which one of above is your body type do you think? Let's find out what your body type is by answering the following simple questions. So, you can figure out what sort of weight loss method really works for your particular body type. Check the closest answer out of five options. Think about only your bone structure.

Question 1; Your heights

A: Very tall B: Taller than the average C: Average D or E: Shorter than the average

Question 2; Your hand's shape

A: Strong and rough. Joints are very clearly seen when you clench your hands.

B: Thin and dainty. The length of fingers are almost same as the length of palm.

C: Strong-boned. Fingers are thick and short.

D: Soft and puffy. Joints are hardly seen. Thick fingers but they are getting thinner toward finger tips.

E: Small but firm. Long dainty fingers.

Question 3; Head and face

A: Larger head with long face. Strong nose, jaw and cheek bones.

B: Long and thin face.

C: Square face getting a little thinner from under the eyes toward jaw.

D: Larger head with round soft face.

E: Small head with sharp face.

Question 4; Bone structure

A: Big bones. Strong and tough joints.

B: Tall but thin and dainty. Thin joints and wrists. Even when you put on weight your wrists and ankles are still thin.

C: Bigger and shorter bones with strong joints. Developed muscles around upper arms, calves and thighs. or a little plump.

D: Big and short bones. Dainty joints but strong.

E: Short and dainty bones but stronger than the way it looks.

Question 5; Below ankles

A: Thin and long feet. Long toes and definite malleolus.

B: Thin feet with long toes.

C: Wide and plump feet. Wider toward toes and thinner on heels. Average toe length.

D: Small and puffy feet. Shorter toes. The width of toes and heels aren't much different.

E: Similar to D but thinner toward heels.

Question 6; Chest and torso

A: Strong chest and big collarbone. Average to bigger bust.

B: Slim and thin chest. Small to average bust.

C: Thick chest and torso. Average to bigger bust. Athletic looking body.

D: Plump chest with average to bigger bust.

E: Dainty chest with small to average bust.

Question 7; Frame

A: Tall and not much contour Long and thing limbs with strong joints. Larger figure.

B: Long and thin torso with thin neck and thin legs. Dainty figure.

C: Strong torso with shorter muscular legs. Sticked out bottom and chest.

D: Short with shorter legs. Not muscular but rather sticked out bottom and chest. Definite waist and hip lines.

E: Flat and straight body. Dainty looking body but quite muscular and strong.

Question 8; Balance between upper and lower body

A: Straight torso with no definite waist. Small hip.

B: Getting thinner toward lower body from the shoulders with little waist. Rather solid hip and thighs.

C: Broader shoulder. Torso is getting a little thinner toward waist. Width of hip is about the same as upper torso. Strong thighs and legs.

D: Large chest with definite waist and hip. Hourglass like body. Whole body could be covered with soft fat.

E: Dainty torso. Width of shoulders and hip are the same. Almost no waist. Sometimes they look younger than what they really are.

Which one have you got the most? If 6 or more of your answers are A, you are definitely type A. If it was 5 or less, start with the type with the largest number and then check the ones with less numbers to figure out which one is your type.

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Missie Choi is the owner of natural health website

Because she has a Japanese back ground and lived in New Zealand/Australia for over 10 years, she has both Eastern and Western approach to health issues. To visit her website go to

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Hypoglycemia is a common problem of the diabetics. The most common sign of hypoglycemia is scarce blood sugar in the body. Actually, hypoglycemia causes the blood sugar to pass out via urine. This is notwithstanding the fact that different persons suffering from this dysfunction may have different types of symptoms. Mentionably, hypoglycemia retraces its steps the moment the blood sugar level turns normal.

Sugar is a good slave but a very taxing master. Sugar is one of the main sources of energy or fuel for the body. Now, our body extracts sugar from the meals we have. Sugar can be carbohydrates which is a complex form of this stimulating source or just plain sugar. It is rather interesting to note that our body always keeps a buffer stock of sugar in the liver. This vital storehouse of sugar is called glycogen. This storage of sugar provides ready backup of sugar during exigencies when the body badly needs to look for sugar reinforcements. Mention may be made of some really trying times as too much of physical labor or during long periods of fasting. Further, the body releases the requisite additional quota of sugar via a complex biochemical procedure. This method is known as gluco-neo-genesis. Its simplest meaning is to produce new sugar. What is more, the process changes the glycogen into sugar.

So we see how important sugar is for our body. Hypoglycemia happens whenever the body fails to regulate or supply such emergency sugar reinforcements. These problems appear due to malfunctioning of our pancreas. During such times, the natural capacity of the body to produce insulin gets affected. Our body�s blood sugar level is automatically kept under control by insulin. This hormone secreted by the pancreas carries out the job by lowering the blood sugar level the moment it crosses the danger stage. In a normal human being, the pancreas is the sentinel ever on vigil against the attacks of excessive blood sugar. The method is akin to the radiator fan in your car which starts automatically whenever the engine gets heated up beyond the requisite level.

Hypoglycemia is intimately connected with the typical metabolic ailment known as Diabetes mellitus. The ailment, diabetes, can definitely be kept under control but cannot be cured by the modern-day medications. It is a medical state that is chronic. In simple words, diabetes or hypoglycemia remains a person�s lifetime mate.

The diabetics usually posses high levels of sugar in their blood stream. Incidentally in the good olden days, diabetes was initially identified with �sweet urine� and too much loss of muscles. Such sweet urine is the result of hypoglycemia when the body produces glucose more than its requirement. What is more, the excess glucose gets circulated in the blood. Only when the pancreas is functioning normally can its insulin hormone control the high level of blood sugar.

Patients suffering from diabetics (Types 1 and 2) complain of hypoglycemia. A person suffering from hypoglycemia generally encounters problems in controlling the blood sugar level. This again results because that person�s pancreas failed to either produce the sufficient quantity of insulin or totally failed to produce any insulin. The consequence is hyperglycemia.

There are many causes of hypoglycemia. Diabetics undergoing long periods of fasting can have hypoglycemia. This happens because their levels of insulin circulate fast. And, the fasting phase suddenly brings down this high circulating level. Moreover, certain drugs can also trigger off hypoglycemia. Even those persons who have inbuilt resistance to insulin may complain of hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia can be caused also by certain tumors which produce insulin. Such tumors are called insulinomas.

About the author:Nilutpal Gogoi is a writer and a freelance journalist having more than 18 years of service in several audio-visual and print media reputed organizations in North East India. He has published more than 1000 articles and a popular adventure book for children. For more information log on to

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